Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turning ONE!

If you wonder how fast time passes you by, it's VERY FAST! In 2 weeks, my son will be turning ONE and it feels like just yesterday that I've given birth to him. (Ok, not yesterday but definitely didn't feel like it was a year ago.)

Before he turns one.. here are a few photos of him at 11months old.

 A mosquito gave him a kiss on his right cheek just when he turned 11months old.

 He enjoys having tea with us. He gets to eat biscuits and puffs!


He watches Sesame Street "Monster Song", Sesame Street "Feist sings 1,2,3,4" and Thomas and Friends song on YouTube every morning!

He now knows how to say "More" when he wants you to replay the videos and when he wants you to give him more puffs or biscuits.

He also knows how to say "Done" when he's done poo-ing in his potty.

He knows how to clap, put his hands together when you say "gong xi ggong xi", puts a finger to his ear when you say "Hello?" (Like talking on the phone), hits his tummy when you say "pao pao" (means full in Mandarin) and puts a finger in his mouth when you say "flying kiss".

He is more demanding now and he sometimes understand what you are saying and will tell you whether he wants it or not by nodding and shaking his head.

He now weighs 11kgs. He look a lot lengthier now rather than chubby.I see myself whenever he smiles, like a photocopy of me.:D I LOVE HIM to bits and pieces (I still get nagged by my mum and hubby for pampering him. I only told them that I'm showing the same love that I'm showered with by my easy to put the blame on my parents huh? haha..:P)

If you still don't believe that time passes you by ... JUST LIKE THAT... this is James when he was one month old  and this is my labour story.

Convinced now? :P

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby steps..

My husband and I have been together as a couple for almost 7 years and counting...

6 years ago, on my 21st birthday, my husband gave me a pair of baby shoes as my birthday gift.He just started working and I didn't bother whether I'm getting a gift. We were walking around and we saw the baby shoes. Without hesitation, he bought them and gave it to me.Of course, we were teased by some of our friends as we just got together then and some even asked if he was going to get me a bib as my next present.

After 6 years of courtship, we vowed that only death will do us apart and the rest you may just read it here.

Since our boy is turning 1 year old soon (5 weeks and 3 days to be exact) and he's learning how to walk, we decided to have him try the baby shoes. Unfortunately, our boy's feet is a lil too big for it. haha..

These shoes will be kept as memory. (Don't think it will last til the next kiddo comes.) Taking baby steps made us who we are today and I'm proud of it! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's the boy's first!

Please clear your mind off any dirty stuff, I'm talking about my 10month old boy. :D

We went for a family trip to Hong Kong and it was enjoyable! We were there for 7days and felt that it was not quite enough. :P

It's his first time going somewhere out of Malaysia. First time sitting in an aeroplane.
He behaved very well throughout the flight from KL to HK as well as HK back to KL.No crying, no fussing and whatsoever. Just talking very loudly. haha. He even slept during his nap times. :D I'm truly thankful for such a wonderful baby.

First time riding on a bus.
Yup, he behaved too and as you can see, he enjoyed it.

 First time taking the MTR. 
This is the MTR to Hong Kong Disneyland from Sunny Bay station.

Of course,  it's his first time going to Disneyland!

 His first time wearing a Mickey Mouse hat.

 His first time watching the High School Musical show.

We think he look like Winnie the Pooh. Don't you agree? hahaha..

 We also brought him to Hawaii!
Just kidding, this is just one of the rides in Disneyland.

 His first time taking photos with Stitch and he doesn't like it.
We discovered that he don't like soft toys too. We wanted to get him a soft toy from the souvenir shop but he rejected all of them. haha.

We took the opportunity to take a photo of him with Stitch hats. He will always remove anything that we put on his head. Naughty parents. *tsk tsk tsk*

His first time in the theater.
He danced to some songs but after a while he was restless.
 His first time on a "boat" ride.

His first time dining at HK style "Char Chan Teng" (Tea house).
They didn't have a high chair for him, so he had to sit his stroller throughout breakfast.Poor thing.

At some places, they have high chairs but they are not meant for infants at his age. So we had to strap him down with a harness so that he won't fall.

 His first time strolling under heavy rain and by the sea.

