Monday, August 24, 2009

Our First- Week 24

Less Carbs to No Carbs

I've been experiencing bad headaches throughout this week. It usually starts in the late evening. I do get very worried about it especially after knowing that some pregnant women had to undergo an emergancy surgery to remove the baby after experiencing headache which was caused by the blood pressure.

I made a trip to the normal clinic just to check my blood pressure and it was normal. The Dr did weigh me and he told me I should lose 1-2kgs more! I assured him that I'm working on it.

Since two Drs tell me that it's important for me to watch my weight and I do have a strong fear of having complications during labour, I decided to cut Carbs out of my diet. So far, I've been quite successful. Only had no choice but to eat noodles/bread in some meals. Most meals I manage to avoid taking in any carbs at all especially rice (even potatoes I would try to avoid).

I had another spell of headache one night and I rushed myself to see my gynae. I felt horrible then, nauseous and the headache was just pounding. My gynae measured my blood pressure and told me that I'm fine.

Only that I have to throw everything up the next time I feel like throwing up. I went WHATTT????!!! No way! I will do my best not to. (He just laughed at me.)

He told me to take Gravil (It's an anti-nausea pill.) when I'm back home and to rest for the rest of the night and tomorrow.

I'm glad he gave me the next day off from work because I couldn't sleep til about 1am cause the nausea keeps coming.I woke up feeling nauseouss the next day too.

Oh my dear hormones, why are you doing this to me now? I thought it would be smoooth sailing after the 1st trimester? No? :(

Oh well, I'm just glad that all I felt was nausea and headache. It could have been worse. Thank GOD for that!

Have I lost more weight? Nope! My weight maintained at 73kgs now. I'm still working very hard to lose that extra fat. I just hope that our boy is getting enough nutrients to grow. :)

How cool is Cool Blog?

I'm a fan of "Pearl" drinks. Mainly cause those chewy black stuff are quite addictive. :P

There's this new stall open at Subang Parade called "Cool Blog". I was eyeing on it ever since it opened. Although I'm suppose to be on a "diet", I decided that I should somehow satisfy my cravings for it. So I pulled my sister along! (Whoever that spends more time with me would gain weight with me. :P)

I didn't know which one to try. So I got their "Best Seller" which is the Chocolate Blog. It was indeed very sinful!

The drink it self cost RM2.30. If you add the "Pearls", it's additional RM0.80. So I paid RM3.10 for a cool chocolate drink.

I told them to go easy on the sugar (just to make myself feel less guilty of breaking my "diet"..) but they told me that it might be too bitter. I told them I can take bitter. So they did as what I said. The taste was good for me! (I wouldn't have liked it if they didn't cut down the sugar.)

My sister ordered their Volcano Tea with "Pearls" which is Tea with Gula Melaka. She said it's a little too sweet for her liking.

Here's part of their menu.

The stall is located on the Lower Ground Floor of Subang Parade.
Nearby Land marks: Baskin Robbins, Esquire Kitchen and Famous Amos cookies.
You won't miss it cause it's bright pink!

My Chocolate blog! YUMMMY!!

My sister's already mixed Volcano Tea.

How cool is Cool Blog? It's quite cool!
I have to try to resist from buying one every time I go to Subang Parade. :P It's just too convenient for me. *teehee*

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our First- Week 23

My many "ways" to lose weight healthily!

Since I've been told to control my food intake, I was careful not to eat too much. I do have a strong fear of having complications during labour.

My mum was quite worried that I decided to go on "diet" but I assured her that I'm doing it healthily. So she agreed to "help" me.

My 1st plan: Have FRUITS for breakfast!

My mum wakes up early (cause I just can't wake up any earlier than 6.15am) every day just to prepare fruits for me to bring to work for breakfast! (Ahhh, a Mother's Love.)
I've been eating Honey Dew, Watermelon, Mangoes, Mata Kuching (Longan), Dragon Fruit and Jambu Air (What is it called in English?) throughout the week.
However, I do get hungry easily. (Well of course! I'm pregnant!) By 10am every day, I'll be hungry.
I solved it by drinking a bottle of Soya Bean to keep myself full until lunch time!

My 2nd plan: Soya Bean for Morning tea!

My 3rd plan: Eat less Carbs!

I cut down on my carbs intake for lunch & dinner. Initially, I wanted to have just vegetables and meat but it's difficult when you are eating out most of the time.

So I choose to eat less.

And of course, I do get hungry by 3-4pm at work. To solve it, I'll have my cup of Anmum Chocolate Milk! It'll usually last me until dinner time.

I have to admit that I tend to snack and I still do even though I'm not suppose to. I do crave for unhealthy food and I will always find a way to "satisfy" it.

