Monday, October 29, 2012

Making Baby #3: O faith, where art thou?

It's been more than 3 months since we started trying for a baby. I have to say we lost "faith" for a while.

I know, you must be a little surprise to be hearing it from me. The one who was so strong when we had a miscarriage and now losing faith?

I'm only human.

I didn't realize that my faith in God's plan faded until we went to see my gynae.
We went to him asking all sorts of questions like if the fibroid in me would effect my fertility or cause another miscarriage, if my miscarriage would have harmed my body and then cause me to be infertile, if my hormone changes (PMS) has any impact on my chances of conceiving.

After answering all our questions, he finally just looked at me and said "Look you and your husband are still young (in my heart I went, I'm always young compared to you!) ..."and then .. he stopped me and said... "Girl, have faith. It's God's will."

That's when I realize, where has my faith in God gone to? Why do I have so much fear of having another miscarriage? of not being able to conceive again?

And a couple of weeks after that, our church declared this year as the Year of Faith. One of the clips that was shown during mass "touched" me. It was a boy holding a candle and said that our faith flickers just like a burning candle but it will never go away, we just have to keep it burning. (I can't remember the exact words but that's what I understood from it.)

I have faith but I didn't realize that it drifted away. I pray that God will keep me strong in faith, bring us back whenever we "lose" our faith.

OK, a shorter update, I'm still not pregnant but I'm not counting my menses due dates, waiting anxiously anymore. I will just make love and pray for God to bless us with one when the time is right. :)

Jesus said to her, ’Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?’ (John 11:40)

Because life will never be the same..

I would always think that there has to be something different happening to you in every chapter of your life. OR for some, there's permanently something happening that makes you so stressed or have that extra thing to think about before you sleep every night.

I stumbled upon a post by Yee Ling (ok, I don't "stumble" upon her posts. I follow her blog on NuffnangX and that's where I get my daily blog feeds.)  and I decided to share the softer side of me.

Back to where I started, I've gone through several phases in life and I'm sure that there's more to come (I'm not even 30!). Currently living the chapter of being a full-time mummy which is also equivalent to full-time everything except for bringing in the monthly income.

I would say, the hardest chapter of my life so far is when I lost my father. I've gone through the death of loved ones before my late father went to Heaven but the impact is not as great as losing him.

Why do I say that? I don't love the ones that left before him as much as I loved him? Don't get me wrong.

Let me just tell you a story of what has been playing in my mind for the last 3 years and it's still going on every single day... a little of me bringing you down to memory lane..

A month before my late father was diagnosed with 4th stage stomach cancer...

He received his first tea from his son-in-law..

Walked me down the aisle..

and handed my hand over to another man (my hubby).

A month after our wedding, things took a turn, my dad's scan results came out all bad and he had to undergo surgery to remove a third of his stomach..that day will never stop playing in my head. 

Looking back, my dad went through such a major surgery..his daily routine of being in front of his laptop never broke.
His love for technology, keeping himself updated (he even blogged) kept him going for the next few months.

Then the pain starts when every day you pray for him to be stronger but yet his health just keeps going downhill (up at times but mostly down). The month before he took his last breath was the most painful memory of all. 

A man who has been in my life for 26 years, who has given his best to provide for the family, made us graduates even though he wasn't one ... left... just like that on a Wednesday morning.

I still feel the need to run to him every time I need another opinion. I still wish that he is around to guide me as a parent. I still wish that my dad was alive.

After going through all this sadness and pain, I pray. To keep me strong, to keep me sane, to let God guide me through my life.

I would always end this thought with the happy things that my dad and I shared together. Like doing what he loves together- helping him with his treasure hunts, hunting with him, watching football together in the dark with a huge projector screen (Ya, my dad has a projector and a projector screen at home just for football matches.) and just enjoying some peace and quiet together in our car rides. 

My dad taught me well. He would always say.. "There's no use of having a degree if you are not street wise."

My dad may not be a degree holder but he definitely graduated in being the biggest influencer of my life.
My love for you will never stop growing even though I will only meet you at that beautiful shore.