It was also his first time sleeping after 8pm.A little difficult for us to follow his 7pm bedtime as we had to go for dinner and Disneyland was quite a distance from our accommodation.

My husband and I enjoyed ourselves and of course, my son did.. how would I know???

Pictures don't lie. ;) 

Well, of course because in HK , we found new snacks for him...
 Apple flavoured puffs! (He loves them!)

He gets cuddled by Mummy & Daddy every where we go...

Most of all....
He gets to nap, anywhere and anytime, as long as Mummy is there!

He charmed almost everyone that we met in HK. Smiled and babbled at strangers. I'm glad that it's so easy to travel with him. Definitely looking forward to our next family trip! ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A growing child..

James is now capable of climbing stairs, learning to walk and he doesn't know that it will be very painful if he crawls/falls down from a higher level.

He has 5 tooth, 3 at the top, 2 at the bottom. If you are lucky, he will show them when you say "SHOW YOUR TEETH???"

He is indeed a handful especially when he's crawling about.He will insist on getting what he wants.

Here are some recent photos of the little one...

 Reading before bed time. (It's not a bed story book though.)

 His Daddy loves to put something on his head which the boy dislikes. According to my hubby, he looks absolutely adorable with something on his head. hahaha..I'm not disagreeing. :)

A very cheerful boy in the morning and after every nap. :) 
Well, who wouldn't be after a good sleep. ;)

Yup! He can stand now. Making things harder for us cause he will attempt to stand holding on to things that are not stable enough to allow him to stand.

 He dislikes wearing shirts. He's more than happy to take it off  but wearing one will only result to him complaining. Perhaps he loves showing of his sexy body? ;D

He has learned how to brush his teeth.... NOT! 
He enjoys putting EVERYTHING  that he finds into his mouth! *faint*

 Can't help myself but to add in one of his ugliest photos. :P
No one is perfect?! :)

Our boy now weighs 10.9kgs. It's amazing how much strength he has to lift himself up and start climbing and hanging on to things.

He will be 10months old in 3 days! Time definitely flew by....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six...

Seven, Eight... NINE!!!

It's amazing how time flies and in 3 months, James will turn 1 years old! WOOT! (I know I know, time to make another baby? Wait la.. let me enjoy my time with baby James first. hehehe..)

The boy can now stand up on his own when he's holding on to something. He crawls super fast til my mum gets very tired just to block him from crawling to places that he shouldn't. He babbles a lot more. His words are usually  "Papa",  "Mama", "Mam mam", "Wo Wo", "Eh", "Yi" ,"Ah" and "Brruuuuuu".

My family and I went to Genting Highlands last weekend. It's James' first trip.Thank God he behaved! :D

Naturally, he loves sleeping in an air-cond room. Lets just say, heat is not his best friend. Genting's weather is definitely something he truly enjoys. He could take long naps and he slept very well at night. *phew* (I got so stressed up thinking that he may not find it comfortable and we even have an "exit" plan. That is if James can't sleep, we head back home!)

We had to feed him cereal for lunch and dinner as we can't cook porridge in the hotel room.

 With my mum.

Oooo! I'm 124cm! Tall enough to go for the rides Mummy! ;D

Well, the only ride that he got on was the Merry-Go-Round. 
He is only a little more than half of 124cm. :P
Here's him giving me a "I need to sleep now!" look.

My mum says that I pamper him a lot. (Ok ok, not only my mum, my hubby says the same thing too.) I can only tell them.. "How to not pamper such an adorable child?" Then they just look at the boy and go.. "sigh..that's true."
So his 8-9month old gift from his mummy and daddy is......

A Tricycle! 
Cool or not? :P

The boy now weighs at a healthy 10.5kgs.;D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's so nice to see him smile...

I was just browsing through my wedding photos on Facebook and a few photos of my late father caught my eye.

I remember very well that my dad found it difficult to give a "wide smile" when he takes a photo as he dislikes showing his "dracula teeth". We would always have to persuade him but as he grew older, he also grew to relax and didn't mind showing his imperfection.

As I was going through my wedding photos I realized how natural his smiles were. He must have been very happy on that day and didn't bother if anyone caught him showing his "dracula teeth".

