Thursday, July 15, 2010

The wonders of technology..

It's my birthday!

...and I would like to share with you how amazing the "borderless world" is when it comes to Birthday wishes.

1) At 2.30am, I checked my handphone cause I woke up as the baby made some noise. My phone showed me 4 e-mail notifications (telling me that 4 friends dropped me a message on Facebook, 3 messages on BlackBerry Messenger and 1 sms. All of this came when I was asleep.

2) I received .... one.. two .. three.. four.. five.. six.. seven..eight.. nine.. ten.. eleven.. twelve.. oh.. i lost count.. A LOT OF MESSAGES on Facebook. They were all short and sweet messages (thank you so much guys!) and it is so convenient that even people that I haven't met for ages wished me and those who live miles away too! (aaahhh.. technology!)

3) I  received more than 10 messages via SMS, one of which is surprising as I haven't stayed in touch with him for quite some time. (again, technology keeps your long lost friendships together..)

4) Also received wishes via Twitter.

5) I also received phone calls! :)

As there are so many channels to wish one person (me) "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" , one cannot find any excuse not to just drop a message.

My besties on the other hand, decides to utilize ALL of the channels! They both:
1) Dropped me a message on BlackBerry Messanger.
2) Dedicated their status on BlackBerry Messanger to me.
3) Dropped me a message on Facebook.
4) One of them dedicated her status on Facebook to me.
5) Dropped me a message on Twitter.
6) Last but not least, they utilized technology to the max and got flowers delivered to my doorstep!

Thanks girls! ;)
You succeeded in spamming me through EVERY channel! haha.. 
Wouldn't have been special without you all being you. :)

Well, it's actually  just another day for me.. (besides receiving so many wishes and love from everyone). Full time mummy duty! haha..
So I was told to chill a little and have a glass of wine, just to celebrate my 17th birthday.. whoops.. I mean 27th birthday..
So.. I did it...
Cheers Everyone! :D

I do have plans to celebrate my birthday for the rest of the month (I wouldn't be Yi Lei if I didn't!). With my hubby, my mum and sis, my many groups of friends... I think by the end of July, my belly would be like this boys'...

Wouldn't ask for more as I'm truly blessed to be spending the day with Baby James. :)

To those who are born on the same day as I am, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
and to those who are born in the month of July...KEEP CELEBRATING! The whole month is yours!...and mine..;)

Oh.. I've decided to reply every single message that I receive.There's loads of it but I have to do something funny to make my 27th memorable don't I? haha..

Cheers! ;D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A year has gone...

and I still miss him every day....

I miss him so much that there was a day that I dream of him, he uttered the words "...I miss you." and I woke up crying cause it felt so real.

Be assured that I am strong as I'm truly blessed by God. The pain is to remind me that I have a heart. God did not promise all things wonderful and painless but He promise to guide us and to never abandon us.

"In the sweet, by and by... 
we will meet on that beautiful shore.."

Monday, July 12, 2010

5 things I love about my kiddo

He wakes me up every morning and flashes this cheeky smile.:)
Waking up at 5-ish am every day don't seem that bad after all.

He helps me with the laundry.

Entertains himself with a piece of cloth.

Not afraid to try new things even though he's not doing it right.

Gives me this look when he's not happy about something.

Of course, there are many more things that I love about him.

So what are the things you love about your kiddo?

Note: I really should get a camera that can help me capture moving objects/babies. :P

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby James at 7 months old

Our boy turned  7 months old last week.

He now talks to himself... A LOT! His words are "AAAAHHHH".. "KOOOOOO"... "BOOOOOOO"(with saliva) and a lot of  "RUUUUUUUU".

My mum has been trying to teach him to say "EH" instead of "AAAAAAHHHHHHH". While I'm teaching him how to sign for what he wants and to not touch things that he shouldn't.

He fell sick for the first time. Had some phlegm and cough but it was not severe. It is a good thing that he still takes his long naps and sleeps early at night, it did help him recover faster.

A few things that he loves to do now..