So here's the softer side of me and what plays in my head daily. If you wish to share your story too, check out this post.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vote KinkyBlueFairy for the #BaskinRobbins Flavor Election!

It was time for our "couple time" break and I told hubby that we need to go to Baskin-Robbins. He sounded quite surprised because I would usually opt for coffee.

This is even better, we'll be having coffee, chocolate and almonds all in one scoop! Jamoca® Almond Fudge!! With the unpredictable hot weather, ice cream is definitely something that keeps you cool.

Of course, I had something else in mind, that is to win a prize. Find out more HERE on KinkyBlueFairy's blog.

My hubby would usually go for the Jamoca® Almond Fudge but today I opted for it instead and he went for a scoop of Pistachio Almond.

We had one Mini Waffle each.

Thanx to KinkyBlueFairy's pledge,
 One Mini Waffle is priced at RM9.90+ only. :D

After we settled down on the table, I asked hubby what would he do to have that scoop of ice cream. (Trust him to come up with funny poses.)

He would turn into a Wolverine just for it.
To guard his ice cream.

An adorable alien. 
Because his love for ice cream is out of this world.

Even made his fingers "grow" spoons just for it!
So that he can have four scoops at once instead of one. 

 That's how desperate he wanted to have his ice cream.... then he gave me this look..
"Can I eat now?"

Yes you can, darling.

After eating, think he got a little sugar high.. so he started taking photos using spoons and a Baskin-Robbins cup as prop. -_-
Hubby holding a camera and posing for pictures?
Definitely not something he does often.

It's time for a REVOLUTION!

2) Vote for KinkyBlueFairy/ Jamoca® Almond Fudge on the Baskin-Robbins App here.

And of course..
Go grab that Mini Waffle.
(Offer ends 23rd November 2012.)


Cikumuffin has a super cool hubby. Love!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

That's so unnecessary

I drive around a lot (I'm a full-time driver as well.).

Anyway, I found a couple of driving behaviour that irritates me a lot. It's not just by one driver but several who behaves the same. (Just like how men always roll their eyes at lady drivers.)

The most irritating one would be drivers honking at a slow traffic. I don't understand it at all.

The first few times, I thought they were trying to tell me something. You know like, warn me that my car boot is opened or my doors not closed properly or something jutting out from my car or my lights are not on/working.
When I look at them (usually men drivers) through my mirror.. they just stared blankly and that made me go... "?????????"

After a while I realize they just honk out of frustration cos even with me turning back looking at them.. they just kept honking.
By honking the traffic would go faster?
RIGHT! -_-
Come on, do other drivers a favour, it's already stressful enough to get caught in such a traffic almost every time, every day and that noise doesn't help.

The other driving behaviour that makes me go "AAARRRGGGHHH!" is parking skills. I've been deprived several times of a good parking spot because of these drivers.

Mind your own space.. please.
Because if you want a spot near the escalator, so do we!

I have no intention of boasting about my driving skills because I do make mistakes. I'm a lady, my gender gets discriminated by the opposite sex about driving skills all the time. So if you are a guy and you drive like that.. down the fact and get used to criticism.

Monday, October 15, 2012

VEET it off!

Almost like saying... F*** off! and that's how you can say it to your unwanted hair! (Not the ones on your head.)

Before you start thinking that I'm going to write a post that is vulgar, I assure you that it is not an indecent post.

My sister has more hair on her arms (even her fingers!) and legs than I do. Mine is almost invisible. (Lucky you say, but I also have super fine and thin hair, forever flat and "bleh" looking. No one's perfect.)

Anyway, back to my sister, she would always need to shave them off or head to the wax salon to remove them or just be brave and wear shorts and sleeveless tops without removing her arm and leg hair.

Guess what??!! I've got good news for my sister!

She can now VEET it off within 3-5minutes! 
(if you have not discovered Veet already)

3 minutes if you get this. 
This is for people with Normal Skin.

