Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's happening?

I'm physically & mentally tired, yet I'm blogging. (I know I know, go rest la! want to blog some more. *I can hear my hubby & mum saying that*). but I just drank a cup of coffee, Lucas is asleep, house work are done and my older kid is still in school.
So I can take this opportunity to do something that I use to have time for. (Of course, I also love to take this "free" time to sleep or exercise, again, I just drank a cup of coffee and I just had lunch. So both also can't do lor.)

Anyway, I have no idea what title to use as this post cos I'm mentally exhausted to come up with something that appeals to my readers (as though got so many readers). I've become absolutely thick skinned since I gave James. hahahaha.. So if you can't take my self-praise,self-love,self everything.. then don't read. Of course deep inside I wish you wouldn't stop reading. (OK, the coffee's working cos I'm rambling!)

Here's what's been happening in my "happening life".

1) James, Lucas, James, Lucas, James, Lucas
It's been a testing 1.5 months and it hasn't ended. First, James came back from school with flu & cough then it spread to Lucas. Then Lucas had tear gland block (which is common amongst infants). Then a few days after, James came home with viral fever.
Then we brought Lucas for his vaccination and he had fever (which is normal after vaccination, their body reaction.). Thank God he recovered with just a dose of paracetamol.

When they are unwell, I get even less sleep cause I have to be on "alert mode" at night. Just in case, James temperature shoots up or Lucas chokes on his phlegm when he had flu & cough.

And now, James still has flu and a lil cough. I'm still on "alert mode" cause we're afraid that he might develop fever cause you really don't know what kind of infection and bla bla bla. I'm praying superbly hard that it won't spread to Lucas cause I'm exhausted.

Having said that, it's all worth it cause every morning I get greeted by a cheerful & chatty baby and a manja toddler. The fact that I get to hug & kiss them every morning and throughout the day, made my effort all worth it.
They make me go "It's all worth it!" every day. 

My boys & I.
2) Breastfeeding
Pumping milk is like taking care of another child. So I have like 3 kids to care for.

If I don't pump milk on time, my boobs will start  getting really painful (TMI) & my mood will then be irritable.

Pumping milk takes about 20-30minutes. Every 3-4hours. So ya, do the math. I do have another kid to attend to.

Nevertheless, it's all worth it again! To know that Lucas is drinking the best milk (not necessary cheapest milk cause I spend a lot of money on supplements & nutrituous food, just so that he can have them in his milk.) that only I can provide, makes all these pumping and latching hours worth it.

I'm a cow! MOOOOOOOOO!!

3) Everything else 
Of course, everything else doesn't stop. I still have to juggle whatever else that is necessary. No need for me to name it la, cause you already know.

I'm just thankful to have my mum helping me out on weekdays and hubby helping me out on weekends.
If not, you wouldn't hear from me for years! hahaha.. kidding..

My mum's a social butterfly, so she does deserve to be mentioned here. She sacrificed her social life to help me out in caring for Lucas because I need to send James to school and Lucas can't go on long car rides without company just yet.

At times when I'm tired, she tells me to just rest and she will help me out with both kids, even though she & James speaks two different languages. God bless her.

My mum and James at her 56th birthday celebration.

4) Bidding farewell to my memory
The other thing that is happening.. which is not so happening, is my forgetfulness. So many occasion, I forgot why I went to the supermarket. Ended up coming home with everything else but not why I went to the supermarket for. -_-"
I'm just glad that I haven't forgotten my sons and my hubby's name. LOL. If that happens, it really means I need a break!

On another note:
James is now 3 years and 10 months old. He's now asking us a lot of "WH" questions. The toughest that he has asked so far:
1) Why is this toe SOOOOO BIG? ( referring to his big toe)
2) Why are there so many houses?

Yup.. they make you ... *sweat* for a moment.

Lucas is now 12 weeks old. He's growing healthily and steadily. He's now 6.5kg but he doesn't have that baby fat layers on his arms and abdomen like James used to have...yet! He definitely has those cheeks and thighs. I just love hugging him. If he's big enough, I would just.. squeezzzeeeee him! *geram* :P

My man & my boys. 
I live my life for them.
(che wah, like such a big sacrifice but ya, no words can describe how much they mean to me!)

Note: I started this post after lunch (that's about 130pm). Then Lucas woke up, James came back from school, it was time to attend to both of them and being a cow. Then everything else that I have to do til now. It's already 9.50pm. Hahaha.. 
Oh well, a post better than no post. ;P

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Will they get along?