Here's a couple of photos that I would just like to have it posted on my blog...

At our church ceremony.

Receiving his tea from his son-in-law.
This is definitely one of the best photo that I have of my father.

They say pictures speaks a thousand words. 
For me, these pictures shows endless love.

Friday, August 6, 2010

8months and I'm chasing after him!

Yup! The cute one is now 8months old and yes, he is now a mobile baby and yours truly will have to chase after him cause he can be so quick when it comes to grabbing things that he shouldn't!

He does listen when I tell him not to touch something but he will stop, turn around and flash me that heart melting smile of his. then he will attempt to do it again and again and again and again and AGAIN and again.. trust me, I need A LOT of perseverance when it comes to teaching him to do things cause he is very determined to do the opposite!

For example: Clipping his fingernails.
He use to just sit quietly and allow me/my mum to clip his nails.Now, he would want to try to grab the nail clipper from me/my mum. After many attempts only he will stop and just allow me/my mum to clip his fingernails.

From my facial expression, you can tell that I almost lost my patience. :P

On another note, he learned how to READ!
Just kidding..
Of course he don't know how to read. He just enjoys playing with this book.

At 8months, he is still as adorable as ever...

Did I mention that I'm in love with our boy? One true blessing from God. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The wonders of technology..

It's my birthday!

...and I would like to share with you how amazing the "borderless world" is when it comes to Birthday wishes.

1) At 2.30am, I checked my handphone cause I woke up as the baby made some noise. My phone showed me 4 e-mail notifications (telling me that 4 friends dropped me a message on Facebook, 3 messages on BlackBerry Messenger and 1 sms. All of this came when I was asleep.

2) I received .... one.. two .. three.. four.. five.. six.. seven..eight.. nine.. ten.. eleven.. twelve.. oh.. i lost count.. A LOT OF MESSAGES on Facebook. They were all short and sweet messages (thank you so much guys!) and it is so convenient that even people that I haven't met for ages wished me and those who live miles away too! (aaahhh.. technology!)

3) I  received more than 10 messages via SMS, one of which is surprising as I haven't stayed in touch with him for quite some time. (again, technology keeps your long lost friendships together..)

4) Also received wishes via Twitter.

5) I also received phone calls! :)

As there are so many channels to wish one person (me) "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" , one cannot find any excuse not to just drop a message.

My besties on the other hand, decides to utilize ALL of the channels! They both:
1) Dropped me a message on BlackBerry Messanger.
2) Dedicated their status on BlackBerry Messanger to me.
3) Dropped me a message on Facebook.
4) One of them dedicated her status on Facebook to me.
5) Dropped me a message on Twitter.
6) Last but not least, they utilized technology to the max and got flowers delivered to my doorstep!

Thanks girls! ;)
You succeeded in spamming me through EVERY channel! haha.. 
Wouldn't have been special without you all being you. :)

Well, it's actually  just another day for me.. (besides receiving so many wishes and love from everyone). Full time mummy duty! haha..
So I was told to chill a little and have a glass of wine, just to celebrate my 17th birthday.. whoops.. I mean 27th birthday..
So.. I did it...
Cheers Everyone! :D

I do have plans to celebrate my birthday for the rest of the month (I wouldn't be Yi Lei if I didn't!). With my hubby, my mum and sis, my many groups of friends... I think by the end of July, my belly would be like this boys'...

Wouldn't ask for more as I'm truly blessed to be spending the day with Baby James. :)

To those who are born on the same day as I am, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
and to those who are born in the month of July...KEEP CELEBRATING! The whole month is yours!...and mine..;)

Oh.. I've decided to reply every single message that I receive.There's loads of it but I have to do something funny to make my 27th memorable don't I? haha..

Cheers! ;D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A year has gone...

and I still miss him every day....

I miss him so much that there was a day that I dream of him, he uttered the words "...I miss you." and I woke up crying cause it felt so real.

Be assured that I am strong as I'm truly blessed by God. The pain is to remind me that I have a heart. God did not promise all things wonderful and painless but He promise to guide us and to never abandon us.

"In the sweet, by and by... 
we will meet on that beautiful shore.."