Friday, September 28, 2012

The Birdie Talk

One fine day, my son asked : "Mummy, where's your birdie? Let me see it!"
He walks to the front and looks to the back looking for "it".

I told him: "Mummy don't have a birdie like you and Dada because I'm a girl and you are a boy. So is Dada."

He replied: "Oh! James and Dada boy. Mummy girl.. no birdie." *phew* Wipes sweat!

I continued: "James, please don't go asking your friends or teacher to show you their birdie ok?"

He replied: "Ok, friends and teacher no birdie."

OK.. I would have continued the conversation but it's pretty hard to explain to a toddler. So I left it as that just so he won't go around asking people to show him their birdie.

What would you have done, if your toddler asked you...where's your birdie?

Our boy will turn 34 months old next week!
Superbly mischievous, cheeky and curious about things.
Still our adorable little monster. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 Special Steps and I'll be powerful!

If only this statement applies to everyday life then we will all have super power! :P

Here's the deal, most of us can't leave our mobile phone alone even when we are dining. Here's proof:

A meal with them and they rather smile at their phones. Enough said!
(Sorry, I had to censor their faces so that they won't be more popular than they already are.*ahem*)

I'm sure most of my readers are using an Android or iPhone. So here are the 3 Special Steps to follow to help me become powerful!!

Step 1: Install the NuffnangX App from your PlayStore or AppStore. (it's free so why hesitate?)
After that of course you have to open the App and register or if you are already a Nuffnang user, you can just login with your Nuffnang ID.

Step 2:  Add blog. So you have to type 
Sorry there are no shortcuts in searching for my blog and most blogs, I don't know why. You can always just cut & paste what I've typed on top.

Step 3: Click on the green add (+) button and ensure that it has turned blue with a tick (/) sign.
That's it!

If that's not simple, I don't know what is. ;P

Besides following me on NuffnangX, of course you can follow other bloggers..

Here are some of the bloggers that I follow..

And you'll get updated feeds whenever you view the App..

They also have recommendations if you are not an ardent blog reader and only have me in your list but don't want to have just me in your list. (Confusing.. but I know you understand.)

You have an iPhone or Android (I'm not too sure about iPad, tablets and BlackBerry but no harm trying since it's FREE!), just follow my 3 Special Steps!
Give me some energy so that I'll be powerful. *muahahahaaa*

Ok, if you are wondering why am I so thick-skinned, promoting myself. It's because NuffnangX is giving away USD50,000.00 to the most powerful blogger on mobile. 

Help me get a part of that sum ...please? :D I need a thousand followers at least. ;) 

Thanx in advance! Cheers!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making Baby #3: Supplements junkie

I believe in taking supplements. Although I know we can get most of the 'required' daily vitamins and minerals from food but how we cook the meat and vegetables plays a part and most of the time, kill them all off.

I take them also to ensure there's a healthier me before we conceive. (Something that I didn't do in my last pregnancy but I did in my 1st pregnancy.)

So here's what I take daily and taking these also requires me to drink a lot more water. (pssst..Water helps in losing weight too.)

1) Salmon Omega-3 fish oil (it contains EPA and DHA. may help in my attempt to outsmart my son since his milk powder has it.muahaha.)
2) Calcium : cos I'm a female and we come with all sorts of bone and joint problem as we age and after giving birth.the 'beauty' of being a woman.
3) Folic Acid : women take these a few months before they try to conceive and during the early stages of pregnancy. but not every woman who takes this are planning to get pregnant la.not a single function supplement.
4) Lecithin-E: the secret to my almost flawless complexion. ok no..I believe that I've inherited good complexion genes.
5) Vitamin C: keeps me away from having a common flu or cough.
6) Vitamin B: energy is required being a housewife and it helped with pms (which all of a sudden appear after I had my miscarriage. hormones. *rolls eyes*)

Here's to a healthier me and a healthier pregnancy. *fingers crossed*
(Don't get me wrong. Consuming supplements alone don't guarantee a healthy body. You'll need to combine it with exercise, lots of water, healthy food and enough sleep.)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Becoming a Stay at Home Mum

It's been almost 2months since I bid farewell to the corporate world.
This is my 2nd time leaving the corporate world and I have to say, I'm enjoying it.

The decision was made due to my hubby's career commitment and then health issues with my son's previous care taker (my mum). Even though hubby's career took a change and he's now based in KL instead, I still decided to spend more time nurturing my son. Well, put it this way, if you want your child to grow up how you would like them to be, even if it's allowing your child to be his ownself, there's no better person to guide them to be so besides their own parents.

People do ask what do I do all day. So here's the list:
1) Send my son to school and pick him up from school on Mon-Fri.
2) Clean the house.
3) Do laundry every day.
4) Cook every day even some meals on weekends. (Don't forget, when you cook it also means cleaning is necessary.)
5) Bake when there's an order or if I can squeeze in some time.
6) Keep my son occupied by playing with him or bringing him out for a ride on the bike or to the playground.
7) Do some painting or reading or cutting with my son.
8) Make my son sleep. (nap and night time)
9) Attend to my hubby when he's home.Ensure that he gets food in his tummy.

