Monday, August 24, 2009

How cool is Cool Blog?

I'm a fan of "Pearl" drinks. Mainly cause those chewy black stuff are quite addictive. :P

There's this new stall open at Subang Parade called "Cool Blog". I was eyeing on it ever since it opened. Although I'm suppose to be on a "diet", I decided that I should somehow satisfy my cravings for it. So I pulled my sister along! (Whoever that spends more time with me would gain weight with me. :P)

I didn't know which one to try. So I got their "Best Seller" which is the Chocolate Blog. It was indeed very sinful!

The drink it self cost RM2.30. If you add the "Pearls", it's additional RM0.80. So I paid RM3.10 for a cool chocolate drink.

I told them to go easy on the sugar (just to make myself feel less guilty of breaking my "diet"..) but they told me that it might be too bitter. I told them I can take bitter. So they did as what I said. The taste was good for me! (I wouldn't have liked it if they didn't cut down the sugar.)

My sister ordered their Volcano Tea with "Pearls" which is Tea with Gula Melaka. She said it's a little too sweet for her liking.

Here's part of their menu.

The stall is located on the Lower Ground Floor of Subang Parade.
Nearby Land marks: Baskin Robbins, Esquire Kitchen and Famous Amos cookies.
You won't miss it cause it's bright pink!

My Chocolate blog! YUMMMY!!

My sister's already mixed Volcano Tea.

How cool is Cool Blog? It's quite cool!
I have to try to resist from buying one every time I go to Subang Parade. :P It's just too convenient for me. *teehee*


c.ho said...

wow! pearl tea in malaysia is so cheap!!

Hi Yi Lei, I guess I should let you know that I've been stalking your blog for a while now.. reading your posts about your little one :D I really like following your progress and I look forward to whenever you post something.

I'm really sorry about your loss in your father, but glad you are so positive about things! :D

Anyway, keep those posts coming about your baby! hehe.. Sure cute cute with big dimples like you one. hehe.


cikumuffin said...

Hey Christine!

What a surprise to be hearing from you! :)

How are you doing in NZ? you are still there rite? :)

Feel free to be "stalking" my blog. it is for everyone to read. No motivation for me to continue writing if I don't have any readers.

So thanks for dropping a message!

Well, we are just a few months away to see how the baby looks like! STAY TUNED!

Yi Lei