Next mission: I will try my best not to snack as much week by week!

My 4th plan: EXERCISE!

I haven't been able to find time to exercise since the beginning of my pregnancy. I finally found "time" and I chose to drag my loved ones along! :P (Well, it's healthy for them too!)

On Saturday, I brought my mum to the lake in Subang Jaya. We walked 3 rounds together. (My mum then complaint of her legs aching the day after!)

On Sunday, it was my lovely husband who had to accompany me to the same lake. We walked 3 rounds as well. (Now, it's my turn to have "rubbbery" feeling legs!)

Have I lost weight? YES I HAVE! As of the end of week 23, I lost 1 kg! YAYY!!

Now, I just have to maintain this "strategy" so that I won't be overweight by the time I deliver our boy! :)
[My mum said "This is just the beginning of the sacrifices that you have to make for your child."]

This week, I've also started listening to BabyPlus. Actually, it's the baby who is listening to it but I can hear it too.

It was recommended by a colleague who used it with her baby. I've read reviews about it and my husband & I decided to give it a try.

Whether it really works as how it's suppose to be? We'll just have to wait and see! :)

The baby listens to it twice a day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A(H1N1)-Don't be ignorant!

I've been following the news on A(H1N1) cases in the newspaper. Every day there will be deaths reported. (May the victims Rest in Peace and their family members be blessed with strength.)

Today it is reported that it claimed a pregnant woman, 2 young innocent children, 2 elderly men & a 24 year old man. (As you can see, it's all ages that are victims.)

I did my research on how to prevent from being infected by this virus. As I'm pregnant now, I have to be extra careful since I am categorized in the "high risk group".

My mode of transport to work would not allow me to "distant" myself from the public. Therefore, I pray that I'll be kept safe & guarded from this virus. (I also pray for those that I love to be blessed with the strongest immune system.)

For those who are reading this, please practise your own social responsibilty. If you have any of the symptoms of A(H1N1), I beg you, PLEASE be responsible and consult a Dr or go to the hospital immediately. Do not be selfish and continue with your daily routine.

Your ignorance will only kill your loved ones and those innocent people around you.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our First-Week 22 & Daddy's 1st Month-sary


This date marks my dad's journey in heaven first month-sary. There's one special moment that I would like to mention in this month.

My family & I were having a "discussion". (We are getting used to not having our family's "decision maker" around.) As I'm now ranging with hormones, I do get upset & emotionally unstable easily.

While settling things, my handphone rang. It was our family friend/ one of my dad's close friend/our insurance agent who called. I didn't pick up her call initially. She left me a message asking me to call her back when I'm awake. (She assumed that I called it a night early.)

I called her back after the whole discussion and she could hear that I was not ok. I only told her that I just had a family discussion. I continued to ask her why did she call me. She said "Yi Lei, I have no idea why I called you. It's out of a sudden, I felt that your dad asked me to call you."

I broke down immediately.

Daddy loves me. He knew that I needed guidance at that moment. He rescued me through his friend.

At that moment, I couldn't thank God and daddy enough. It felt weird but when miracle happens, there's no doubting it.

In case you are wondering, the family discussion is pretty much settled. We just have to give each other time to adjust to things and pray for God's guidance.

8th of August was also our check-up on the baby. This time the Dr did a detailed scan. Which took us about 20-30minutes. He explained everything to us. He scanned from top to toe.

The baby is HEALTHY!! :) Everything is normal. Praise the Lord!

The other happy thing that we found out is the gender of the baby. (Hmmm, should I still keep you in suspense?)

Well, there's no need to.
It's a BOY!!! :D

The Dr was laughing at the baby, saying that the baby is not shy at all in showing his "little thing". The baby opened his legs so wide that we could see the whole structure. The Dr said it's a 100% that it's a boy. hahaa... Our boy shows off his gender "proudly".

There's one set back for me. I've gained TOO much weight! haha. The Dr said I'm pretty extreme. Either don't gain any or gain way too much! So I'm advised to watch my food and maintain my weight as it is for now. I should stop consuming carbs. So it's salad & protein from now on.

Since I can control my eating habits. Don't think it'll be that difficult for me to maintain my weight. :)

Our First- Week 21

Soya Bean craze!

I've been drinking Soya Bean every day this week. Perhaps cause it's convenient for me to buy it.

My mum sends my sister & I to the Kelana Jaya Putra LRT station every morning. I get down at the Masjid Jamek station. Just outside the station, there's this stall that sells Fresh Soya Bean. RM 1.60 per bottle. :)

Ever since I found out about it from a colleague, I bought it every day. Well, I am doing my best to gain weight & I figured it'll help me with my daily Calcium intake. (I read that we do need more calcium during pregnancy.)