And yes...that's ALL I do in a day. -.-

When my son's in school, I have a couple of hours of 'me' time which I will use it to read or burn some calories at the gym or run errands or rush home to bake/clean or meet up with friends/my mum.

Sometimes the 'me' time is just too little that I find myself rushing up n down just so I can pick my son on time.

I always wonder how I manage to work and care for my son when I get back (sometimes bake) and do everything on weekends when I was a full-time working mum. I must have had super power then. :P

This 'sacrifice' may require us to live a little more thrifty but it's worth every single penny (cent in Malaysia) because I just love watching my son (future children as well) grow and hopefully they'll grow up to be themselves , knowing what they want to do and how they want it to be done.

Here's a shot of my little boss.. (my other boss asked why I don't upload photos of him and it's always our boy. well, he has to start liking taking photos first.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Books, magazines and the papers

I haven't found much time to do a lot of reading. I used to be able to pick up a novel and just read for an hour or two but now, that hour or two seem so precious or important that I have plenty of other things to attend to including sleep!

Recently, I manage to find some 'me' time every morning after sending my son to school. So I caught up with some reading.

Being a parent, I of course am more interested in reading books on parenting rather than romance novels. (Although the latter needs a whole lot less brain cells to digest.)

And my 2nd choice would be the papers or a magazine and of course I have the iPad and my lovely mobile to keep me entertained.

I choice of reading now is SO BORING! Oh what happen to the romantic side of me...perhaps melted with the fat that I've lost..(oh lame.)

Hope you can find some time to do some reading! It relaxes the brain ..ok..with the kind of reading that I do now it doesn't but it helps if you believe in learning something new every day! ;)

Here's what I've been reading and yes, I do have Apps on the iPad that gives me updates on the world economy and ya..I can hear you screaming BORING now. ;P

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How much is enough?

I've always wondered how much water do we drink every day. When I was working,I made sure there's a filled 1.5litre of water bottle in my car and then I found out 1.5litre a day is not enough. So I have an extra 1litre bottle in my car.

And yet sometimes I feel dehydrated, I have cracked lips at times.

So how much of water is enough? You may want to find out more here:

(Sorry I'm an amateur when it comes to blogging using the bloggers app.)

So for a female who didn't do any workout and is not ill or breast feeding, you'll need to empty this many 600ml bottles of water..a day. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Making Baby #3

Well, technically it's #2 since we had a miscarriage but it's our third try in trying to conceive.

It's been 7months since the procedure was done to remove the fetus. Dr gave us the green light to start trying again after 3months but we only started about a couple of months ago.

So far, we are still trying.Somehow it's a little tougher than before although I'm a lot fitter than I was when I got pregnant the second time. I lost a lot more weight, eat a lot healthier and workout more.

Perhaps it's just not the right time yet. We do pray that James will be blessed with a sibling or siblings.

Oh well, only God knows what He has in plan for us. Meanwhile, I shall just enjoy bringing up our first lil boy..ok..he won't be little forever ..but he is an adorable little monster now. ;P

p/s: can someone tell me why every time I blog via my mobile, my photos automatically rotate the wrong way? (like this) Mobile blogger experts?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Super Hero!

Our boy is at the age where he loves to play pretend.

One of his favourite scene is where a lion and a tiger is after us.He'll ask us to sit behind him or beside him and he'll be our super hero. who drives us away from danger. His car is also an imaginary and so is the steering wheel.

Now that I'm a stay home mum (another story another day) ... I'm more available to pretend with him. and of course I have more time to be with him and bring him out for a stroll in the evening.

So guess what..our boy's super hero dream came true when we went to the park one evening..

He 'drove' us away from the lion and the tiger! ;) 
There's nothing like making a child's imagination come true. 

Well not 100% but he's still my super hero! ♥

My Milk Addict

I've been struggling to find time to blog. I do miss it a lot and thanx to a glass of latte with a shot of Rum, I'm wide awake now. Otherwise,I would knock out together with my son.:0 Before you jump to any conclusion, I'm not an alcoholic.

My son is an addict. A milk addict.
At one point I wonder what's inside his milk that makes him want milk almost every hour when he's awake.

He goes...Mummy, I want milk! And even sings 'milk milk milk milk i want milk milk' in the tune of nursery rhymes. ( I can imagine some of you changing the lyrics of baa baa black sheep to 'milk milk milk...' now.) ;P

Every time I ask him, what would he like to have for lunch or dinner? He would answer milk!

Or when we ask him a question that is not related to milk..he would still answer milk...for the fun of it.

If any milk company would like a toddler going milk milk milk milk...please do contact me. I have a boy who is more than happy to keep repeating it.

People asked what does my boy eat that he looks strong and healthy (they mean chubby)...I have one answer...Milk!

But of course,he doesn't get it whenever he utters the word milk because we know that most of the time it's for fun.

Here's my boy's favourite drink (besides Hot Chocolate)...Milk!