Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long awaited post: The Trip to Singapore - Day 2

Day 2 started off with us waking up late! haha. Well mainly because we told ourselves that we don't have to rush off to anywhere. So just take our time, wake up at whatever time we want. :)

Wanted to try the Burger King breakfast. Unfortunately, the outlet at Vivo City don't serve breakfast! So we went up to the food court again. Walked around for a bit and decided we should just have "light" breakfast. It was nearly lunch time anyway. So we went to Toast Box!

We settled for one pack of Nasi Lemak each! Not so light breakfast after all. haha.

My mum's drink. Hot Coffee!

Our Drinks! :)

3 of us at Toast Box! haha. Not that easy to capture 3 persons with one hand. :P

My sis & I in the MRT going to Orchard Road again!

After breakfast at Vivo City. We went to Orchard Road again. Determined to get at least one of the products that my mum needed!
We finally found it at Takashimaya's Elizabeth Arden counter! HOORAY! (but I found out that they sell it in Malaysia too! Nvm, at least it helped my mum while we were at Singapore. :P )

We realized that it's about 2pm after walking around the shopping complexes at Orchard Road. Then settled to have lunch at Mos Burger, Takashimaya. :)

My mum & sis.
My mum look so cute in this photo! hahaha.

My mum's Chicken Burger!

My sister's Fish Burger!

And my not-so-healthy-choice, Beef Burger!! YUMMM!!

Of course, it's not a burger if you don't have french fries with it. :P

After lunch, we walked around again. We took the MRT to Chinatown. We wanted to see the CNY decorations since Orchad Road didn't have much at that time.

And yes, it's up to our expectation! There were plenty of CNY decorations.
My mum wanted to get some fake flowers to bring home but it's more expensive than M'sia. So she decided not to. hahaa..

My mum & sis posing in front of the Chinatown stalls.

My mum & I in the middle of the road!

We were waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. So I quickly snapped this photo. :)

My mum & sis posing in front of a shopping complex's decoration at the entrance.

I told my mum, "Let's pose like the cow!" And she did it! hahahaha..
My mum is just so sporting.

My sis & I mimicking the cow.

We decided to have a drink at Coffee Bean. (We wanted Starbucks but we couldn't find any nearby.)

Who makes the ugliest face competition!
My sis & I making funny faces.

I saw this sign on the coffee bean table. haha. I guess they are not encouraging students to do their group studies here. :)

We went to Marche at Vivo City for dinner. The queue was super long! We waited for about 20minutes. My sister wanted to eat at Marche since we arrived at Singapore. My mum decided to give her a treat since she will be flying back to Japan. Apparently the Marche in Malaysia is not as good as the one in Singapore. I can't say for sure as I haven't tried the one in Malaysia. :)

Look at what we ordered! YUMMM! :)

Outside Vivo City. Spot my mum doing a funny pose?

My sis & I at the hotel lobby waiting for time to fly by.
The Le Sport Sac bag is one of the things that we bought. hehe. I got the same pattern but in a different design.

My mum & I waiting for the bus at Harbour Front. I look like my mum in this photo. haha.. My face is so versatile that I can look like my dad in one photo & then look my mum in another. :)

Well, it's my first time buying so many things from Singapore. I usually come back only with loaves of the Gardenia bread. This time, I got 2 tops & a work jacket from G2000 (it was VERY CHEAP), the Le SportSac bag (after knowing that it's on sale in M'sia too, the bag was only about RM5 cheaper in S'pore) & a pair of Levi's for Han (it's almost RM100 cheaper there).

It was indeed a good & fruitful trip but definitely I can't go to S'pore too often cause it does burn a big hole in my pocket even if I don't purchase anything! :P

Note: This post was suppose to be published a month back. Due to the current happenings, I had to delay it. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Trip to Singapore - Day 1

My mum, sister & I went to Singapore on 8th-9th Jan 2009. It was a fun trip! Wish my dad could take some days off to follow us. Unfortunately, he couldn't. It would have been more fun with him around. :)

We took a 7.30am bus (First Coach) from Bangsar. My dad dropped us off on his way to work. We arrived the departure area at 7am and we went to a mamak stall nearby to have a quick breakfast.

