Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's happening?

I'm physically & mentally tired, yet I'm blogging. (I know I know, go rest la! want to blog some more. *I can hear my hubby & mum saying that*). but I just drank a cup of coffee, Lucas is asleep, house work are done and my older kid is still in school.
So I can take this opportunity to do something that I use to have time for. (Of course, I also love to take this "free" time to sleep or exercise, again, I just drank a cup of coffee and I just had lunch. So both also can't do lor.)

Anyway, I have no idea what title to use as this post cos I'm mentally exhausted to come up with something that appeals to my readers (as though got so many readers). I've become absolutely thick skinned since I gave James. hahahaha.. So if you can't take my self-praise,self-love,self everything.. then don't read. Of course deep inside I wish you wouldn't stop reading. (OK, the coffee's working cos I'm rambling!)

Here's what's been happening in my "happening life".

1) James, Lucas, James, Lucas, James, Lucas
It's been a testing 1.5 months and it hasn't ended. First, James came back from school with flu & cough then it spread to Lucas. Then Lucas had tear gland block (which is common amongst infants). Then a few days after, James came home with viral fever.
Then we brought Lucas for his vaccination and he had fever (which is normal after vaccination, their body reaction.). Thank God he recovered with just a dose of paracetamol.

When they are unwell, I get even less sleep cause I have to be on "alert mode" at night. Just in case, James temperature shoots up or Lucas chokes on his phlegm when he had flu & cough.

And now, James still has flu and a lil cough. I'm still on "alert mode" cause we're afraid that he might develop fever cause you really don't know what kind of infection and bla bla bla. I'm praying superbly hard that it won't spread to Lucas cause I'm exhausted.

Having said that, it's all worth it cause every morning I get greeted by a cheerful & chatty baby and a manja toddler. The fact that I get to hug & kiss them every morning and throughout the day, made my effort all worth it.
They make me go "It's all worth it!" every day. 

My boys & I.
2) Breastfeeding
Pumping milk is like taking care of another child. So I have like 3 kids to care for.

If I don't pump milk on time, my boobs will start  getting really painful (TMI) & my mood will then be irritable.

Pumping milk takes about 20-30minutes. Every 3-4hours. So ya, do the math. I do have another kid to attend to.

Nevertheless, it's all worth it again! To know that Lucas is drinking the best milk (not necessary cheapest milk cause I spend a lot of money on supplements & nutrituous food, just so that he can have them in his milk.) that only I can provide, makes all these pumping and latching hours worth it.

I'm a cow! MOOOOOOOOO!!

3) Everything else 
Of course, everything else doesn't stop. I still have to juggle whatever else that is necessary. No need for me to name it la, cause you already know.

I'm just thankful to have my mum helping me out on weekdays and hubby helping me out on weekends.
If not, you wouldn't hear from me for years! hahaha.. kidding..

My mum's a social butterfly, so she does deserve to be mentioned here. She sacrificed her social life to help me out in caring for Lucas because I need to send James to school and Lucas can't go on long car rides without company just yet.

At times when I'm tired, she tells me to just rest and she will help me out with both kids, even though she & James speaks two different languages. God bless her.

My mum and James at her 56th birthday celebration.

4) Bidding farewell to my memory
The other thing that is happening.. which is not so happening, is my forgetfulness. So many occasion, I forgot why I went to the supermarket. Ended up coming home with everything else but not why I went to the supermarket for. -_-"
I'm just glad that I haven't forgotten my sons and my hubby's name. LOL. If that happens, it really means I need a break!

On another note:
James is now 3 years and 10 months old. He's now asking us a lot of "WH" questions. The toughest that he has asked so far:
1) Why is this toe SOOOOO BIG? ( referring to his big toe)
2) Why are there so many houses?

Yup.. they make you ... *sweat* for a moment.

Lucas is now 12 weeks old. He's growing healthily and steadily. He's now 6.5kg but he doesn't have that baby fat layers on his arms and abdomen like James used to have...yet! He definitely has those cheeks and thighs. I just love hugging him. If he's big enough, I would just.. squeezzzeeeee him! *geram* :P

My man & my boys. 
I live my life for them.
(che wah, like such a big sacrifice but ya, no words can describe how much they mean to me!)

Note: I started this post after lunch (that's about 130pm). Then Lucas woke up, James came back from school, it was time to attend to both of them and being a cow. Then everything else that I have to do til now. It's already 9.50pm. Hahaha.. 
Oh well, a post better than no post. ;P