Most people asked how is James taking the arrival of his brother.

I can tell you, we were really worried about him showing dislike/hatred towards Lucas as he is very clingy to me.

Turns out, God prepared him and he accepted Lucas really well. Even called him, his baby. Every day he tells me that he likes his baby.
(In my heart, ya, your baby...mummy carried him for 9months,  went through labour pain, losing sleep cos of breastfeeding and you call him..your baby????)
But of course,  I encouraged him and told him that it's lovely that he likes Lucas and I do pray that Lucas will like James too.

I do believe it has to work both ways. Not just a one way street thing.
I pray that they will grow up to love and like each other. Of course, fights and arguments are expected but in the end, their love for each other will be the one keeping them together.

James has been doing very well as a big brother besides occasionally asking for my attention, which I feel every child is entitled to.

Here's James entertaining Lucas. ♥

Monday, August 5, 2013

Making Baby #3: Hello World!

It's been 3 weeks since the birth of our 2nd son. I thought I should write a post before my confinement lady leaves and I won't know when would I be blogging next... can't be pumping breast milk and blogging can I? :P

When I was 38 weeks pregnant, I get messages from close friends and family members asking if there's any sign of labour. Guess they too were excited to greet our baby. Haha.

Finally, on a Thursday, I replied them "Yes, I'm in labour." instead of "Nope, still no pain, no leakage, no spotting and whatsoever."

However, the contractions were so mild and 1.5 hours apart, I didn't take much action except informing my hubby to be prepared and called my gynae, who was pretty cool about it and told me to see him only the next day, unless the contraction gets stronger before my appointment with him.

Yup, I was in labour for more than 24hours. To be exact, the mild contraction lasted til I was sent to the labour room right after my appointment (Dr did an internal check and found out that I was already dilated). So I was in labour for almost 36hours and it was only "active" after the Dr broke my water bag.

My "active labour" only lasted 2.5 hours. (Thank God!)

Even though I have experience giving birth, every labour is different.

This time around, I didn't feel any pain until I was already about 6-7cm dilated. I chose not to take any drugs til then. (Tried to be a hero laaa..) When it reached 6-7cm, the contractions came so strong and fast that even my hubby didn't know how to react. We really thought that the wait will be longer, but turns out to be superbly fast.

When I had the urge to push, my gynae was stuck in a jam. Yup, I went FML!
I could feel the baby coming out, the midwife also told me the baby's head is popping out, so she did her best to keep me from pushing and I was told to just use the "laughing gas" to control myself.
So basically, while waiting for my gynae to arrive, I was concentrating on inhaling "laughing gas".
In case you are wondering if laughing gas makes you laugh... NO! not when you are in labour pain that is.

My gynae arrived, got himself ready and everyone was ready .....andddd.... I don't have the urge to push!
I uttered "Aiya, where is it when everyone's ready?"
And I could even have a conversation with my gynae. Midwives and my hubby by my side, all just looking at me and waiting. *AWKWARD*

After 15 minutes of everyone (except for me) shouting 1...2...3.. PUSHHHHH! PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH!, we heard our baby crying.

Say Hi to Lucas!
Our 2nd boy.

Lucas is born with G6PD deficiency. (You can read more about it by clicking on the link.)
When we went for his check up on the 4th day, his jaundice level shot up and we had to admit him into the hospital. I checked myself in as well as I am breastfeeding him. So we spent about 4 days in the hospital til his jaundice level was safe to go home.

Because he is G6PD deficient, we were advised to keep him under the morning sun every day just to ensure that his jaundice level stays low.

Here he is 3 weeks and 3 days old.

A little fact about my two boys, their weight when they were born are the same, 2.94kg.
What a coincidence eh?

My husband and I are very thankful for all the wishes from everyone and most importantly, we thank God for this beautiful gift that He has given to us.

Lucas was born just 3 days before I celebrated my 30th birthday. 
I would not ask for a better way to mark the end of my twenties. :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making Baby #3: 36, 37 & 38weeks- Ready....Steady....

Can't go yet...sigh.

I'm already 38weeks pregnant and our baby is showing no sign of wanting to meet the world just yet. His head is fully engaged.( for those who are not familiar with pregnancy terms, head fully engaged means his head is down in the birth canal, in position for natural birth.) Has been for the last two weeks and still. .he's enjoying the comfort of being in my belly.

