Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making Baby #3: 36, 37 & 38weeks- Ready....Steady....

Can't go yet...sigh.

I'm already 38weeks pregnant and our baby is showing no sign of wanting to meet the world just yet. His head is fully engaged.( for those who are not familiar with pregnancy terms, head fully engaged means his head is down in the birth canal, in position for natural birth.) Has been for the last two weeks and still. .he's enjoying the comfort of being in my belly.

Many people told me, (my gynae included) that 2nd child will come out earlier than the first.  My first came out at 37-38weeks.  Looks like this theory doesn't work for me. Hahaha..

My hubby and I will keep telling him, make it today baby. Mummy and daddy can't wait to hug and kiss you..but...it's not working.  He probably go..."Nah! The world's cruel..mummy's belly is comfy."

This morning I asked our eldest son to talk to his younger brother and tell him to come out. He went "Come out Didi! Shake shake shake..shake shake shake..come out didi!"
(He did a dance while saying/singing it. So you can imagine how adorable that was.)

What would life be without such entertainment from our toddler. :))

Here's me at 38weeks, my belly's very tight and heavy, really look like I have a huge watermelon strapped on my abdomen.