My sis & I in the bus. You can see how tired our eyes were. :P

My mum seated alone in the bus.

We saw these HUGE Pineapples at the Pagoh rest stop.

Us again! After the Pagoh stop.
I bought my preserved Guava. It's a bad habit of mine to eat something preserved when I'm traveling. Not that I have travel sickness or anything. I just have a habit to buy them whenever I'm at a rest area. I know I know.. it's bad. Shall make it a resolution not to buy any when I go down to Kluang for CNY! :P

We arrived at Novena Square, Singapore about 1pm. We took a cab to our hotel, Harbour Ville Hotel. It cost us only SGD 8. Considering we had 2 huge luggage and 3 persons. The taxi fare was quite reasonable! (don't convert to RM la...)

We were waiting for my mum to get ready to start our shopping trip! :)

3 of us! Snapped this photo when we were on our way to Vivo City using the bus.
My lunch!

We chose to go to the food court at Vivo City. Had quite a numer of selection. So I chose this Fried Kimchi Rice from a Korean Food Stall. This plate of rice cost me SGD 6. I won't recommend anyone to eat this as the portion is small and it's tasteless! Btw, the prawns & egg is from my mum's curry noodles. She gave it to me cause she can't have them.haha.

My favourite dessert!
Iced Fruit Jelly! YUMMM!! Does anyone know where I can get this dessert in Malaysia? Of course it must be nice ones. :P

My sister and her lunch.
It's a Javanese dish. Can't remember what it's called. The portion was big compared to mine. It costs SGD 6.50 a plate. Taste is much better than my lunch!

After lunch, we decided to take a walk at the park outside Vivo City. It's at the top floor. From there we can see Sentosa Island right opposite. I think the last time I went to the island is when I was 5, which I can't remember a single thing! All the "memories" were from pictures & stories from my mum. :P

My mum & I outside Vivo City.

The hanging black man!
I don't know what this is. It's some sort like a "wind chime". It swings back and forth when it's breezy.. or is it timed. hahaa.. didn't stay long enough to observe it. :P

My sis doing her pose. Don't ask me what she's trying to do. :P

After walking around Vivo City, we decided to take the MRT to Orchard Road. To look for my mum's stuff. :)

My mum & I in the MRT. :)

We walked around Suntec City and we found Pepper Lunch on the directory. And my sis went "PEPPER LUNCH!!!" . So we ended up having our dinner there. According to my sis, Pepper Lunch is very famous in Japan. She's very surprised/disappointed that they don't have an outlet in Malaysia.

To my dear sis, I found out that they DO have an outlet here in Malaysia. So you won't miss your Pepper Lunch when you are back for good. It's located at Pavilion, KL. :)
But.. as we have predicted, the price of one set is RM20 plus. So only go if you are feeling rich! :P

In Singapore, a combo set meal cost about SGD16-19 per person. (come to think of it, the set in Malaysia is slightly cheaper. :P )

My mum's green tea.

My sis with her meal. The beef burger & steak meal. :)

After dinner, we walked around again. We went to the "World's Biggest Fountain". Well, that's what they claimed. There is a small fountain in the middle where we are allowed to go touch it. It's called the "Fortune Fountain". The instructions were to go round 3 times and your fortune will change for the better! I only went 2 rounds as I thought the guard wanted us to leave but as i walk out, there were people walking in. My mum & sis did 3 rounds. Lets hope their fortune will change for the better! :)

The World's Biggest Fountain

My sis & mum at the "fortune fountain"

The Hot Sauce Stall!
We were walking around Suntec City after dinner & the fountain thing. We bumped into this Hot Sauce stall. They sell all sorts of Hot Sauce from not so spicy to SUPER DUPER spicy!

This is the one I tried.
The first bite was ok. Didn't feel anything until I choked on it! ahahaha. I bought two hot sauce from this stall. One for my dear colleague, Sue & the other my dear friends, Joan & CG. The one I bought is by Dave's also. You can turn the cap to adjust the level of "spicyness" that you want. :)

After walking around more. We went to NYDC for dessert. :) I've always wanted to try their dessert whenever I go to Singapore and I thought, since my mum is a fan of dessert, it'll be a great time to try! :)

Apple pie!
My mum can't have anything that has chocolate, cheese & cream. So we ordered this. Wanted to add a scoop of ice cream but shouldn't tempt my mum to eat ice cream. So we ate it plain! :) YUMMMM!

