Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trip to Bali Day 4

Balinese "Day of Silence" a.k.a Nyepi Day!

We weren't aware of this day when we booked our flight tickets. Thanks to Air Asia for not warning us too. We were "forced" to stay an extra night because on that day no cars were allowed on the streets, the airport is closed, everyone (including tourist) is suppose to stay indoors.

Nyepi Day is a day reserved for self-reflection. It also marks the Hindu Community of Bali entering the New Year according to Solar Lunar calender. After the noise and excitement of the previous evening, you will wake up to no sound other than birds and the wind.

The Balinese observes silence. No talking, no tv and some even fast on that day. Unless you are working for a hotel, you are not allowed to work.

Tourist are requested to respect this day by staying inside the hotel. They do not restrict us from watching tv, talking & etc. But they do encourage us not to switch on our room lights. We were given a torch light for us to use it at night in case we want to walk around the villa and candles for us to light it up in our room.

The entrance to our villa.

Our villa is named Bangka. After a strait located in Indonesia.

The jacuzzi pool inside our villa.
Nice place to just chill.

Part of the outer side of the villa.

The entrance to our room.

The bed.

The TV area is right in front of the bed.

The basins.

Shower area.

The toilet bowl.
The bathroom area is right after the bedroom area. Only a partition to separate the bedroom & the bathroom. It's a modern and open concept.

The swimming pool for all guests is just outside our villa.

There's also a small kitchen in the villa.

The interior of the kitchen.

Our breakfast was served. We were asked to pre-order it the day before. There was quite a selection. We both opted for the American breakfast and we selected our own choice from the menu.

I went for the Banana Pancake and Han's choice of fruits: Honey dews.

My choice of watermelon and Han's main dish: Bacons with half boiled eggs.

Our choice of bread/pastry. I chose the baguette and Han chose the croissant.

Han's plain pancake.

My main dish: Poached egss with Pork sausage

Lime Juice.


Breakfast was delicious and of course we were stuffed by the end of it. We decided not to order any room service for lunch.

After breakfast, the maintenance guys from the hotel came over to ask if they could put up cardboards to block the lights from shining out of the room.

Here's the man trying to put up cardboards.

It will be a dark night!
In case we switch on our lights at night, it won't shine out. (Yes, it's that strict!)

We decided to have cup noodles and Milo for lunch.
We packed 4 cup noodles, packets of biscuits and a few "Take away" Milo. It sure came in handy when we decided not to have any room service for lunch.

We borrowed some DVDs from the receptionist. We ended up watching 2 movies throughout the day. We had to remind ourselves that the last order for room service on that day is at 5pm.

It was a little difficult to decide what to order for dinner. We chose to go for something Asian this time.

Han ordered the Chilli Prawn with rice.

I chose the mixed Satay with rice.
We also ordered a bowl of Chef's Salad. All choices was nice. It is not VERY DELICIOUS but it's tasty. :) The dinner cost us IRD 211 750 (about RM 67).

After dinner, we decided to just step out of the villa. It was complete silence and pitch black! The experience was just amazing. I have never experience such silence back at home and I do respect the Balinese for practising this. It was indeed Earth Day instead of Earth Hour!

We spent the rest of the night watching tv and it was a good thing that American Idol was on. :)

No electricity, no problem!

God is with us!

There was no power supply at Chapel Kurnia Kristus (CKK), Subang Jaya this morning. It was my hubby's first time attending mass at this chapel and it was a different experience.

Mass was held at the car park instead. All parishioners braved the heat and continue to worship as the Priest celebrate mass.

Let the Mass begin!
God is with us no matter where we celebrate mass. Praise the Lord!

Monday, May 11, 2009


It is a habit for me to browse through the Star online newspaper every day. I'm usually attracted by news that has interesting headlines (headlines about politics don't attract me).

I bumped into one today that says "HOT, hot, hot till September". My jaw just dropped. :O

I'm not a fan of heat unless I'm at the beach/on a holiday. I don't like heat mainly because I sweat easily. Everyone who knows me well knows that I would sweat by standing under the sun for just a minute. I don't like how the heat can make me very tired/moody.

I don't avoid it because it gives me a tan. (As much as I love to have a healthier colour skin, I can't.) I avoid it because it's not healthy for the skin.

During the days that my dad could not afford an air conditioner in the room, he would usually put a towel behind my back, underneath my shirt to "absorb" my sweat so that I could sleep better. :) (Ahhh.. those were the days. Very pampered.)

Now with air conditioner in every room, I would resist switching it on until I can't stand the heat any longer or when my husband is in the room with me. (He has very low tolerance towards heat.) I do this mainly to save electricity and the earth. (My tolerance for heat can be quite high even though I hate it. I can sleep when there isn't any power supply.I guess my love for sleep is much stronger than my hatred towards heat.)

Clear blue sky.
My grandma would say "This is the perfect weather to dry your clothes!"
I guess all housewives would be thankful for such a weather.

The heat would go on until September! That's 4 more months! As much as I admit, time flies, 4 months of heat can be very unpleasant.

Poor boy.
Dogs or any animals would feel the heat even more. To save them from being dehydrated, keep pails of water outside for them to drink. Nougy tend to sleep beside the pails or against the wall. It helps cool him down.

I must pray every day for God to bring some rain at least 2-3days a week. Mainly to cool down the earth and to avoid any shortage of water supply.

And also for the air conditioning in the KTM Komuter coaches to be in working order. (Imagine getting sandwiched every morning/evening in a train that does not have air conditioning in this weather? You would prefer to walk home!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I created a new home for updates on Daddy!

Dear faithful followers of Daddy's journey,

I was inspired by a friend who created a blog just for her brother since he got into an accident.

The reason I have decided to create a new home for Daddy's journey is so that one day he will publish a post to tell everyone that "HE'S BACK!"

My dad's journey will be posted on ce5nt instead. You may continue to follow my blog. :)

Happy Reading! Let's continue to pray for my dad to be blessed with strength.