Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yummy Cissy

I was brought back to memory lane when a colleague found some yummy crackers during our training session.(Well, we were hungry and lunch came late.)

Cissy Crackers! 
Where have you been?I haven't seen you in years!
 Who cares if it's made of potatoes..
 It's yummy and superbly thin, just so crispy and addictive!

For those who watch what they eat..
..treat yourself to a packet of Cissy Crackers for tea on your "cheat days". 

Cikumuffin was not paid for writing this post. Purely how excited she is about re-discovering such yummy crackers.


Suzanne said...

hi, where did you buy those? I can't seem to find them anywhere =D

cikumuffin said...

Hi Suzanne! I had them when I was in training at my co. I was told that you can get it from Tesco or hypermarts. If not, you may try Petaling Street, there are some of those chinese shops that sells snacks there. :)

cikumuffin said...

Suzanne! I found them in Carrefour, Bukit Rimau. ;) just to let you know. :)

Tan Fei Wen said...

I found it at a shop near Pandan Cahaya Ampang. Shop name by Snack Bar. Selling a lot of snacks. I found a lot of sweet memories there.