Monday, August 6, 2012


I've been dealing with a troublesome three all day now. Ok, except when he's in play school from Mon-Fri but otherwise, let me just paint a picture, if you can just imagine this:

Scenario #1
Me: James, mummy made soup, rice and chicken. Let's have lunch.
James: I don't want rice.
Me: Then what do you want.
James: Soup.
Me: Ok. So let's have some soup then some rice and chicken with vegetable.
James: I don't want vegetable.
Me: How can you not have vegetable?
James: I want carrot.

Brings everything that he has requested. After just 5 scoops of rice + carrot + chicken + soup.

James: Mummy, I'm tired. I want milk.

Scenario #2
Me: Ok, let's take a nap.
James: NO! I don't want to sleeeeepppp!
Me: Cannot, later you'll be very grumpy and you won't have energy to go to the playground.
James: I want to drink milk and sleep.
Me: OK.

Makes milk, he drinks and suddenly pops up and says : Mummy, I want to "ng ng" (that's poop in chinese).
And then he spends 15-20minutes pooping and then refuses to wash his bum.

Me: Ok, let's sleep now.
James: NO! I don't want to sleeeeeppp! I'm not tired!

and the conversation goes on til he finally have to cry himself to sleep in my arms. =_=

Scenario #3
Me: It's time for us to head upstairs to sleep. Let's go.
James: NOOOOO! I don't want to sleep upstairs. I want to sleep here! (pointing towards our sofa which he naps in the afternoon.)
Me: Boy, this is for you to sleep in the afternoon. It's now night time, we've been sleeping upstairs for a year now. Why the sudden change?
James: I want to sleeeeppp HEERRREEE!!!

And then again, I have to keep calm and explain. Once my patience runs dry, I will have to carry a boy that weighs 16.2kg upstairs. While he shouts.. "I DON'T WANT UPSTAIRS! I DON'T WANT UPSTAIRS!"

Scenario #4
Me: Time for school!
James: NO! I don't want to go to schoool!!!
Me: James, we have this conversation every single day. You know you have no choice but to head to school.
James: I sick sick.. I want to see Doctor.


These are just some of the scenario that I go through every single day with him. Can you tell how much explaining that I need to do every day?

Nevertheless, he comes up with the funniest things that keeps me laughing and smiling every day. Like this:

According to Dr. James Tan, his Dada is not feeling well. 
So he needs to stick a blue tag on his forehead and hold some of these medicine and he'll be better.
Got you smiling there?;)