Friday, November 28, 2008

Everywhere you go...

.....there's a Starbucks! :)

Is that good or bad??

Good, for coffee lovers, starbucks fans, ppl who are in desperate need of a nice cold/hot drink.

Bad, for your pocket! You pay RM13-20 for a cup of ice blended coffee! My folks will probably start shaking their heads and say "These days youngsters, don't know how to save money. Want coffee, go kopitiam lar. It's only RM2.50 for a glass of ice cold coffee!"

Well, as for me. I would usually buy Starbucks when I'm with my friends. Purchase their merchandise for my friends who are a big fan of their X'mas collection or collections. I would also go to Starbucks while waiting for someone. Definitely won't get a Starbucks just because it's Starbucks or I passed by Starbucks... if I do that, think my savings account will run dry faster than it already is cause I pass by Starbucks EVERYDAY! hahaha..

Given the current economic situation, there are still plenty of people who can afford to drink/eat more expensive food. And you wonder.. "Why do people keep saying that the economy is bad?"
If it's that bad, how come people can still spend like how they are spending when the economy was good.

I came to a conclusion. Perhaps we are not that afraid of the current situation now or maybe everyone is trying very hard not to accept the reality. We only read about the US going through some turmoil and we have articles saying that the Asian market is still.. o.k.a.y! I recently read one in Newsweek (yes, i do subscribe to them. just to stay in touch with the global news.) that China may be the biggest victim of the global crisis. So, isn't that Asia?

Well, my rule of thumb, as long as I save 10% or more of my pay every month. I'll be fine. I won't be super duper rich at the age of 25 but at least I have money when times are bad.

Here's to Starbucks! (perhaps one of the last cup that I'll have.... )

Thursday, November 27, 2008

1 month & 1 week...

Is it too late to start panicking? hahahaa... well, I have to say, I haven't started panicking just yet. Maybe when I see.. "1 week to our big day".. then i'll go... Oh.. MY!

Next week is already December! can you believe it? how time just "ZOoOOommm" pass you? sigh.
must really appreciate everything that we have every day!

My colleague and I started buying Christmas gifts. I bought some from Crabtree for my in-laws & also for my wedding. :) They had a 30% discount for members. Though non of us is a member but the promoter could recognize that we often drop by the outlet. So she still gave us the discount! *NICE!!*

Also bought a thermos from Starbucks for my colleague.

Now I need to get 2 more gifts! think think think... :P

I got a beautiful surprise last night! Hubby came back to surprise me. Just can't describe how happy I was. Just couldn't stop hugging him. Even asked him if I was dreaming. haha.
*Thanks darling.. *hugs* *

I better go check the laundry and allow dad to use the computer. haha..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fridays are the best...

I know. Everyone would agree with me. Since when Friday SUCKS rite? Well, some Fridays does but it's a general thinking that EVERYONE LOVES FRIDAYs!

Well, I love Friday even more now. Of course the main reason is that it's the day that I can be with Han. :)

I'm so looking forward to this Friday. :)) 

and since I'm in a happy thought mode.. I shall do work now! :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling better..

I'm feeling a little better now... 

Went out for dinner with parents. Then dad came and fix our porch light. Played with Nougy for a while then came back online. :P
Maybe that's my life now.. hahaa.. I sure have tonnes of things to do after this.

Have to
1) Iron work clothes
2) Make more invites for those we have left out
3) Bathe
4) Talk to Han
5) SLeep!! My eyes are burning from the water works. :P

Thanks to Ai Chee who called me just now. :) Sorry to have just burst out.
and my sis, who was online trying her best to tell me that everything will be just fine. :)

He is just 2 hours drive away...

It's our first day apart.. starting our new life "together".

The moment I stepped into our house, I felt the emptiness already. Just broke down immediately. I think Nougy knows that I'm not happy too, he started kissing me and whining when I locked him out. Poor boy, not going to be able to play with his dada all the time now.

I'm feeling much better now. After crying non-stop for 20-30mins. I have to be strong for our future. It's just a matter of getting used to. We'll be able to make it through.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stressed... perhaps?