Carrot Cake!
I have to admit. We forgot that my mum couldn't eat cheese & cream when we ordered the desserts. The only thing that we remembered was NO CHOCOLATE. We only realized that my mum shouldn't be eating the carrot cake as it contains cream cheese! No wonder she itched so much the next day. *yikes*
The cake was okay. I still LOVE my wedding cake which is also a carrot cake. That's the BEST carrot cake that I've ever tasted so far. The 2nd best carrot cake is made by Aunty Lydia, a church friend.

That's all for Day One. We arrived back at the hotel by 10pm. Went to bed by 12am.

Coming up next... Day 2!

*Note: This post was written since 15th January 2009. Didn't have time to finish composing it. :P

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Preparation..

I wanted to post this earlier but just didn't want to spoil the surprise!

The wedding went GREAT! we received loads of good feedback! We are just happy that our guests had fun and everyone involved had a great experience & enjoyable day! :)

Firstly, I must thank my sister (Ee Wen), my mum, my mum-in-law, Syaza & Ai Chee for coming over to help me with the preps. Also Sulo for driving me around to settle stuff on New Year's eve. :D

Here are photos to tell my prep story! :)

Our application to have a church wedding mass at Kristus Aman Chapel was put up at the Chapel's bulletin. Han & I were so happy and excited to see this. Well, it's obvious that no one came to reject our application. so.. ~phew~!

My mum & I at my place separating and bunching up the flowers. I'm pleasantly surprised by mum when she offered to help me with the prep. I thought she would be negative about it as she might find it troublesome. Thank You MAMA! :))

Part of the Church Wedding Booklet. :) Which my sister helped my mum in tying them together.

My sis & my mum in action. Look just how much fun both of them are having. hahaa.. It was definitely a good bonding time for us. Although my mum was naggy. Well, just a matter of getting used to. If we don't fuss about her being naggy, it's actually very enjoyable to be talking to mum. :)

Our church wedding booklet. :) Syaza helped me tie them up. My sis & mum weren't good at tying ribbons. Luckily Syaza came by. If not I'll be tying up 180 booklets all by myself! ahha.
Oh.. must also thank Raymund Sze (my sister's friend) for helping me out with this too. He came by to look for my sister but ended up helping me with the booklets. For a guy, he is quite good at it. (Oooppss.. not sure if he wants me to mention this feminine side of him.) :P

The stairs decor! Han chose the flowers combination. I did the work! :) It's so beautiful that I've decided to keep it til CNY. Perhaps will just leave it there til it's dusty and OLD looking. hahaa..


The "Tea Ceremony Chairs" at my in-laws place. The colour combination & flowers were Han's idea. As usual, i'm just the executor. :P

The railing decor at my in-laws. :)

The Chi Mui gift & the wristlets for Chi Muis. I did the gifts by myself as it's a surprise for the Chi Mui (There is Flower Honey or Raspberry Jam by Crabtree & Evelyn inside the bag). And I got help from my mum-in-law with the wristlets. My mum-in-law & I were making the wristlets while waiting for Han to finish work at PD. :D

Me & the girls at the nail parlour. :) Can only see Ai Chee at the background. My mum, sis, Sulo, Syaza & Tan Lu were the others who went to the nail parlour.

Syaza enjoying her pedicure. ahhahaa.. Didn't get to snap her funny face. :D

Preparation on THE DAY!
My bridesmaid, Tan Lu getting her hair & face done by Leric, my make up artist. I really love his work. The make up didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. and the best part is, even when I cried, the make up didn't smudge! hahahaa..

My maid of honour, Ai Chee getting her hair & face done by Leric too! Poor girls had to wake up at 4.30am because they were the first to get their make up done before it's my turn. Leric manage to finish making us pretty by 7.15am. And that's very impressive! :)

My next post..Photos of THE DAY! :) [If I rajin, I'll post something before the wedding post.]
Can't wait to get the photos & video. :)))