Monday, April 30, 2012

Will he learn from a bad fall?

Our boy has skin made of leather. He picks himself up very quickly after every fall without much fuss.

Today he had a bad fall. Yup,the kind that got my hubby and I rushing up and down cleaning him up and trying to see if he would just stop bleeding.

He cried but it wasn't for long.His bleeding stopped.He could still eat (cos he asked for chips right after we finish cleaning him up.), drink milk from his bottle and then fell asleep.

After waking up from his nap, he still ran around as though the fall never happened.So to answer my question, nope...he doesn't learn from a bad fall.

The photo coming up is not for the weak at heart.

That's how much he bled.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Conutnut Tree

My son loves calling the coconut tree "conutnut tree".

It's not that he doesn't know how to pronounce properly but he just love being cheeky.

Every time we correct him, he will give us a cheeky smile and go "It's CONUTNUT TREE!!". -.-

Finally today when we walked passed a coconut, he exclaimed "COCONUT!"

It's not just a pair of sandals.

I'm a sucker for comfort. Who isn't right?

Especially in my line of profession (che wah..), I walk a lot and comfy work shoes (heels) are very important. When I'm not wearing my work shoes, I would still prefer to be walking in comfortable sandals/shoes.

I heard a lot about FitFlop for a long time. I checked it out but didn't bother cause it is quite expensive for a pair of sandals.

Recently, my mum went to one of the Isetan sale and she said the crowd was MAD and she also went in with the crowd and bought herself two pairs of FitFlop.

Then a good friend told me that it's very comfortable when she wore it during her pregnancy. Another good friend told me how FitFlop saved her feet from running around in the airport (she travels a lot).

 So I couldn't resist since my sandals are all wearing out and my husband said ..."Can you get a pair of black/dark coloured sandals ar since you don't have time to clean them?" *shy*



I've "invested" on a pair of FitFlop! :D
(Also cause I had vouchers to utilize. Ya, I'm a cheapskate like that.)

Cikumuffin feels that everyone deserves a pair of comfortable sandals/shoes (doesn't matter what brand). Just like when you run, you need a good pair of  comfortable running shoes too.

FYI: I was not paid to write this. Purely my personal opinion.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My first Road Run

It's been a while since I last ran on the road. (Ever since King of The Road 2011.)

So I decided to start my long weekend with a good run and I aimed to do 5km.

 Yup! I made it!

 With a slow timing but not too bad for my first 5km after 6 months.

I believe practising Yoga, Pilates and The Fit Bar helped me a lot in the past 2 months. Also my determination to do better than my previous 10km record in the coming Standard Chartered KL Marathon. (Who am I kidding? I only have a month to train..will I do better than 1:19hours? *fingers crossed*)

There's nothing better than starting my weekend with a great workout!

Cheers! :D

The other thing that I've ignored for some time... reading.

I know I know.. a lot of you will scream.. "NO TIME IS JUST AN EXCUSE!!!" (Hey.. same goes to those who don't exercise.. no time.. is just an EXCUSE!! :P)

So I was asked to accompany a friend to the bookstore during lunch one day and I thought I should pick up a book. Get back to my reading mode.

I got my hands on this book.
It's my first time reading a book written by Haruki Murakami even though I've heard a lot about him for many years.

Let's hope I can pick up my reading habit once again. (Another test on whether the 21 consecutive days to make/break a habit works!)

Cikumuffin would really love to inculcate the reading habit in her toddler even though the wonders of technology seem to be taking over.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The lady who inspired me to have faith...

It's never easy to lose someone dear to your heart.

My bestfriend's mum went to Heaven to be with God yesterday. I've known her for the past 20years and it definitely feels like I had another mother for 20 years.

The amount of strength and faith she has is truly admirable. When I was going through my miscarriage, she was one of my inspiration because she stayed so strong in faith even when she was critically ill. She is truly one of the strongest woman that I've known.

Watching my bestfriend and her family go through this pain is definitely not easy. I pray that they'll be blessed with strength & guidance.

One of the most recent memories of her is when I hugged her and told her to take good care and eat more (cos she lost a lot of weight).She told me to have faith and leave it all up to God.
The memories of her will stay in my heart & mind forever.

R.I.P Aunty. Thanx for inspiring me to be as strong as you.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Boss

I attended a training session (to enhance our presentation skills) at my work place and we were given a topic to speak about.

The trainer said to be fair, we have to draw lots. So I was SOOOOOOO lucky.. the title that I got was "My Boss". Right after that, I could hear my teammates (who were in the training session with me) go "UH-OHHHH!!" or "KAKAKAKAKAKKAA".

When it was my turn to speak, I went up in front and calmly spoke about my boss.