It's 6.20am and I'm awake! should I curse?

I really feel like sleeping cause every week day I've been complaining that I don't get enough sleep. And now that I get the chance to wake up later than normal days.. I can't sleep! F***!

The first thing that came to mind.. perhaps I'm stressed? My tummy had some acidic feeling last night. Took a pill and I dosed off. Perhaps I have to take another pill now. F***! Am I suppose to take the pill til the day comes?

I'm cursing more than usual this morning. Not in my best mood but I know I have to control myself. I have errands to run later. F***! I really hope I don't say the wrong words later. don't want things between hubby and I to turn bad today cause when we are alone together, the time is precious.

SHIET! I better try to rest my mind... ARRGGgHHhh! I know Han will ask me why later.. 

OK.. Yi Lei.. take a deep breath... and breathe... in and out... and... GO TO BED! shiets.. i'm talking to myself. sigh... Help?

Just when it's getting near..

It's one and a half months to go.. and my mum is getting on my nerves.. BIG TIME!

1st: She hasn't settled her dress for the reception. Still delaying.. and only God knows why.

2nd: She hasn't found her attire for church. Still delaying .. and again.. only God knows why.

3rd: She don't know whether my dad's tailor can find a matching material to his jacket. Still delaying.. and only God knows why.

4th: She decided to have tea ceremony because her friend said something. I told her that I've scheduled it to be before dinner at the hotel (scheduled it even though my mum initially insist she doesn't want one but of course, i know her better.). However, she didn't like the idea. WANTS IT IN THE MORNING! Now, i have to re-schedule my whole agenda for the day because of a fickle-minded self! yes.. only God knows why.

Oh dear God, I really pray that this is the end of the procrastinating and the fickle mind. I really do want to have fun on our day.  

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our house warming..

We threw a house warming party on 1st Nov 2008. It was really tiring for Han & I but we enjoyed ourselves. Didn't get to talk long with everyone who came (sorry peeps)... but I guess they all understood that it wasn't easy to be taking care of so many groups. :)) We had about 50 people over. Han's parents, my parents, my mum's relatives who are staying in SJ, my dad's bro & family and our friends!

I cooked the "Ayam Goreng Rempah" (a secret recipe from Han's mum) and Spaghetti. Sue & Joan came over early to cook "Really Garlicky Chicken".Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the food! YIKES!
My mum cooked two dishes. One steamed vegetable and another vegetarian mixed vegetables. :) 
We ordered a roast lamb (which was really yummy and we still had a quarter of the lamb in the freezer.), fried meehoon and fruit tartlets. My mum's friend (Aunty Adeline) made swiss rolls & cheese tarts (which everyone really loved!). Sen Chee helped me make jellies. :))

We had a lot of left over.(Only the Spaghetti was wiped clean) But we threw a lot of them away especially the meehoon. Next time, I shall not have so many variety. 

Here are some photos that I took..(and I don't think any of our friends took photos on that day, except for my Uncle Ping and cousin, Elijah)

We made these little gifts for our guests.

With CG, Joan, Sue & Andy

With the Woo Family

With my besties from Form 6

With my UOB colleagues

With the Tan family & June (Cheng Whuah's gf)

OUR GIFTS!! WEeeeee!! :))

We gave out those little boxes of raisins & crispy together with our wedding invites. :)) 
YUP YUP! Our wedding invite is ready! Suresh, Sue & Joan helped us put them together before the house warming party. Suresh was the "ribbon burner". Sue & Joan were the people tying the ribbons. hehehehe..
The printer made a mistake, didn't print enough maps to the church. But luckily they printed 30 maps and it was just nice for all the people that came to our house! :P

OH! and i also found out that my wedding gown is ready for fitting!! my evening gown will be ready for fitting by this week.. so i'll most probably do the fitting next week! :)))

This Saturday is another big day.It's my bestie, Syaza's wedding!! WOoHHOOOOoo! Me going to help her out from tomorrow til Friday. Hope I'll be of good help.. :P