Many people told me, (my gynae included) that 2nd child will come out earlier than the first.  My first came out at 37-38weeks.  Looks like this theory doesn't work for me. Hahaha..

My hubby and I will keep telling him, make it today baby. Mummy and daddy can't wait to hug and kiss's not working.  He probably go..."Nah! The world's cruel..mummy's belly is comfy."

This morning I asked our eldest son to talk to his younger brother and tell him to come out. He went "Come out Didi! Shake shake shake..shake shake shake..come out didi!"
(He did a dance while saying/singing it. So you can imagine how adorable that was.)

What would life be without such entertainment from our toddler. :))

Here's me at 38weeks, my belly's very tight and heavy, really look like I have a huge watermelon strapped on my abdomen.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Baby #3: 33, 34 & 35weeks- Gestational Diabetes, Weight & Baby's size

I'm horrible at updating about my journey in this pregnancy.  If I'm my baby, I would be screaming. ..SO UNFAIR! !!

Oh well..mummy did try, baby. I still love you..will love you..forever.

Ok..back to updating about my pregnancy. It has been a testing 3weeks as I went through some emotional rides with my obgyn nagging me (or more of telling me off) and then discovered that I have borderline diabetes and then losing 3kgs and having a horrible sore throat/cough all at the same time!

Really..I went FML so many times for the whole of the 3weeks.

1) My yo-yo weight
I gained 3kgs out of a sudden.  Ok..not really out of a sudden.  I've been gaining 2-3kgs every month throughout my pregnancy and only one month..I didn't gain any weight. I got nagged ( badly) by my gynae. His words affected me so badly that I had to seek comfort.  Thank God for a strong hubby and amazing friends.

If you are wondering, how much weight I've gained to deserve such nagging. It was 16kgs.

Then I fell sick at 33weeks. Had a horrible viral infection.  By 35weeks, I lost 3kgs.

Who was happiest?  You guessed it right..
My gynae. Hahaha.

So my total weight gain as of today is 13kgs.

Not too much right? You would say.
Buuuuutttttt....I still got nagged during my check up.

Oh well..I will just have to take everything everyone says with a pinch of salt. Cos really. .if I allow words to disturb me..I might not enjoy my last month of this pregnancy and my poor baby will feel it.

So I shall just eat la. ( ok, I don't simply eat. I have been watching what I eat throughout my pregnancy and exercising.  So why the weight gain?

2) Borderline Gestational Diabetes
So I had to go through a round of gestational diabetes (GD) test because of my last "jump" in my weight.

And the results did not turn out great.

I have borderline GD. That explains the weight gain even though I watch my diet and exercise.

You must be wondering,  then how come I lose weight just like that too? 
Beats me. Hahaha...Dr thinks that I'm watching what I eat more but he really need to know..I haven't changed my diet. All still the same also can lose weight.  How laaaaaa...

Anyway. ..back to having diabetes.  It's genetic and hormones triggered it. That's what the professional says.

What I also found out is that my reading may have been incorrect because I had viral infection then.

I did another test. My gynae took my reading 3times in one day, just to see when my glucose level shoots up and whether I would need medical intervention to control my sugar level.

My results for all 3times ( fasting and non fasting) was way below the marker.

So do I have diabetes?
Yes, borderline according to my gynae.

Confusing..I know!

I was emotional because I found out through internet search (sometimes we really should avoid Google) that my baby might be born with diabetes and all sorts of complication that comes with it.

But I was assured, because it's only borderline. .my son will not be born with diabetes.  ( You don't know how happy I was when I heard that.)

3) Big baby...small baby
Another thing that has been bugging me.

To be honest,  I'm not bothered whether my baby will be born big or small. I only pray for a healthy one.

But because since 9 weeks, he has been growing 2weeks bigger than his supposed size. I was told to prepare for a big baby.

Then towards the last few check up...I was told he will be normal size. Meaning 3kg or less.

Then after discovering that I have GD, I was told to prepare for a big baby again!

So..big or normal or small now?

The only reason why I want to know is to mentally prepare myself when I head into labour.

Finally,  my gynae told us that he can only give an estimated size of the baby at 36weeks. 
So ..we shall wait.. *patience*

4) Being sick during pregnancy
It started with a superbly painful throat then I started coughing.

The cough was so bad that my muscles ached every time I cough. It's also cause of the belly weight.

It hurt so badly til I told my husband that I prefer labour pain. Yup..I was in a "FML" mode.