Of course, too much of everything is not good too. So I think I should take a break from it next week. (Hopefully I can resist! :P)

Our First- Week 20

The Unnoticeable Belly

A couple of my colleagues congratulated me after finding out that I'm pregnant from my blog! I was very surprised cause I thought my belly was showing since I got pregnant. Perhaps everyone thought that I gained weight.

Think it look 5 months?

I also pampered myself this week. Well, a pregnant woman do deserve to be pampered. So I went for a manicure & pedicure session! (No biggie but I like it!) :P

Nice? :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Up & Down Wednesday

I planned a surprise for one of my bestie. I know that she haven't been in the happiest mood and she's going for a trip today! So I thought, perhaps I should throw her a little surprise so that it'll kick start her day on a right note! :)

I ordered a delivery from Pure Seed, requested it to be sent to her office today. I chose a bear and a small bouquet of flowers that I know that she fancies. (Must make a note to get a photo of it from her.)

I'm just glad that she loved it! Told us on twitter that she even scolded her office guard for playing with her. haha. I just love seeing my love ones happy! :) Have a great trip dear!

The other up side of today was my husband calling me up and asked me to tune into the radio! So I tuned into the channel he asked me to and I heard him on the radio! He won himself some moo-lah! COOL! :)

My husband is one lucky man with radio "games". It's not his first time getting something out of radio stations. I think it's his 3rd time already. :) This is what he does before work or on his way to work. A way for him to release stress & have a chance to win something. It's only cool if you have such luck! :P

Of course most days would never be on a good note at all times.

Something is happening and I wish I could tell that someone .. "Have faith. Life goes on. Choose to live it happily or in sadness. It's really up to you."

Many people wonder how I can stay so strong after all that has happened. I consciously tell myself to make a choice. Happy or sad, my life would go on. I choose to live happily cause I know it's the only way to be. It's also the way that my dad would love to see it.

Perhaps he told me all this and not to anyone else. That's why it's seems a whole lot easier for me.

The challenges in life would never end. I just have to pray for God to touch her. To help her realize that life is a whole lot better if you have faith & be happy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The many birthday celebrations

I do have several groups of friends. So I tend to celebrate my birthday, at least 5 times every year!

One with my family, one alone with Han, one with my colleagues and I have 3 different groups of Bestfriends.

One birthday with many celebrations! AHhh.. I'm truly blessed! :)

I celebrated my birthday for the 3rd time this year with my colleagues. They bought me lunch at Sogo's Japanese restaurant. I didn't take a photo with them. Thanks to the angels, Fern & HanXuan! :)

The Pink Angels!
(FYI, We didn't brand ourselves as Angels. It was history that made us "Angels".)

My 4th celebration was with my husband. He brought me to Iketeru, KL Hilton. (I'm a big fan of Japanese food! So, it doesn't matter if I eat Japanese every celebration!)

Everything was good. The ambiance, the food, the service & of course the quality time spent with my husband. :)

A nice place to chill.

Hubby & I outside Iketeru.
(Sorry for the super dark photo.)

Hubby was fascinated by the floor outside the elevator.

My 5th celebration was with my besties from primary school. We went for Hi-Tea buffet at Sheraton Subang.

We've known each other for AGES! When we first met, we were still in the silly dark blue pinafore, running around the school & neighbourhood. Then we went to Secondary school together. We further our studies seperately but we still kept our bond. (There were some hiccups but as besties, we forgive & forget.) Then it was weddings and now, they are watching my belly grow! WOW! :)

My besties! :)
(We were trying very hard to sit "closer".)

The last celebration was with my bestfriends from University, Ai Chee & Poh Cheng. My birthday is only 4 days away from Poh Cheng's. So we'll usually celebrate our birthdays together. :)

It's wonderful that we kept in touch even after uni. (You know how they say, friends only in uni but after that everyone would go their separate ways.)

We don't meet very often cause we do have our own lives but we exchange LOADS of stories when we meet. :)

We went to a Korean restaurant in Klang.

That's how I celebrated my 26th birthday. Truly blessed to be surrounded by all these wonderful people! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our First- Week 19

Tickle Tickle Tickle

I can feel the baby tickling on the inside! If only my husband can feel it on the outside too!

I was just so happy to feel it and I couldn't describe how it feels. So I described it as like a cat with a blunt claw scratching on the inside. [In some books, they describe it as butterflies fluttering in your belly.]

After a few days, I realized that it tickles when I'm hungry. Perhaps the baby is hungry too! :D

I would usually respond by drumming my fingers where it tickled. The baby will then tickle another place. After a while, it will stop. Too tired from playing with mummy I guess. :)

Well, in case you are wondering, the baby didn't use its fingers to play tickle with me. It's cause the baby's body is moving, that's why I feel ticklish inside.