Pull anyone's hair (unless you have super short hair like my mum and hubby) and necklace!

"Crawling" around on his tummy.
(I can sense that we will soon have a mobile baby.)

Posing for pictures! haha..

Gliding around the house on his walker and trying to grab everything that he can reach. 
This is when I go.. "Jamie, Don't touch it!" and my mum will laugh at me. 
She thinks that it'll be a miracle if I can actually train him not to touch things. :P

Playing with his saliva.

This month I gave him some Teething Rusks to try...
He enjoys it but it got really messy.. saliva and rusks EVERYWHERE! *faint*

He's beginning to sit up longer. 
(sorry for the super blur photos.)

Here's a good shot of him...
He now weighs 9.8kgs. :D

The day after James turned 7 months, it was my mum's birthday.
With an adorable baby in the house, my mum made this adorable pose for us...

Happy Birthday Mummy! 
Although I don't agree with her a lot, I still think she's a super-mum!:D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Testing out Cloth Diapers

I've mentioned that I was hunting for cloth diapers. Last month I've decided on a few to try it on my baby.

The brands that I selected were BumWear, BumGenius and GroVia. I got all of them from Tiny Tapir.  

Cloth diapers lined up to be tested.

1) One Size Pocket Cloth Diapers
I've read many reviews about one size pocket diapers and I decided to try the ones from bumGenius and BumWear. 

For those who don't know how pocket diapers work, here's a photo illustration of how it works.

The shell and soakers.
They come together in a package for BumGenius but for BumWear I had to buy them seperately.

Then insert the soakers into the pocket located at the back of the shell.

Taaadaa! The cloth diaper is ready to wear!
The down side about these pocket diapers is that you have to wash both the shell and soakers everytime. You can't reuse the shell.
Since James is a little on the chubby side... the pocket diapers didn't fit him very well.

Here's the one from bumGenius. As you can see, he almost outgrow the diaper already and it's suppose to fit him til up to about 4years old!

A number of reviews mentioned that BumWear is more for "bigger sized" babies.
Since it's a One Size diapers, means we can adjust his size according to his age.
Unfortunately, James is already at the "toddler size". So these didn't fit him very well too.

Nevertheless, both brands are incredible soakers. James is a heavy wetter in the morning. He can use them up to 6hours without feeling uncomfortable and there weren't any leakage. The shell and soakers are dries easily after wash.

2) All In One Diapers
As the name says, All In One means that the soakers are attached to the shell. These also require you to change the whole diapers when it's soiled/wet. 
I decided to try this type of diapers from bumGenius.

Again, the size didn't work for James.
The good side, diaper is not as bulky as the One Size Pocket Diapers. However, for a heavy wetter like James, this diaper could only last him for 3 hours and he'll have to change if not he will be very uncomfortable.

3) All In Two Cloth Diapers
This is the one that I like the most. My mum loves them too and I will allow the photos do the talking.

How it  works:
Similar to the One Size Pocket Diapers, there's a shell and the soaker.
They come together.

Buttons on each side for you to attach the shell and the soaker.

Taaddaa! Attached and ready to be used!

  I tried the ones from GroVia (formally known as GroBaby).
They  fit James well and there's room for growth! :D

A good thing about these All In Two Diapers is that we can use cloth napkins instead of the soakers provided.
Here's what we did:
We didn't do this to save money on getting soakers.
Came up with this idea because the fabric of the soakers requires us to wash the soakers 5-6times before it can function well as soakers. Since the shells are ready to be used, we thought, why not use the napkins as soakers while washing and drying the soakers 5-6times. Of course, using napkins as soakers requires us to change the napkin every 2 hours.

The soakers from GroVia are amazing! James can use them up to 4 hours without feeling uncomfortable. All we have to do is change the soakers and use the same shell throughout the day!

We have been using cloth diapers for almost a month now. We saved a lot of money on disposable diapers. (James only use disposables at night when he goes to bed.)

Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly too! 

Please note that opinions may differ. If you wish to start your baby on cloth diapers, do try each of the different types out to find out which you would prefer. :)