Monday, October 26, 2009

Our First- 8 months & Antenatal Class

We have been attending Antenatal Class since the beginning of the month conducted by Jenlia2u. So far the classes has been quite good. Especially for fathers who don't have time to read up.

Last weeks' class nearly brought me to tears. We were first brought to the Labour Room for a short tour. Everything was explained. Then we discussed on a husband's role during labour and preparation for normal/natural/c-section delivery. We also discussed on "pain management". Before we went on to our breathing exercise, we were shown a video of a lady giving birth.

My heart stopped for a while when I saw the little one coming out as it was very pale and the baby was quiet and did not struggle. And I think I only manage to start breathing again after the baby made a little sound. *haaaaaa* I still had tears in my eyes but not to the extend that anybody could see it. (I can still blame the hormones?)

It's such a beautiful thing to watch the video even though it got me a little on the emotional side.

Is it too early to wonder how our boy would look like? I'm sure his little voice would bring me to tears. :)

My belly is now this big!
Ok, it doesn't look that big in this photo.

I've been seeing my Gynae more often now. His only concern is my weight as the baby is growing healthily. I have a normal sized baby but I'm putting on weight very quickly. Even though I control my food, I still can gain 2-3kgs in a month! So he suggest to exercise every day. It could be the best to help me control my weight. If not, I'll just have to keep praying hard that there won't be complications and that I can give birth naturally! (Please pray for me!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So Long.. Farewell..

A colleague made a decision to leave the bank and her last day with us was last Friday. She is one of the colleagues that I've met when I just started working at the bank 3 years ago.

Even though she won't be very far from us, it's still sad to know that we will have one less "lunch buddy".

Here's to the lady that I've known to be lady like.. (ok, not all the time but most of the time. :P )

The amount of food that we had for just a 7 pax party

Just to make it an official "CUT"!

Arigato for making my corporate life more entertaining! 
*BOW* ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Marbled Banana Chocolate Cake

My hubby bought me a new oven! :) I was very excited and decided to utilize it for the first time today! 

I chose to make a "Marbled Banana Chocolate Cake". Recipe credited to Little Corner of Mine.

Baking the cake in the oven! :)

*fingers crossed* that it would rise up and turn out nice.


How it turned out?

Burnt at the sides. :(

The texture is a little fluffy and the taste is good. (That's for me.) Shall wait for my hubby to wake up from his nap to see what he thinks of it.

I shall take this opportunity to wish all my Hindu friends...

May this celebration bring you and your family full of joy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For the lady who LURVES! :D

I've just purchased the cheapest birthday present ever. haha. Well, it's for the girlfriend who was so excited about LURVE.

We made a deal not to get any present for each other on our birthdays but I broke the "deal". Well, the present that I purchased was stored in an expensive brand paper bag but the present itself is not expensive at all. (Just proves that you should never judge a book by its cover.)

The idea just came to me cause I was going to meet her for dinner the day before her birthday.

So here's the "outlook" of the present...

I gave her instructions not to open it til it's past 12am, 15th October 2009.

The moment I gave her she scolded me! But I told her that it's only the "outlook" that looks "expensive".



Cheapskate me? hahahaha..

Oh well, it's for the one who loves LURVE in Hot N Spicy!
I mean the Multigrain chips. OK, she does love to be loved (who doesn't?) but the point here is that she loves these chips.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet & Sour Cod Fish with Prawns

I made this recipe up. It's rather simple. We were suppose to have sweet & sour prawn and pan fried Cod Fish seperately.

As I was cooking the sauce for the prawn,  I realized that I could just "dip" the Cod Fish into the sauce too.

I used tomatoes, onions, red chilli, ketchup and pinches of brown sugar to make the sauce. Fried the Cod fish & prawns first before making the sauce.

 A small piece of the Cod Fish that was hidden underneath the full bowl of sauce.

Hubby said it was nice. Simple and surprisingly it was good even though I didn't follow any recipe.
I find the sauce a little too much. Perhaps I should learn how to estimate how much water to add in.

Almond Croissants

This is one of the Monday breakfast that I've made for my hubby.

Was suppose to use Pastry Cream but I couldn't find any. So I used Castard Cream instead.

I bought mini croissants (yes yes, I cheated!) and fill them up with Castarad Cream that was mixed with Almond Powder. Then brush egg yolk on top of crossaint and top them up with sliced almonds.

Put them into the oven for 10 minutes and TAADAAA!

Almond Croissant is one of hubbys' favourite. He was quite sad when he found out that Delifrance stop making them for a while. When I stumbled upon this recipe on this blog, I had to try it! It was very easy! (Thank you Dhanggit's Kitchen!)

The only feedback given was that it's not sweet enough. Oh, hubby also mentioned that he preferred these mini croissants rather than those normal sized ones! YAY!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuna Nicoise in Pita Pocket

I wanted my husband to have a healthy breakfast every Monday and also so he doesn't wait til lunch to fill up his tummy.

I went online and found this easy recipe! (I have to admit, I can't remember which website that I went to.)

On Sunday night, I prepared the Tuna filling (minus the green beans. I didn't want to put green beans in because it will give wind and it's not that nice to be letting go "air" at work.). 

The ingredients were just a can of tuna flakes, onions, cherry/plum tomatoes, olives, olive oil, dill  and lemon juice! EASY! Once done, I kept them in a tupperware and refrigerate it.

The next day, I woke up 30mintues earlier to put them together. All you need is Pita Pockets and some Lettuce leaves. Cut the Pita pockets into half and just fill them up with lettuce leaves & the tuna nicoise! :)

It took me only 10minutes to prepare (4 Pita Pockets) a healthy breakfast for Hubby!

Our First- 7 months

I'm now 7 months pregnant. 29 weeks to be exact. I have 11 weeks more to go! WOW! Time sure flies!

Well, I haven't been updating much about "Our First" cause there wasn't a lot of difference throughout. Just that I've gained more weight and my spine & feet hurts whenever I walk too much or do too much housework.

My body is also heating up easily. So I NEED the air-cond every night. At one point where it got too hot during the day, I started to complain until I felt like going to a swimming pool and eat ice cream in the swimming pool! (Yes, it was that bad but I didn't do it.) The only other not-so-insane thought that came to me was to cut my hair SUPER SHORT! Unfortunately, I couldn't find time to do that.

Falling asleep at night is also something that I'm getting used to cause whenever I sleep on one side, the little one inside will start moving/kicking. Sort of like telling me "MUMMY! I don't like this position!" because I tried sleeping on my back and the baby just sleeps but I read that it's best to sleep on your sides. So I just take his moving/kicking as a rhythm for me to fall asleep. Sort of like him "patting" me to sleep. It's quite soothing! (Perhaps that's why Mums have to return the favour when the baby is born?) :)'s me!

A lot rounder compared to the last photo that I've posted of myself.

Now I can tell people that I'm an All-Rounder!
(get the joke? no? haha.. oh.. nvm...)