Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo update: Han's 27th birthday

I'm home alone now.

My mum went back to Kluang to attend one of her ex-schoolmate's daughter's wedding.
My dad went to Kota Kinabalu for a treasure hunt. I sent him & his treasure hunt mate to LCCT just now.

Han's celebrating his belated b'day with the boys. Didn't want to join them cause just thought that they would enjoy it better without having a female around. hahaha..
anyway, i felt a little lazy after sending dad to LCCT. :P

Here are some photos to entertain everyone!

Han's 27th birthday celebration:

First celebration: with Han's family @ Korean restaurant, Section 14, PJ. (don't remember the name of the restaurant.)

Family Photo

The FOOD!! and of course, now that I don't eat meat. All I ate was the side dishes but it was enough! I enjoyed just eating the vegetables with those small little side dishes. :))

Just found Korean stuff a little different. I like their bowl. Perhaps could get it for our new house?!? haha..

Second celebration: just the two of us @ ss18/1, sj - my home! :))

I cooked! hahaha. Han said it was nice! but of course, not sure if he's lying-he kept saying it was the truth! haha.. anyways, it turned out great! just the two of us, enjoying home cooked food & a small bottle of champagne! (ok... should have rotated the photo before uploading it.)

I didn't have time to bake a cake. so we didn't have any dessert. :)

Third celebration:
Amalina & Alifah bought Han lunch on his birthday. They went to Delicious. So nice of them! :)

Fourth celebration: TJ Haus, SJ with my parents.

My dad was trying to take a photo of my mum. hahaha..

Dad & mum shared a mushroom soup

Han & I shared a seafood soup.

My meal: Grilled Sole Fish.

Dad's meal: Grilled Mahi-mahi

Han's meal: Ribeye!

Mum's meal: Grilled duck breast

Well, hope he's enjoying his fifth 27th birthday celebration now! hehe..

Monday, February 11, 2008

The mood is back!

I tend to wait for my mood to get to me for matters concerning cooking, cleaning, baking & etc..
so.. the mood is back! hahahaha..
(I know I can't follow my mood when I move to the new house... cause I have to do everything. Well, when responsibility is thrown at my face, I'll take it and do it with a brave heart! kaka..)

I made my own lunch today.(Like so proud, but actually it's not that biggie lar..)
Just tossed some salad with olive oil & cheese dressing. Added some tuna to make it not so "turtle food-ish".:))

I went grocery shopping yesterday & today. Yesterday was with Han at Giant, USJ 1. We went there to get some stuff needed for home. Then today, I went grocery shopping by myself at Carrefour, SS 16. Got some salad, salad dressing, tuna (my lunch), brown sugar, bread, apples & oranges.

I have a new "recipe". My Godma taught me how to make natural "enzymes" from fruits. My dad said "enzymes" need to be consumed because as we grow older, we don't produce enzymes of our own. Then it'll lead to problems with your stomach like indigestion. So I decided to try it. It's rather easy, all I need was a jar, apples & brown sugar. Leave it for a month and VOILA!, you get enzymes to drink! If this turns out successfully *fingers crossed*, I'll then proceed to make other fruit enzyme... hmm...

Oh.. I bumped into a cake recipe today. It was published in The Star newspaper today. "Durian Butter Cake". I'm not a "I-MUST-eat-durian-every-freaking-season" kind of person, I don't mind having it either. This recipe seems simple.. so I shall try it over the weekend!
(Don't think my dad would like it but I'm trying it because it seem so simple! Hopefully he'll try a piece, at least. :)) )

Next Tuesday is Han's birthday! :)) (I know what I'm going to get him, perhaps get it tonight!!)
Since I won't be on leave on that day and I don't think he is either.. I thought of cooking him a meal this Sunday.
(Since I'm still staying with my parents, I shall cook for my parents too!My dad started eating fish, so it's a lot easier for me to cook for the family.)
I went through my recipe collection last night and stumbled upon a few interesting recipes. I have decided to go Western. (even though I know that Han prefers Chinese, but I'll start with Western-it's a lot easier for beginners..)
Recipe for this Sunday:
1) Poached Salmon Steaks
2) Salad
3) Skordalia (It's actually mashed potato Greek style!)
4) Dessert : Durian Butter Cake (with Ice-cream??)

Wish me good luck! Hope I won't mess up my mum's kitchen! hahahaa..

I'm now trying very hard to stay awake. Have to discipline myself to not take a nap cause from tomorrow onwards (weekends excluded) I can't take a nap! (well, unless I hide in the toilet.) hahahhaa..
Shall stay online while waiting for the washing machine to finish washing the clothes then dry it before I go out with Tan Lu & Sen Chee later.
Actually, I'm quite tired, legs are aching cause I went to the gym yesterday & this morning.
(don't think about it Yi Lei.. don't don't don't!! hahahaha..)

Ooppss.. it's 4.15pm already!! accks.. Tan Lu is coming over at 5pm. Yikes.. I better get dressed. :P