Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A growing child..

James is now capable of climbing stairs, learning to walk and he doesn't know that it will be very painful if he crawls/falls down from a higher level.

He has 5 tooth, 3 at the top, 2 at the bottom. If you are lucky, he will show them when you say "SHOW YOUR TEETH???"

He is indeed a handful especially when he's crawling about.He will insist on getting what he wants.

Here are some recent photos of the little one...

 Reading before bed time. (It's not a bed story book though.)

 His Daddy loves to put something on his head which the boy dislikes. According to my hubby, he looks absolutely adorable with something on his head. hahaha..I'm not disagreeing. :)

A very cheerful boy in the morning and after every nap. :) 
Well, who wouldn't be after a good sleep. ;)

Yup! He can stand now. Making things harder for us cause he will attempt to stand holding on to things that are not stable enough to allow him to stand.

 He dislikes wearing shirts. He's more than happy to take it off  but wearing one will only result to him complaining. Perhaps he loves showing of his sexy body? ;D

He has learned how to brush his teeth.... NOT! 
He enjoys putting EVERYTHING  that he finds into his mouth! *faint*

 Can't help myself but to add in one of his ugliest photos. :P
No one is perfect?! :)

Our boy now weighs 10.9kgs. It's amazing how much strength he has to lift himself up and start climbing and hanging on to things.

He will be 10months old in 3 days! Time definitely flew by....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six...

Seven, Eight... NINE!!!

It's amazing how time flies and in 3 months, James will turn 1 years old! WOOT! (I know I know, time to make another baby? Wait la.. let me enjoy my time with baby James first. hehehe..)

The boy can now stand up on his own when he's holding on to something. He crawls super fast til my mum gets very tired just to block him from crawling to places that he shouldn't. He babbles a lot more. His words are usually  "Papa",  "Mama", "Mam mam", "Wo Wo", "Eh", "Yi" ,"Ah" and "Brruuuuuu".

My family and I went to Genting Highlands last weekend. It's James' first trip.Thank God he behaved! :D

Naturally, he loves sleeping in an air-cond room. Lets just say, heat is not his best friend. Genting's weather is definitely something he truly enjoys. He could take long naps and he slept very well at night. *phew* (I got so stressed up thinking that he may not find it comfortable and we even have an "exit" plan. That is if James can't sleep, we head back home!)

We had to feed him cereal for lunch and dinner as we can't cook porridge in the hotel room.

 With my mum.

Oooo! I'm 124cm! Tall enough to go for the rides Mummy! ;D

Well, the only ride that he got on was the Merry-Go-Round. 
He is only a little more than half of 124cm. :P
Here's him giving me a "I need to sleep now!" look.

My mum says that I pamper him a lot. (Ok ok, not only my mum, my hubby says the same thing too.) I can only tell them.. "How to not pamper such an adorable child?" Then they just look at the boy and go.. "sigh..that's true."
So his 8-9month old gift from his mummy and daddy is......

A Tricycle! 
Cool or not? :P

The boy now weighs at a healthy 10.5kgs.;D