With the sore throat and cough I also lost 2-3weeks of sleep. Couldn't lie down and sleeping seated is just too uncomfortable.  So I only had about 4-5hours of sleep a day. ( contributed to the weight loss.)

After 2weeks. .I could finally sleep buuuuttttt...the haze came! And then I find myself being superbly sensitive towards the smell and my sleep got disrupted again.

By now, sleep is luxury!

There you 3weeks of pregnancy was an emotional ride, confusing and battling illness ..oh and at the same time juggling my daily job. (No Medical Leave)

How did I do it?
I just did it la.
No voice also must raise my non existence voice when my toddler misbehaves, not enough sleep also must wake up early to send my son to school and back. All I can do is pray and complain to my loving husband (he's really very good at listening by now cos he knows, that's the best he can do & I will still have to continue with my daily routine.) and my wonderful girlfriends for telling me to just hang on in there.

Sorry that this post is so lengthy, what to's 3weeks of rambling. 
Also apologise for the lack of photos as I'm blogging from my mobile.  For those who prefer photos than words, sorry la.

Having said all that, I'm thankful to be healthy again and to feel my baby punching, hicupping, stretching, kicking, bull dozing his way down every day. I really can't wait to meet him. :)))

Here's a photo of me at 36weeks,  I can't sit like a lady and I waddle when I walk now.

Big baby or small baby, who cares. As long as he's healthy. :))

Friday, June 7, 2013

Making Baby #3: 32weeks-Sleepless nights

The final month is always to prepare us for midnight feeds. Just when I'm about to fall into deep sleep....uh-oh...need to pee!

Then it will be a struggle to fall back asleep cos of the heavy belly and the fact that one can only sleep on their left or right side. (It's not advisable to sleep on our backs when we are at this stage.)

So yup. ..definitely feels like a midnight feed prep. But of course after midnight feeds you can just make yourself fall back asleep easily provided your child didn't fuss much.

I do pray that our baby will be the kind to just drink and sleep. Mummy really need to sleeeeeeepppppp!!!

The photo's me at 32weeks pregnant. 

It's 2.03am now (Malaysian time) guessed it right...I can't fall back asleep.  ( Mainly cause I'm having this horrible sore throat. Another story another week.) So I decided to blog from my mobile. :P

Monday, May 27, 2013

Making Baby #3: Week 31 - Because I'm pregnant

There's sure to be something pregnant women will miss doing/having.

Because I'm pregnant, I can't .... fill in the blanks....

The one thing that I miss recently is riding on a bicycle. Because balance is now a concern when you are heavily pregnant. So it's a NO-NO.

Yup, I miss putting on a helmet and ride as a family to have breakfast.

So what do you miss most when you were/are pregnant?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Making Baby #3: 2nd Trimester- The best of all trimesters

Any pregnant woman will tell you that it's the best trimester to be in.

Well, at least for me it has been such a breeze. The happiest part was that I'm allowed to exercise! :D

The energy that I have during this trimester is unbelievable. I started being a clean freak too. Made my hubby go.. "What's wrong with you???" Ya, I'm not known to be a clean freak.. so I blame it on pregnancy hormones. :P

In this trimester I started prenatal yoga too! Which I felt I should have done it with my first child because I do feel a whole lot better... oh well, all in the past. Next pregnancy, it's a must! (wait, next pregnancy?? Ok.. don't talk about that yet, I shall concentrate on our 2nd baby first.)

Here's our baby at 17 weeks (that's 4 months and 1 week for those who are not familiar with pregnancy weeks)..

Our baby has been growing bigger than his actual size since he was 9 weeks in my belly. 
So the estimated due date on the photo is not accurate. :D

I'm enjoying this pregnancy as I eat healthier, feel a lot healthier... well at least in this trimester everything is smooth sailing. (Of course there are nights when I just can't sleep because he kept kicking but it doesn't happen very often.)

I do feel bad that I don't update about this pregnancy as often as I did for my first (you know what they say, the first always gets more attention.. it's true..). 
So I will do my best to find some time to do a week by week til I pop! Just so... I can refresh my memory reading my post when I forget how it was like to be carrying my 2nd son.

Oh yes.. I forgot to mention... we're blessed with a baby boy! :)))
Yup, we're ready for our house to turn inside out (it's already upside down!). :P

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daveleen- Mother's Day Lunch Gathering

People say.. "Pregnant ladies always get their way."

It's somewhat true! hahaha..