5 minutes if you get this one for Sensitive Skin.

Each of the Veet comes with a " pink spatula" as shown above.

She used it on her legs...

 Wait for 3 minutes...scrape it off with the spatula...

Super smooth and soft skin!
Really nice to touch, I couldn't stop "feeling" the softness. LOL!

 Then her arm..

Wait for 3 minutes...scrape it off with the spatula...

and you'll get super smooth and soft arms!!

Since it says on the tube that it's proven to remove very short hair, I told her to try it on her fingers.

Wait for 3 minutes, scrape it off with the spatula..

Amazing! :D

I have to be a little gross to show you this..
See how much hair was removed in just 3 minutes..
Ok if you want to include applying it and scraping it, add another minute. 
Still faster than driving around to find a wax salon and you are also saving yourself from having thick black dots appearing on your skin if you have a habit of shaving hair.

 My sis had to either, hide them hair legs or be brave..

 With Veet, she'll just show it off!

After my sis used it and she told me that it's a very good product, I decided to be a little "kiasu". Yes, all my friends will be wondering, what hair do I want to remove!!!!??? I have almost invisible arm/leg hair. 

I used them to remove my armpit hair!! (SAY NO MORE to shavers! and those painful cuts if you accidentally cut them and have to take a bath with it. OUCH!)

My armpit hair are super fine too. 
I used the sensitive skin one cause I bought it, so might as well use it.

Wait for 5 minutes (In 5 minutes, I browsed through my FB time line. Got myself "updated") then it was time to scrape it off!
No more cuts!
and I have soft and smooth armpits now. 

Used to just leave my arms down, with fear that I forgot to shave, or there's a cut that I don't want anyone to see..

 But now,
I can confidently flex my muscles! 
Here are videos to show you, how easy it is to use Veet.

1) This clip shows you how to remove hair with Veet Hair Removal Cream.
2) This clip shows you how to remove hair with Veet Wax Strips.

VOILA! say HI to soft and smooth skin!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sleep Talking Toddler

I have a confession, my son sleep talks (A LOT) ... here's more news, I do too! (So you can imagine how scary it is to be my husband, sleeping in the same room with us.)

The good news is, I haven't heard my hubby saying that I've sleep talked for more than 3 years now. Must be the after pregnancy thing. :P

However, my son sleep talks almost every day and usually when he's taking his nap.

What does he say?

1) Mummy! Fight the Doctor! FIGHT FIGHT!
2) Teacher Teacher! There's a snake in the garden! :O
3) No no! Don't... I cannot! (which is something he says when he's awake too!)
4) Mummy! Come come! Sleep with me!

These are just some of it. Scary? Hahaa.. I'm used to it. I even find it hilarious but it's not that funny when I'm just about to fall into deep sleep. :P

Love my sleep talking terrible-troublesome 3year old toddler!

If you are wondering if I should start worrying and think that it's a medical condition, we were worried and asked our Peads. We were told that we shouldn't worry, he's too young and it happens for toddlers at this age. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Making Baby #3: My expandable belly

I've been asked many times if I'm pregnant. I know, if you follow my blogging trend closely, you would think that I am since I usually start blogging about our journey only when we are already pregnant for more than 3 months.

Here's the truth: I'm not pregnant yet.
I would say that I am if anyone asked. So when you ask, I say nope.. means nope. :)

BUT.. I do have an expandable belly.

It appears from mid-afternoon til the next morning. It's also what most OBGY call it PMS. *HAHA* not funny..

Hormones has gotten the better of me after my miscarriage. *hormones + women* I've been experiencing nausea, bloated tummy, back ache, head ache, whatever ache that you can think of a week or two before my menses is due.
It's also a sign of aging. Did some search online and found out that it could be adrenal fatigue.

So..Hormones + Aging (I'm heading for my big 3-0 next year) + Fatigue= An unfit me.

I'm not the kind to just sit and rant, then do nothing about it. I'm exercising regularly, taking supplements to help me with adrenal fatigue (also to prepare for our next pregnancy) and watching what I eat (I'm guilty for indulging sometimes.). I'm also getting more sleep at night to help with this whole "situation" that I'm in.

