Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Will they get along?

Most people asked how is James taking the arrival of his brother.

I can tell you, we were really worried about him showing dislike/hatred towards Lucas as he is very clingy to me.

Turns out, God prepared him and he accepted Lucas really well. Even called him, his baby. Every day he tells me that he likes his baby.
(In my heart, ya, your baby...mummy carried him for 9months,  went through labour pain, losing sleep cos of breastfeeding and you call him..your baby????)
But of course,  I encouraged him and told him that it's lovely that he likes Lucas and I do pray that Lucas will like James too.

I do believe it has to work both ways. Not just a one way street thing.
I pray that they will grow up to love and like each other. Of course, fights and arguments are expected but in the end, their love for each other will be the one keeping them together.

James has been doing very well as a big brother besides occasionally asking for my attention, which I feel every child is entitled to.

Here's James entertaining Lucas. ♥

Monday, August 5, 2013

Making Baby #3: Hello World!

It's been 3 weeks since the birth of our 2nd son. I thought I should write a post before my confinement lady leaves and I won't know when would I be blogging next... can't be pumping breast milk and blogging can I? :P

When I was 38 weeks pregnant, I get messages from close friends and family members asking if there's any sign of labour. Guess they too were excited to greet our baby. Haha.

Finally, on a Thursday, I replied them "Yes, I'm in labour." instead of "Nope, still no pain, no leakage, no spotting and whatsoever."

However, the contractions were so mild and 1.5 hours apart, I didn't take much action except informing my hubby to be prepared and called my gynae, who was pretty cool about it and told me to see him only the next day, unless the contraction gets stronger before my appointment with him.

Yup, I was in labour for more than 24hours. To be exact, the mild contraction lasted til I was sent to the labour room right after my appointment (Dr did an internal check and found out that I was already dilated). So I was in labour for almost 36hours and it was only "active" after the Dr broke my water bag.

My "active labour" only lasted 2.5 hours. (Thank God!)

Even though I have experience giving birth, every labour is different.

This time around, I didn't feel any pain until I was already about 6-7cm dilated. I chose not to take any drugs til then. (Tried to be a hero laaa..) When it reached 6-7cm, the contractions came so strong and fast that even my hubby didn't know how to react. We really thought that the wait will be longer, but turns out to be superbly fast.

When I had the urge to push, my gynae was stuck in a jam. Yup, I went FML!
I could feel the baby coming out, the midwife also told me the baby's head is popping out, so she did her best to keep me from pushing and I was told to just use the "laughing gas" to control myself.
So basically, while waiting for my gynae to arrive, I was concentrating on inhaling "laughing gas".
In case you are wondering if laughing gas makes you laugh... NO! not when you are in labour pain that is.

My gynae arrived, got himself ready and everyone was ready .....andddd.... I don't have the urge to push!
I uttered "Aiya, where is it when everyone's ready?"
And I could even have a conversation with my gynae. Midwives and my hubby by my side, all just looking at me and waiting. *AWKWARD*

After 15 minutes of everyone (except for me) shouting 1...2...3.. PUSHHHHH! PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH!, we heard our baby crying.

Say Hi to Lucas!
Our 2nd boy.

Lucas is born with G6PD deficiency. (You can read more about it by clicking on the link.)
When we went for his check up on the 4th day, his jaundice level shot up and we had to admit him into the hospital. I checked myself in as well as I am breastfeeding him. So we spent about 4 days in the hospital til his jaundice level was safe to go home.

Because he is G6PD deficient, we were advised to keep him under the morning sun every day just to ensure that his jaundice level stays low.

Here he is 3 weeks and 3 days old.

A little fact about my two boys, their weight when they were born are the same, 2.94kg.
What a coincidence eh?

My husband and I are very thankful for all the wishes from everyone and most importantly, we thank God for this beautiful gift that He has given to us.

Lucas was born just 3 days before I celebrated my 30th birthday. 
I would not ask for a better way to mark the end of my twenties. :)