Like when we cross the road, pregnant ladies always get cars slowing down for them. OR when you are queuing up, I do get offered to go first. (Yes, courteous Malaysians still exist.)

And... because I'm pregnant, I got invited to a Mother's Day Lunch Gathering! (Ahhhh.. the many perks of being pregnant.)

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, COME JOIN me (the more the merrier) at the Daveleen Mother's Day Lunch Gathering and stand a chance to win prizes!

Here are the details of the gathering:
The most fun & exciting (and privileged) part of it all is what we get to enjoy at the lunch!

Here's what you will get when you attend the gathering at any of the stated date:
Did you see LUCKY DRAW PRIZES???? 
*psssttt.. I was told that the other lucky prizes includes Fisher Price Baby Rocker and 1 month supply of Huggies Diapers!

What are you waiting for? Book your seats now! (You may bring your spouse/partner/mother-in-law/mother/sister/father/father-in-law/brother to join you as it's just an additional RM10 when you come in a pair.)

For the latest updates, please refer to Daveleen Sdn Bhd or you may find out more at Moms2b.

Note: This post is for advertorial purposes. Please refer to the websites mentioned if you have any enquiries.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Making Baby #3: Exercise during pregnancy

I don't think you can take exercise out of me. Haha. (Ok, I can say that now cause I only have one toddler to care for. Perhaps when our 2nd baby pops out, I will tell you.. "WHAT IS EXERCISE??")

Kidding, I will definitely try to find some time once we are settled with our newborn's schedule and everyone's schedule.
I personally find it important to stay fit. How else are you going to keep up with 2 kids?

So, I've been going for brisk walks in the morning, attending pre-natal yoga and recently back at the gym for some indoor walking & working out with the gym tools. I'm trying to swim more than walk as my belly's getting heavier.

Went for a swim after so long.
I felt weightless (almost forgot that I am pregnant) and I just went on laps effortless. :D

The props used at my Pre-natal Yoga class.

I wear my running (now walking) shoes almost every day ever since I passed my first trimester.
(Sorry for the blur photo.)
But going for walks has become a chore now. 
Time to switch!

Many asked if James is excited about the baby. I have to say, he's not really bothered most of the time. At times he will just give my belly a big kiss and say "I LOVE YOU BABY!!" and at times, he will just make funny faces in front of my belly as though his sibling will be able to see it. Haha..

We are going to have two cheeky young ones soon... God guide us!

Here's our boy showing some "brotherly" love.

The ask-a-lot/talks-a-lot/go-against-you-a-lot toddler

Every parent will be very familiar with this phase.

They ask you a lot! Talks a lot and most of all... go against you... almost ALL THE TIME!
(Which is good. Don't get me wrong. I love it when my son is curious about things, just shows that he's learning.)

But the going against you part, can be very testing. For example, every day after school, my son and I will have this conversation:

James: Mummy, can I play playdough? Can I? Can I?
Me: Yes, you can, James. But you have to take your nap at 2.30pm.
James: NOooooo! It's sunny day! We only sleep during night time!
Me: You have to take a nap. If not you will be grumpy boy.
James: NOoooooo! I'm not grumpy!!!! 
Me: There, you are showing signs of a grumpy boy now.
James: But can I play playdough first?
Me: Yes, you can play playdough first but when the clock strikes 2.30pm, you will have to take a nap.
James: OK!
Me: Promise?
James: Yes!

(This conversation will be repeated twice or three times in the car.)

He usually doesn't break his promise but when he does, I just have to go through the "You promised that you will take a nap after playing!" conversation.

So,  I go through this!

This is just one of the many repeated conversations we have. (I did mention he talks-a-lot too!)

Nevertheless, I'm very very very blessed and thankful to have this boy in my life. 

He is still adorable.

He will always be..
(even though he gives me "charity" smiles.)

...the one that gives me intrinsic motivation and satisfaction being a stay-home-mum.
No regrets.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making Baby #3: The First Trimester

I have to admit, even though we are overjoyed, thankful and all the happy things that you can think of since we found out that we are pregnant, there's still so much fear in us.

Like even a lil drop of spotting, sends us to "panic" mode or a little bit of cramp, then we'll go.. "HOW AR???"

We behaved like we have never been pregnant before. (We allowed ourselves to have less faith just because things happened.)

After a few weeks, we told ourselves, that we should keep cool, have faith.
Just like how every child is different even though from the same factory.