For those who are curious..

It's just a bloated tummy. 
(You can tell that my menses are due soon. TMI. :P)

You will know, when we're pregnant. ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What love is

This morning, somehow I started thinking what true love is. (Don't worry, I'm not doubting my love for my husband and vice versa. We are also not in any kind of argument or whatsoever. In case you hit the panic button.)

Love is a feeling. It apparently has the capability to fade away in some relationships. After reading and hearing so many stories, it's unfortunately true.

So how can feelings that can fade away hold some relationships so strong for years and years and years?

Then it got me thinking, if feelings can fade, how is it that my love for my late father don't have any sign of "fading away". The thought of him not being around, breaks my heart every day.

To be honest, I miss my dad. I don't think I ever will and I don't want to stop missing and loving him. At times I just look up in the sky, hoping, wishing, praying, just plain thinking...and then head back to reality, the fact is, he's up in Heaven.

I believe that everyone who has lost a loved one would feel the same. 

When my dad was in critical condition, I loved him too much to watch him suffer. I kept praying for God to take away the pain and He answered my prayers.

"You can fly so high
Keep your gaze upon the sky
I'll be praying every step along the way
Even though it breaks my heart to know we'll be so far apart
I love you too much to make you stay
Baby fly away..."
-Fly Away, Corrine May-

So what is love?
The feeling that has a possibility of fading away.
It's also a feeling that brings two or more people together.
A feeling that one can never explain when they are struck by it.
A feeling for some, as hard as they try to shrug it off, they just can't.
I'm truly blessed to be loved by my parents.
They love me no matter how much I irritate them. :P
And the feeling is mutual.. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

An eye for an ALE

I would like to test your eyes. Just to see how sharp you are. LOL!

It's simple..

 Click on this link.
    Once you have accepted the App, it will lead you to this page:
Go ahead and read the instructions on how it works.

 Just have to identify which one is Kilkenny whenever a few drinks pop up. 
WARNING! if you get it wrong, points will be deducted!

Once you are ready, take the test and click "Start".
I would advice you to not take this test when your eyes are tired. 
Just kidding, it's a game! Play as many times as you want! 

The best news:
You stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy SIII. 
(I believe it will go to the one that has the highest score)
4 weekly prizes will be given away.

So what are you waiting play play! 

Note: This game can only be played when you are using a computer/laptop/notebook. Sorry, mobile users, can't do it when you are riding the train to work,waiting for your turn or just plain bored at work. :P

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Train rides

It's every boy's dream to go on a train ride. (Ok, at least at my son's age.) Or should I say every toddler's dream?

My son gets really excited when we mention that we're going to take a ride on the train to a certain destination.
Come on! Give me my ticket!

I found out that children under the age of 4 don't need a ticket when you commute with the KTM Komuter and children under the age of 6 don't need a ticket when you commute with the Putra LRT.
We learn something new every day!

Our boy enjoying the scenery..
For a boy who is shy amongst strangers, he can be very talkative in the train and attract loads of attention.
Thank God no one was irritated (as far as I can see).. only laughed and smiled at his enthusiasm.

Here's us saying HI! to my hubby as he didn't join us on this train ride.

My son loved the train ride so much that we started making funny faces when we got into our next mode of transport. Kidding, he loves riding on the train so much that he kept asking us to take the train wherever we go now. (Another headache for hubby and I, not every destination that we go has a train station.*headcracking*)
Kisses to train rides!
Think my son's getting used to taking photos with me ever since I became a stay home mum. :P

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dating after marriage (and birth)

I've known my hubby for 9 years now. (Gasps! 9 years just passed by so quickly.)

We dated for 5 years, registered our marriage 4 years ago and got married "officially" 3 years ago, have a kid and the rest.. you can just keep reading my blog.

After marriage, we still get to go out on dates, of course with my growing belly.