Oh well, the experience is just so sweet. :)

Our First- Week 18

Expanding Uterus

I woke up with a terrible pull at the lower abdominal area. It felt like period cramp. The pain is there even though I'm seated.

My husband was worried and so was my mum. I told them it could be caused by the way I slept last night. Both of them preferred that I went for a check. Anyhow, it was time for me to go for my check-up.

The Dr told us that he will scan for the baby's structure. We were hoping to be able to see the baby's gender.

He first checked the area where I complaint that is painful. He asked whether I feel the pain from the sides of my uterus until the vagina. I told him.. "YES! exactly. It keeps pulling." He assured me that it's normal. My uterus is expanding. As it expands, I'll feel the cramp.

He then did a scan. We could see the baby floating upside down. Its hands & legs moving freely. However, the little one didn't want to show its gender. It chose to show us its thigh! haha..

Well, besides that, the baby is growing healthily. Praise the Lord!

He then did a blood test to ensure that both mummy & baby are healthy. I'm one person that is never afraid of injections.

The Dr thinks it might be a girl. He can't be sure. Told us to just wait for the next scan.

I told the Dr about my dad's passing. He immediately gave my arm a quick and firm squeeze, to tell me to stay strong. He even told me that my dad is lucky to have two grown up daughters. He is luckier than some who can't see their children grow up to this age. Somehow, that made me feel good about daddy going to heaven. It's true, at least he got to see both of us til we reached late 20s. :)

I succeeded!! I finally gained 2kgs! This time my Dr didn't pressure me more cause he knows that I'm going through a tough time. He only told me to do my best to gain more weight. I'm 3kgs behind.

"AYE AYE ,SIR!" :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our First-Week 17


I have to admit. I find it difficult to start this post. I have no idea where to begin.

Should I start by saying, "This is the week my dad went to heaven." or should I say, "This is the week my first child & future children never got to meet my wonderful father."

Anyhow, it is not all that sad as I've been taking everything positively. I told myself, "Hey! I can't stop my series at week 17 just because it's not the happiest week of all. Daddy wouldn't want him to be the reason for anything to come to a haul."

So I pumped in more courage and decided that I should dedicate this week to my one and only... daddy.

My dad was not the most enthusiastic when I told him about my pregnancy at week 5. Believe it or not he's not a person that is a fan of babies. I only found out after his surgery. He told me that he don't like kids cause they are noisy. I asked him about my sis & I. He said I love both of you because you are my daughters and God blessed me with children that are not noisy. (I told him that it's both their parenting that shaped us to be less noisy children.)

However, he was very supportive of my pregnancy. Making sure that I'm not endangering myself during train rides and asking my mum to make sure that I'm ok cause he can't do much then. He made sure that whenever I take care of him, I would have enough rest.

He once told me that he wouldn't have made it this far if I didn't sacrifice my career for him. He said "I don't know what I would do without you." (It made me cry.) I told him "I don't know what I'd do without you too. Let's do this together. Promise me you'll guide me to become a good mother." He said "Ok but remember I don't like noise. I'll just guide you but you care for the baby yourself." (That put a smile on my face.) My dad could never tolerate noise even when he was ill. Typical daddy.

When he took his last breath, it was the first time I felt a "thud" in my belly. I was rather calm at that moment and I wonder if it's a sign from the baby acknowledging grandpa has gone to heaven.

Only after consoling every one, I broke down. The first thing that came to my mind "I can no longer brand myself as daddy's girl."

He played such a big part in my life and I felt that more than half of my world has gone to just sweet memories.

Soon I realized, God loves me by blessing me with family and friends. God loves my dad because he doesn't want him to suffer anymore. My dad definitely deserve a better life than what he was going through.

I've been asked questions during my dad's funeral. One of it is "Why haven't you thought of conceiving earlier so that your dad could see his grandchild?"
With confidence, I answered.. "This is God's fate. My dad "met" his grandchild through a photo of my child in week 12. He is still watching over us in heaven. I'm sure he is loving the part where he don't have to put up with the noise." I smiled.

As much as I wish my dad would be able to hold his grandchild in his hands, it wasn't God's plan. The best way for my children to know their grandpa is for me to guide them just as how my dad has guided me.

In addition, my children will be blessed with guidance from God, my husband, my in-laws, my mum and my sister. And I'm sure my dad would be watching over us. He won't break his promise.

Our most recent family photo.

My dad & I.

Peace out!

Since this post is dedicated to my dad, do share with me the first best memory of him that pops into your head right now?

I would love to read about it. :)