My first trimester went smoothly. I had the "all day sickness" but I could still manage to keep food in. Could still do my "mummy duties" except that I wasn't allowed to do housework and carry heavy stuff (including my toddler. He's 17kg by the way.)

So this is me at 9 weeks pregnant...

My tummy was already showing but no one noticed it til I was way pass my first trimester. (Now I don't know if that's good or bad.)

Anyhow, the baby is growing well and I'm just so glad the first trimester is over. Of course, there's two more trimesters to go and it comes with all sorts of "worries". 

We will just have to keep praying and have faith! :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

He will never leave us alone

James & I spent the last 6 nights in the hospital. It was a very testing period for us (hubby too).

On Sunday, our boy couldn't stop vomiting til his stomach acid came out. He couldn't hold anything in. So hubby and I decided that we shouldn't wait any longer and rushed to the ER even though it was already 11pm. 

The Medical Officer (MO) told us that there's no choice but to admit him and put him on drips. The crying begun when the first MO couldn't find my son's vein on his left hand. He was poked twice but no blood came out. Then the next MO came, and tried on his right hand and still can't find it. So they decided to not put him on drips and just give him anti-vomit jab and let him rest for the night in the hospital.

By the time we got into the ward, it was already 2am.

The following morning, the vomiting continued and James was in pain. He only felt better... after vomiting. 
Feeling better after a round of vomiting. 

I sent this photo to my mum and she said.. "Wah, why does he look like he is so happy to be in the hospital?"

She don't know how uncomfortable he was when the pain strikes.

The vomiting continued at night and midnight, the purging started too! The nurses got very worried and called the Dr at midnight to ask for her opinion. So we had to try to get the line in at 4am! 

Another MO came and guess what, he failed too! (My son has almost invisible veins on his hands.) So they had to resort to place the needle on his arm. (Not the most preferred place as they have to ensure that he doesn't bend his elbow too often.)

Oh yes, more crying and I think by now, my son is afraid of needles.

He don't look so happy now eh?
Lying down, like a boss!

Once the drip is in, he felt a lot better. There was still pain, still purging and vomiting but he found his appetite for food that he can't eat. Eg: Mc Donald's, Pizza and Hot Chocolate

After two days being on drips and being able to drink without vomiting, Dr decided to take him off it.
He was very happy that he gets to walk around freely.

The boy wants brown noodles!
He gets brown noodles!

Just when I thought, he's finally recovering well (he was in such good spirits), he vomited again at night (only once), followed by purging an hour later . On that night, I couldn't take it anymore. I was so tired and just when there was a glimpse of hope, it was shattered once again. I was heartbroken and all I could do was go down on my knees and ask God to heal him. 

By the 5th day, I was already pushing myself so hard to just stay strong. I wasn't myself and I was just hanging on to God's promise and support from family & friends. Most of all, my son inspired me to stay strong.

He didn't stop being himself even though he was the one in pain, vomiting, purging and walking around with a bloated tummy. 
He could even smile.
(He gets moody at times, especially when he's in pain but he bounce right back once the ordeal is over.)
There's really no reason for me not to smile right back at him. :)

The vomiting stopped for a day but then we had to solve another problem, the bloated tummy. The Dr gave him a stronger colic drops and it helped.

On the 6th day, he was eating organic oven baked crackers.

Purging stopped on the 6th day and he had a good sleep on the 6th night.

Then we finally got the green light to GO HOME!!!
James giving me a thumbs up! ;)

It was very nice to be home. Less tiring for hubby as he don't need to juggle between work & hospital. (I believe being the bread winner is tougher, your heart is at home but you also have obligation towards your career.)

We have God to thank for not leaving us alone throughout this testing week. He gave us strength, gave us support via family & friends, shown us light at the end of the tunnel.

Home sweet home. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making Baby #3: Thank you LORD!

I owe my readers an apology for not updating my blog for SO MANY months!

I thought there's no better way to revive my blog than to bring you good news!

Yup, we're pregnant! :) 

It took us 6 months and we almost went to seek for medical help. (Apparently, it takes a healthy couple 6 months to conceive, so we thought.. one more month and that's it! WE NEED HELP!)

Before we pressed that button, God gave us the answer. No medical help needed, just 9 months of waiting for our gift from Him. :)))))

I cried when the results came out positive. 
Haha.. I emo.

We are truly blessed. I would also like to thank our family and friends for their prayers and support. Our "making baby story" may not be as testing as many couples but we are still thankful to be blessed with such wonderful support.

Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it. -John 14:13-14 -