Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turning ONE!

If you wonder how fast time passes you by, it's VERY FAST! In 2 weeks, my son will be turning ONE and it feels like just yesterday that I've given birth to him. (Ok, not yesterday but definitely didn't feel like it was a year ago.)

Before he turns one.. here are a few photos of him at 11months old.

 A mosquito gave him a kiss on his right cheek just when he turned 11months old.

 He enjoys having tea with us. He gets to eat biscuits and puffs!


He watches Sesame Street "Monster Song", Sesame Street "Feist sings 1,2,3,4" and Thomas and Friends song on YouTube every morning!

He now knows how to say "More" when he wants you to replay the videos and when he wants you to give him more puffs or biscuits.

He also knows how to say "Done" when he's done poo-ing in his potty.

He knows how to clap, put his hands together when you say "gong xi ggong xi", puts a finger to his ear when you say "Hello?" (Like talking on the phone), hits his tummy when you say "pao pao" (means full in Mandarin) and puts a finger in his mouth when you say "flying kiss".

He is more demanding now and he sometimes understand what you are saying and will tell you whether he wants it or not by nodding and shaking his head.

He now weighs 11kgs. He look a lot lengthier now rather than chubby.I see myself whenever he smiles, like a photocopy of me.:D I LOVE HIM to bits and pieces (I still get nagged by my mum and hubby for pampering him. I only told them that I'm showing the same love that I'm showered with by my easy to put the blame on my parents huh? haha..:P)

If you still don't believe that time passes you by ... JUST LIKE THAT... this is James when he was one month old  and this is my labour story.

Convinced now? :P