Saturday, November 24, 2007

take a deep breathe...

I've cooled down. It's a very bad habit of mine -easily irritated/frustrated with my mum's comments/ideas/opinions.

Han and I will have to be creative now. With a budget, guests satisfaction, number of guests, what we want taken into consideration... it's not going to be easy. I just hope that I can get the venue as soon as possible. I found out that people started booking venues for dates in 2009!!

So now, we are looking at restaurants.
1) Ciao Ristorante
2) Tamarind Hill
3) Courtyard Garden

I haven't been to Ciao & Courtyard before. Anyone been there? comments?
Any good restaurants to recommend?
why is it so stressful? shouldn't planning for the wedding be enjoyable?

one moment, my mum says don't do it this way, do it this way.
then don't do it that way.. do it another way!
another day, don't invite so many ppl.. but have to invite this person that person.
don't do it in chinese restaurant, do it in hotels. then don't do it in hotels... do somewhere cheaper.


Friday, November 16, 2007

random: after dinner

I just came back from dinner with mum. Had dinner at Syed, SS 19. Now having some rojak as "dessert".

I think I eat a lot these days. Would blame it on the cold weather.. but I know it's mainly due to my undisciplined eating habit. hmm.. think i better be more strict on myself.

Now that I have some time for photos... here are some random photos! :)

15th October 2007: Ai Chee, Poh Cheng & I @ Midvalley celebrating Ai Chee's birthday.
Top: Poh Cheng, Ai Chee & I.
Bottom: Ai Chee & I.

Wish we had more time to spend together. I guess that's life...but I'm glad that we still get to catch up once in a while! :) Miss these 2 girls so much.

20th October 2007: Eric, Suresh & Siew Moy's Party @ Berjaya Times Square Hotel

The ex-roomies!

One Second!

Power Rangers

The cheeky boys

Red faced!

The birthday cakes!
The obscene one is for Eric & Suresh. The strawberry cheesecake is for Siew Moy. I just love the strawberry cheesecake. It's from Australia Bakery-or something like that. :P

Think I better freshen up. Han may just call me anytime now.
Have a great weekend everyone!


I arrived home. Walked home from KTM station. I do enjoy walking, only that it's not that safe. So once in a while is not too bad. And it's also good for me since I can't go to the gym today, so I hope I would at least burn off my breakfast just now. :P

I'm waiting for Han to come over. He's going for his company's annual dinner.The annual dinner is at Sunway Hotel, very near my house. To not spend money on parking, I'm going to send him there and pick him up when he's done.
(Oh.. he's here! hahaa..what a coincidence.)

Ok.. i'm not waiting for Han to finish bathing then will send him to Sunway Hotel. :)

My mum is home too! We are going to have dinner after sending Han to Sunway Hotel.
My dad will be home late. I pity him, he's got so much to do. I hope it won't be too much for his body. I pray every day that my parents will be blessed with a long healthy life.

Hmm.. i wanted to post up some photos. Perhaps I'll do it later.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Will I eventually give up?

I used to look forward to going to work every day.
Well, most people say "Oh, first job and you just started.. that's why! wait and see.."

I didn't understand what they meant then... but now.. I think I'm starting to understand what they mean.

Don't get me wrong, I like what I'm doing. It's just people that I'm working with made me feel like staying in bed a little longer every day.
Obviously I can't!

To achieve my dream, I will have to keep working. so I'll just have to "live" with it but it's eating up inside bit by bit.
I have to be patient & tolerant all the time, keep praying that I'll be given the strength to hold on.

So.. where's the limit? where should the line be drawn? Will I eventually give up?

Power Rangers on stage!

Here's a photo of team Power Rangers on stage with our DVD players.

From right to left: Me, Han, Eric & Eyun. ( I don't know who's that guy but he was the one who gave us our prize!)

Ok.. i better settle the loan stuff with my dad now. :P

Saturday, November 10, 2007

we are always hunting for something...

My last update was about the treasure hunt. Team Power Rangers were in the top 15.. we got the 12th placing! hehee..
each of us brought home a Phillip DVD player! :)
Well, not that bad... Han admitted that he had fun. So we are going to be back up hunters! and perhaps join more novice hunts if we are free!

Now that treasure hunt is over....
Our house hunt is also over!!
We found a house at SS 18/4F! it's the perfect house.
I like it cause we don't have to do much with the house. Perhaps just paint it a different colour, install the grills and "TADAAA!" we have a new home. But that would cost us a little money.. so perhaps we'll have to wait for that. No problemos.. everything can be worked out.
Everything is there: cabinets, wardrobe, air-cond & heater..
It's fully renovated, front & back.

So the next "hunt"... is housing loan hunt!
I'm looking for the best rate. Working out on a few types of combination of loans/the bank that could give us the best rate. Just making sure that we could save as much $$$$ as possible.

We are also hunting for our wedding dinner venue. Will start the hunt next week. Went to one today but didn't like the idea of not having a private room. So we canceled it out of our list.

After hunting for these two stuff, which may take my time up to January...
I'll have to start hunting for other stuffs, i.e: furniture, wedding stuff (which i have no idea what just yet..), wedding gown, evening gown, shoes & etc..

Hopefully I can do all these month by month so that I won't be too stressed up towards the wedding day! ;)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Team Power Rangers!

I just came back from the above treasure hunt. Was in a team with Han, his bestfriend (Eric) and Eric's colleague (Eyun). Our team competition number was 159 and we named our team Power Rangers! hahaha.. don't ask me why cause Eric was the one who registered for us. :P

Anyway, the hunt was quite interesting. Fun but i had a banging head the whole way. It's probably due to the way the driver was driving and also my lack of sleep! hahaha..
Han didn't really have a fun time cause he had a bad headache all the way cause of the driving and reading in the car. It's his first time hunting.... so hopefully it won't keep him away from hunts!:P

I went out with the gals last night. We were celebrating Syaza's birthday. (very much belated one). Will post up pics when i get them from Syaza & Tuty. We went to this place called Green Lotus Cafe.(They serve Thai food). It's located behind KL Plaza. Not an easy place to find (well, at least for me cause i'm not that familiar with KL roads, only familiar with famous places.)
but i kinda like the concept. They serve reasonable priced food for its portion! :)

Tuty and I decided to get some balloons just to have some fun! Sulo and Tuty bought "Strawberry Shortcake" party hats from Parkson on Thursday. So we were all taking photos with our party hat and balloon! ahahahahaa...

I had a great time even though I felt tired this morning but it's worth it! since i don't see the gals that often, every time we hang out it doesn't matter how tired i'll be the next day. :)

Ok.. i better get some rest. Will have to go for treasure hunt dinner later. They are going to announce the winners tonight. The top 3 winners will have to compete again on stage!! hahaha.. well, i don't think we'll be one of the top 3. We are only aiming for top 10! ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


They found CHARLIE!!!

A good samaritan adopted him when he found him at his friend's house (which was near my colleague's house). My colleague and her husband gave out fliers around her area and the guy called her husband yesterday!!! The adopter even brought Charlie for grooming.. so sweet of him! Thank God he's a pet lover too!

It was such great news!I almost cried... tears of joy. =P

They brought him back home yesterday. Thank God for answering all our prayers. :)))