After birth, it was not as easy anymore. We get some "alone" time on our birthdays and anniversary..thanx to my sis and mum (because we lived together then) .

I think it's good for every couple to have an "away" time from the child(ren).
(I didn't think so at first, til my son's Godparents gave us a lecture and told us to just "let go".)

So we have been "letting go" and I needed the "break". (Not because I'm a stay home mum. Even when I was juggling between work and home, it's pretty texting.) It's really good for our relationship and for our relationship with James as well.

Hubby and I get to steal a couple of hours to be just "us" every week, sometimes more than a few hours, thanx to my sister, my mum and my in-laws. Oh.. and also my son's Godparents. :)
(I must also be thankful to have a son who adapts pretty well without having me around even though he's a double-sided-with-super-sticky-glue-added when he's with me.)

Our dates don't have to be long hours, just an hour or two for us to have a meal together without a toddler going "Mummy...", "Dada..." or a cup of coffee , just to chill, we also find some breathing space by using that "free" time running errands together. LOL!

That's really enough to keep us sane. :)
(Don't ask me what happens when we have another kid.. we'll think when the time comes.)

Here's to Us!
Til death do us part. 

Celcom Cupcake Challenge 2012

I went to the Celcom Cupcake Challenge 2012 Finale. 55 Finalist who got the most "Likes" on their entries on Facebook (Celcom selected 55 because Malaysia celebrated our 55th year of independence.) had to redecorate the cupcake according to the design that they have posted up on the Celcom Cupcake Challenge 2012 Facebook Page.

Here's what happened last Saturday (29th September 2012) at Publika:

Let the baking begin!

Oh wait.. before we start...
 Have some cupcakes for free.. 

 There was also a Cupcake Show booth where any passers by can have a go at decorating a cupcake...

Like these two sweet little girls..

Back to business..
After a short briefing by the Master of Ceremony, the 55 finalist went to their respective stations and got ready for the competition..
Hands up if you are ready!!!

And GO!!!! 

The finalists were given an hour to redecorate the cupcake and thereafter, 3 judges were invited to judge all of their cupcakes accordingly.
The judges: Chef Sherson Lian, Chef Rose Weiss and Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob (Right to Left in the photo above) making their rounds, giving points to each decoration.

After the judging, there was a performance by Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob (who is also a Malaysian artiste and motivational speaker) and a couple of games on stage for those who came to support this event.

Then came the announcement of the Top 10 finalist. Thereafter, prizes were given to all the 55 finalists. Each of them received an LG Prada mobile phone.

Then it came down to the last three participants... *JENG JENG JENG*

And the 2nd Runner Up goes to... *DRUM ROLL*

Mac Leong
He won RM 2,000.00 cash and a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Then the final two contestants were called up (just to get them more nervous).. well, they are guaranteed at least a RM5,000.00. So it's no wonder both of them have big smiles on their faces even before the winner was announced.

Here goes!


Chef Vincent Liew
He won RM 10,000.00 cash and a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The 1st Runner Up.. who is a very sweet girl I have to say...
Junicee Siong
She won RM 5,000.00 cash and a Samsung Galazy SIII.

The winner proud of his winning prize. 
He deserves it!
 Can you see how much he went through in the photo below? He was one of the contestants that was sweating throughout the hour. (Publika is freezing cold for me, how can he sweat?) Must have put in loads of effort in decorating his cupcake. KUDOS!

And here's the winning design which Chef Vincent Liew later explained to the judges that he used different colours on purpose and each colour has a meaning to it. The Malaysian map in blue means Celcom is everywhere in Malaysia.

Here are some of the designs that I find interesting..

Everyone walked home happy, all 55 of them walked home with a mobile phone (mobile phones don't drop from the sky you know), must be happy la!

If you are wondering why I didn't participate, I wanted to but somehow it slipped my mind til  I was asked to attend this event as a blogger. LOL!
But I'm hitting myself hard on the head cause I would have walked home with a mobile phone and RM200 voucher! :(

Oh well, there's always next year...I hope. *hint hint*