I told them how I don't understand what he says sometimes and how I have to strategize what I say and when I say it. Most importantly, how to outsmart him!
(And I could see everyone in the room when.. :O *gasp*. FYI, the presentation was recorded so I could have gotten into trouble if my boss (the one I report to at work every Mon-Fri) sees it.)

So I went on with a few more negative points and I could really smell T.R.O.U.B.L.E for being so honest in front of everyone and the camera. After saying everything negative about "My Boss", I told them .."Like everything in life, there's yin and yang."

I went on to tell them the positive points of "My Boss" (even told them how much I look forward to see him every morning and after work every day and yes, they all smirked! :P) and finally reveiled who my boss is.

Let me show you who my boss is...
"My boss" watching his daily dose of Sesame Street/Muppets/The Wiggles/Pocoyo/Pingu on the iPad before he sleeps at night... Like a boss. :)


Cikumuffin is making it a point to blog every day. So far so good. They say you need to do it for 21 days consecutively to make/break a habit! Whoever says this.. better be right!*I CAN DO THIS!*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The ability to stop time...if only

My quartz watches would always make me feel like I have some kind of special power to stop time.

The first time it stopped I thought the battery went flat. Brought it to the watch shop and he told me, it's working just fine. Silly me didn't look at it before passing it to him.:P
The shop owner then told me by right the battery won't wear off so if it happens again, I should bring it back to him.

While I was procrastinating to fix my watch, I wore my mum's and yes, it stopped too! I thought how unlucky can I be. However, after a day, the watch worked just fine. *scratch head*

My hubby has the same problem with quartz watches. Apparently, it's quite common.People with high natural magnetism can do that.

So if you have the same issue, how fun is it to think ... What if you can really stop time??? Hmmmmm...

That will be really fun!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A post from the iPad

Here I am playing with the iPad while my boy's fast asleep.

Why didn't I discover this App earlier?

I could have updated more often but of course they don't come with photos since I don't lug the iPad everywhere I go. Hmmmm....

Yayyy! To new discoveries every day! ;D

Turning 2 years and 5 months old

Technically our boy is only 2 years old cos he's not even 2.5 years old yet. Being born in December can make a big difference when they are at the infant/toddler stage.

Well for a boy soon to be 29 months old, he can REALLY come up with all sorts of things that make you think. We usually have to try our best to outsmart him. (In a good way, he forces us to be smarter???)

He currently enjoys asking me :
1) Mummy, what are you doing?
2) Mummy, where are you? (even though I'm seated right in front of him.)

If something falls, he would say.. "Uh-oh, (     ) fall down. What happen? How Mummy?"

He's most of the time quiet around strangers but when in Church...let's just say he chooses to treat Church like home. =_="

When he does something wrong, he would go "Later Mummy scold you." before I could say it. =_="

Yup, he does sound like me when he speaks. He's at the age where he copies everything we say/do and how we say it/do it.

If only he can pick up Mandarin as fast as he can pick up what I say. Somehow he refuse to learn Mandarin from my mum, he understands Mandarin but he replies in English.Sometimes he can even translate the word in Mandarin to English (No joke. I got a shock when I heard him translating accurately.) but he just refuse to converse in Mandarin. Only a word or two he'll add into his sentences.

Our boy comes up with all sorts of things when he speaks and in his actions.

He can sleep while eating.

He removes the bread from the sausage bun and eats ONLY the sausage.
In a month he will be 2.5years old.I do wish that I can spend more time with him during these growing up years.


Been a while..

...since I last blogged. To be exact, it has been 2 months! *gasp* obviously not very good at updating my blog but I believe I should.

I'm really wondering when does Full Time Working Mums actually blog. Some can even do it every day! I can't seem to find the time.. or maybe it's just an excuse..I prefer to sleep as early as I can. :/

Anyhow, I do feel obligated to update my readers of my well being. Receiving lots of comments on my last blogpost made me realize there's so many people out there that cares for me. Even people who don't know me personally. Thank you guys so much!

I'm doing great! You would not believe this. After the procedure (which went smoothly) of removing the fetus (FYI, it was a baby girl. :) ), I was tired but I felt good. I honestly felt like jumping up & down after 2 weeks of rest but of course, I'm not allowed to.

I'm now back to eating healthy, pumping my heart (exercising) and losing weight while I'm at it. :)

Of course I'm not heartless or emotionless, I do sometimes wonder how would our girl turn out to be if God granted her to be a healthy baby. It would just be the "out of nowhere" pop into my mind kind of thing. Of course, in the end, it was God's plan. He will bless us with another healthy baby. :)

On another note, I've been busy with work, running errands, taking care of my son, baking & cooking for hubby over the weekend.
(If you wish to see what I've been baking, go to

I promise, there'll be more post to come! :D