Monday, April 22, 2013

Making Baby #3: Exercise during pregnancy

I don't think you can take exercise out of me. Haha. (Ok, I can say that now cause I only have one toddler to care for. Perhaps when our 2nd baby pops out, I will tell you.. "WHAT IS EXERCISE??")

Kidding, I will definitely try to find some time once we are settled with our newborn's schedule and everyone's schedule.
I personally find it important to stay fit. How else are you going to keep up with 2 kids?

So, I've been going for brisk walks in the morning, attending pre-natal yoga and recently back at the gym for some indoor walking & working out with the gym tools. I'm trying to swim more than walk as my belly's getting heavier.

Went for a swim after so long.
I felt weightless (almost forgot that I am pregnant) and I just went on laps effortless. :D

The props used at my Pre-natal Yoga class.

I wear my running (now walking) shoes almost every day ever since I passed my first trimester.
(Sorry for the blur photo.)
But going for walks has become a chore now. 
Time to switch!

Many asked if James is excited about the baby. I have to say, he's not really bothered most of the time. At times he will just give my belly a big kiss and say "I LOVE YOU BABY!!" and at times, he will just make funny faces in front of my belly as though his sibling will be able to see it. Haha..

We are going to have two cheeky young ones soon... God guide us!

Here's our boy showing some "brotherly" love.

The ask-a-lot/talks-a-lot/go-against-you-a-lot toddler

Every parent will be very familiar with this phase.

They ask you a lot! Talks a lot and most of all... go against you... almost ALL THE TIME!
(Which is good. Don't get me wrong. I love it when my son is curious about things, just shows that he's learning.)

But the going against you part, can be very testing. For example, every day after school, my son and I will have this conversation:

James: Mummy, can I play playdough? Can I? Can I?
Me: Yes, you can, James. But you have to take your nap at 2.30pm.
James: NOooooo! It's sunny day! We only sleep during night time!
Me: You have to take a nap. If not you will be grumpy boy.
James: NOoooooo! I'm not grumpy!!!! 
Me: There, you are showing signs of a grumpy boy now.
James: But can I play playdough first?
Me: Yes, you can play playdough first but when the clock strikes 2.30pm, you will have to take a nap.
James: OK!
Me: Promise?
James: Yes!

(This conversation will be repeated twice or three times in the car.)

He usually doesn't break his promise but when he does, I just have to go through the "You promised that you will take a nap after playing!" conversation.

So,  I go through this!

This is just one of the many repeated conversations we have. (I did mention he talks-a-lot too!)

Nevertheless, I'm very very very blessed and thankful to have this boy in my life. 

He is still adorable.

He will always be..
(even though he gives me "charity" smiles.)

...the one that gives me intrinsic motivation and satisfaction being a stay-home-mum.
No regrets.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making Baby #3: The First Trimester

I have to admit, even though we are overjoyed, thankful and all the happy things that you can think of since we found out that we are pregnant, there's still so much fear in us.

Like even a lil drop of spotting, sends us to "panic" mode or a little bit of cramp, then we'll go.. "HOW AR???"

We behaved like we have never been pregnant before. (We allowed ourselves to have less faith just because things happened.)

After a few weeks, we told ourselves, that we should keep cool, have faith.
Just like how every child is different even though from the same factory.

My first trimester went smoothly. I had the "all day sickness" but I could still manage to keep food in. Could still do my "mummy duties" except that I wasn't allowed to do housework and carry heavy stuff (including my toddler. He's 17kg by the way.)

So this is me at 9 weeks pregnant...

My tummy was already showing but no one noticed it til I was way pass my first trimester. (Now I don't know if that's good or bad.)

Anyhow, the baby is growing well and I'm just so glad the first trimester is over. Of course, there's two more trimesters to go and it comes with all sorts of "worries". 

We will just have to keep praying and have faith! :)