Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Return of the.... BEAR!

I've "retired" from blogging since work, baby, house, family, baking has made my life seem like I'm on "wonder woman" mode daily. I know, it's just an excuse! There are plenty of bloggers who works, a mother, have to do house work, bakes for side income, have to settle family issues, have to do house work (eh.. I've mentioned that already) and YET they still have time to blog! (where does their energy come from??)

I shall just cut the crap and update my readers (if there is still any)...

The lil one is no longer a baby.. so I have to stop calling him Baby James! He is now a toddler who loves to follow me wherever I go (I also call him my double-sided tape), loves to repeat after us (which is hilarious and dangerous at the same time cos we really need to watch our words), loves to dance and is a whole lot more cheeky!

He has grown a lot taller and heavier... weighing at a muscular 13kgs.. I present...my 16months old son...

 As I mentioned, he is a "parrot" now. Since he was a few months old, I would always use his pink bear and say "HELLO.. My name is BEAR BEAR!" I got so used to it and didn't realize that I eventually "taught" him the wrong thing. Now when I go.. "HELLO.. My name is..".. he will automatically continue... "BEARRRR!!"
Hence, his middle name.. "Bear" Tan! Well, he is as squashable as a bear and don't fret, I'm working on making him say "James". Just have to take a little more patience...

And if you don't get what I mean... here's a video for you to understand things better...

What else have I been up to? BAKING!!

In no particular order... these are some of the stuff that I made.

 One of the 'tallest' cake that I made. Dark Chocolate with Dark Pitted Cherries and Fresh Cream Frosting.

 Cupcakes for a proposal.

 Cupcakes with fondant decoration.

 Nestum with Chocolate Chip Cookies. (My mum's favourite.)

 Cupcakes for a Bachelorette Party.

 Oreo truffles covered with Dark Chocolate.

 Oatmeal & Raisins and Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies for CNY.

 Butter cookies for the lil one's consumption.

 Cupcakes for a birthday.

 The things I do with too many ingredients that are about to expire... 
Chocolate Cake w Peanut butter and Crushed Oreos.

 Carrot Cake for Hubby's birthday.

 Wedding cake and cupcakes! :D

Vanilla cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache.

There were a lot more experiments but I guess I shouldn't drown you guys with too many sweet food. :D

So.. how's this post for a come back? Cute and sweet.. ;D
There will be more to come!