Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what should I say?

Yesterday my colleague told me "Charlie (her dog) went missing..."
and I didn't know what to say to her.. so I just gave her some "hopeful" words..
"Don't worry, perhaps he's just having some "fun" time."
Another colleague told her "Try to search inside the drain. Sometimes they fall inside but don't know how to get out."

At night I messaged her, asking whether she found Charlie.
She said they still couldn't find him.
The only words I could say is "Pray that he's safe and he'll return to you soon.*hugs* Take a good rest. I know it's tough but try to catch some sleep."

It got me thinking of how I lost my dogs.
Happy (my first dog) went missing once. I was maybe 8-10 years old (not sure). I was very sad when we couldn't find her. However, the person that "took" her returned her home. Asking for some money. I could still remember my dad coming into my room telling me "Look who's back?!" (it felt like a dream when he asked me) I sleepily answered "Happy...". I didn't wake up immediately, I guess I was too tired from worrying and crying.
The next morning I found her running around inside my house and my dad told me the story above! :)

Well, animals come and go, just like humans.

Throughout my 24 years, I lost 2 dogs, Happy & Shaggy.
I still have 3 with me, Pingu, Tomo & Kai Xin.
It's great to have these furry creatures in my life but it's sad to know they'll leave you some day. It's sad but true...

but what words should I use to tell her that "everything will be ok.." ?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

my first post

Since my sis and dad has a spot in blogspot. I thought it would be nice for me to explore. I used to "blog" in livejournal but it just didn't keep me going. Perhaps I'll be more motivated to blog here. I hope uploading photos on blogspot is much faster & easier than lj.

It's a quiet night. My parents are asleep.. it's unusual as I'm usually the first to be in the bedroom. Maybe cause it's just such a nice evening to sleep.(so why am i not in bed?haha..)
My dogs are asleep. From my seat I can see "Round Tomo" sleeping with only her head slanted to the side and Pingu sleeping too. Can't see Kai Xin from here though.

I'm waiting for Han to call me. He's at his ex-colleague's wedding at Imbi Palace. According to him (he sms-ed me.), the food there is nice! However, he feels over dressed. Well, I always feel that it's better to be over dressed than under dressed. At least you won't be outstanding for the wrong reasons!

I attended Tek Mei's wedding yesterday. It was the first time that I've attended a wedding at a convention centre. Also the first time that I've attended such a wedding with SO MANY people. I got a shock when I saw that there are 75 tables in the hall!

(Han just called me. :) )

Everyone's grown up...taking the next step: Marriage.

Well, I'm taking that next step too! It's not anytime soon. For now the date is set on the 3rd of January 2009.
The date is a little too far for my liking but I have to accommodate a few VIP. Well, no regrets! On the positive note: I have more time to make and save money!

There are a few things that I have to start doing now:
1) Marriage Preparation Course
Han and I are attending this course. It's a 7 week class and so far we attended 2 classes. Well, the things that they have mentioned in the class is not that new to the both of us. Served more like a "refresher". I won't say that we are wasting our time. It's for our marriage, our future. So it's good to attend the course and perhaps we'll discover new things about each other!

2) Pre-nuptial Evening
After the marriage prep., we'll have to go for an interview with our parish priest. Once he "approves", we can book the church/chapel and the priest's time.

3) Decide on whether to do it at a church/chapel.
Most probably we'll go for chapel as we worship there and it has air cond! hahaha ... (I have to make sure that I don't sweat as easily on that day. It'll just ruin my make up!)

4) Restaurant hunting
After much discussion with both parents, Han and I agreed to have a small dinner for family and close friends. So it's going to be a cozy dinner. (I like small groups, it's so much more "relaxing".)
Therefore, we have to start hunting for a restaurant.

After selecting the restaurant, we'll have more time to think about other stuff! :)

I think this is quite a long post for a first post.
I seem to be pouring out everything that I have in mind.

Btw, does anyone know a tailor that makes good Cheong Sam at an affordable price? Say RM100-200 for workmanship?
I'm looking for one. Do leave a comment if you know any!