Sunday, March 3, 2013

He will never leave us alone

James & I spent the last 6 nights in the hospital. It was a very testing period for us (hubby too).

On Sunday, our boy couldn't stop vomiting til his stomach acid came out. He couldn't hold anything in. So hubby and I decided that we shouldn't wait any longer and rushed to the ER even though it was already 11pm. 

The Medical Officer (MO) told us that there's no choice but to admit him and put him on drips. The crying begun when the first MO couldn't find my son's vein on his left hand. He was poked twice but no blood came out. Then the next MO came, and tried on his right hand and still can't find it. So they decided to not put him on drips and just give him anti-vomit jab and let him rest for the night in the hospital.

By the time we got into the ward, it was already 2am.

The following morning, the vomiting continued and James was in pain. He only felt better... after vomiting. 
Feeling better after a round of vomiting. 

I sent this photo to my mum and she said.. "Wah, why does he look like he is so happy to be in the hospital?"

She don't know how uncomfortable he was when the pain strikes.

The vomiting continued at night and midnight, the purging started too! The nurses got very worried and called the Dr at midnight to ask for her opinion. So we had to try to get the line in at 4am! 

Another MO came and guess what, he failed too! (My son has almost invisible veins on his hands.) So they had to resort to place the needle on his arm. (Not the most preferred place as they have to ensure that he doesn't bend his elbow too often.)

Oh yes, more crying and I think by now, my son is afraid of needles.

He don't look so happy now eh?
Lying down, like a boss!

Once the drip is in, he felt a lot better. There was still pain, still purging and vomiting but he found his appetite for food that he can't eat. Eg: Mc Donald's, Pizza and Hot Chocolate

After two days being on drips and being able to drink without vomiting, Dr decided to take him off it.
He was very happy that he gets to walk around freely.

The boy wants brown noodles!
He gets brown noodles!

Just when I thought, he's finally recovering well (he was in such good spirits), he vomited again at night (only once), followed by purging an hour later . On that night, I couldn't take it anymore. I was so tired and just when there was a glimpse of hope, it was shattered once again. I was heartbroken and all I could do was go down on my knees and ask God to heal him. 

By the 5th day, I was already pushing myself so hard to just stay strong. I wasn't myself and I was just hanging on to God's promise and support from family & friends. Most of all, my son inspired me to stay strong.

He didn't stop being himself even though he was the one in pain, vomiting, purging and walking around with a bloated tummy. 
He could even smile.
(He gets moody at times, especially when he's in pain but he bounce right back once the ordeal is over.)
There's really no reason for me not to smile right back at him. :)

The vomiting stopped for a day but then we had to solve another problem, the bloated tummy. The Dr gave him a stronger colic drops and it helped.

On the 6th day, he was eating organic oven baked crackers.

Purging stopped on the 6th day and he had a good sleep on the 6th night.

Then we finally got the green light to GO HOME!!!
James giving me a thumbs up! ;)

It was very nice to be home. Less tiring for hubby as he don't need to juggle between work & hospital. (I believe being the bread winner is tougher, your heart is at home but you also have obligation towards your career.)

We have God to thank for not leaving us alone throughout this testing week. He gave us strength, gave us support via family & friends, shown us light at the end of the tunnel.

Home sweet home. :)