Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello! Troublesome Three!

Our boy turned three a couple of days ago. He's been very troublesome indeed.

Don't know what a troublesome three toddler is like?
Here are the behaviours:
1) Cries (most of the time crocodile tears)  or just go "AHHHHHH!" when you don't give in to his demands.
2) Understands you but pretends not to. *rolls eyes*
3) Fickle minded on what he wants. Really.. HOW CAN A THREE YEAR OLD BE SO FICKLE!!!???
4) Answers the total opposite when you ask him questions. (We know that he knows the correct answer, he just like being cheeky.)
5) Refuse to have anyone else carry him/do things for him besides Mummy (if you have a girl, it would be Daddy. but some boys are clingy to Daddy and vice versa.)
6) Ask A LOT of questions like "What happen Mummy?", "What are we going to do??" , "Who is that?" , "What is this?" , "What is that?", "Where is Dada? (5 times a day but when Dada is home, he chooses Mummy. *faint*)"
7) Clingy..
8) Clingy..

Of course, I'm very happy that he's superbly clingy to me but sometimes it's just too much. Parents with clingy children will get what I mean.

Nevertheless, he's still an adorable cheeky monster.
He does fake laughs now, which is very adorable and he'll say "It's SO VERY FUNNY! Hahaha.."
He loves to dance. The way he moves his body is just soooo fun to watch! Too cute!

Also love to play pretend which is very interesting because when I play along, I'm sometimes in "Green Land" and then "Red Land" and then "Black Land" and then "White Land".
We also have to be very careful of the "crocodiles" when we walk and we'll always see Green coloured Tigers and Horses wherever we go.
His imagination keeps us entertained.

On his birthday, I asked him, "How old are you today, James?" (He does know how to answer "3 years old!") but..
He answered.. "ONE!!!!"
*cheeky cheeky cheeky*

Hubby and I are very thankful to have been blessed with this cheeky young one. He does reminds us that we don't have to take everything too seriously. Just give it a laugh and say "It's so very funny!". Hahaha..
One happy family!
..praying for more members to be added to our lil family. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 3 - What do we see at the Zoo?

My son loves going to the Zoo. So we decided to make a trip down to Singapore Zoo.  It's not his first trip to Zoos. We brought him to the Zoo in Melbourne last year and  Zoo Negara a few months ago.

Again, I took a lot of photos but I won't load all of it here. So here are some of the photos...

Was trying to get my son to pose... but ya.. he refuse to and Hubby had to ask him to say "SURPRISE!" but my son still didn't want to. =.=

First up!
The Otters!
They are so adorable and smelly. LOL!
Well, we read that they use their urine and stools to mark their territory, that's why their "house" stinks. :O

The White Tiger!
and healthy looking!
There were two of them.. roaming around the water and when they came out from the water.. 

we went.. :OOOOOO

Then we went to see the Hippo.
My son was more fascinated by the fishes. -_-

Elephants having some fun time in the water.

Elephant ride!
My son didn't dare to go on it.. so we didn't too. 

We went to watch a show which was a story about saving the Rain Forest.
Near to the end of the show, they brought out a snake.
My son then quickly asked to go nearer to the stage.
Immediately I said "EEEEYER.. mummy wait for you all here.. you and Dada can go in front."
I hate snakes!

Spot my hubby and son??

There they are!
Look for the red circle.
(Sorry, should have thicken the red circle.)

After the show..
We saw some elephants taking a walk. 
So adorable the way they hold "tails". 

My son was looking for Sea Lions. 
So we went around looking for them but we could only hear them...
We saw the penguins.

Walked around more and my son shouted..

Ok.. not the real ones. :P

Our boy really enjoys the Zoo..
He even hugged Ah Meng.

Here's the Leopard. 
My son went.. "Shhhh! Be quiet.. he's sleeping."

The giraffes being fed by visitors.

And my boy wanted to take photo with the zebras but he refused to pose properly..
Jadi la.. like that.. -_-

We spent about 7 hours in the Zoo and got sooooo tired..
So we decided to take the tram back to the exit.

Both adults and kiddo had a great time. We admired how clean the environment was and how well fed and kept the animals were. For my son, it's more of a memorable childhood because every child loves animals. :)

Oh... our boy is also very fascinated by maps and signboards. I really have no idea why. He can stand there for a few minutes admiring it. That's probably why he likes to go to Zoos too, cause there's so many of them around. :P

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our trip down south - Day 1 & 2- Kluang & Legoland.

We made a trip down south to accomplish a few things in one trip. Glad that we made time for it and we spaced it out quite good that we didn't end up too tired from it.

Our first stop was my mum's hometown, Kluang.

Went for lunch before heading to my granny's house.
Tangkak Beef Noodle. 

My 84 years old maternal grandmother.
She's physically healthy, no high cholesterol, no hypertension, no diabetes or whatsoever. But she has turned senile over the last year. 
She called me her daughter, my hubby, her son-in-law and my son, her grandson.
She's still an adorable lady even though I can barely understand what she says. (She speaks only in Hakka.)

After visiting my grandma, we headed down to Johor Bahru (JB). It's our first time driving around JB. Thank God for friends who are from JB and Google Map, we manage to find our way around.

The next day, we went to LEGOLAND!

We arrived early at about 9.30am because I was told that the queue is super long during the school holidays.
There were people already queueing but it was not super long. So.. *phew*
Ya.. we are kiasu like that. :P

My boy roaming around while waiting for the entrance to be open.

FYI,Legoland only opens at 10am.
So you can just view from outside while waiting.

Once the gates opened, we headed straight to the Mini City, which was really awesome!
I took so many photos but I won't load all here, shall just pick a few for you to view.
Here are the Petronas Twin Towers.
(That random dude walked in and stayed there when I was taking this shot.. -_-)

Here's part of "Singapore".
Canon folks, spot the I "Heart" Canon? :P

Can't remember which city is this.. but I would think it's Thailand.
(Those who went to Legoland, help me out here?)

And this is Sri Lanka.
They made a bunch of miniature human dancing. 
Really soooo cool! 

My hubby became my son's "tour guide". 
Perfect place to "show" my son the "world". 
Who needs to fly here and there just to see them cities? :P

We love this!
It's Mini China!
The red bricks are just SO RED! 
 I'm not that good at describing things but when you see it.. 
you will know what I mean.. :P

Family Photo!
(My son did No.4 and said "PEACE". ROFL.)
The staff there were so kind to help us take a photo. 
Otherwise I would only have shots of my son or hubby & son. 

The weather was cloudy when we arrived.. after 2 hours, it started drizzling. Thankfully, they have some indoor games to keep the young ones entertained.

Indoor train rides which my son refused to come down after the first round and the staff was kind enough to allow him to stay on for another round. 
Our boy seem to get his way anywhere he goes. -_-

Indoor play ground, our boy enjoyed it very much...

...til it was difficult for us to convince him to walk around more after the rain stopped...

Side track a little, for nursing mothers, Legoland is infant friendly. ;)
Adorable giraffes.

We walked around more ...
and then my son found his favourite fountain.
The Musical Fountain. 
As you walk pass each instrument, they will start playing. 

Here's a camel made of Lego.

Then it was time for us to shop!
Our boy's a "natural" when it comes to buying toys.
(He didn't get the stuff in the trolley. We only bought the most basic Lego set for him as memoir.)

Lots of Lego Keychains!

Oh.. and we played "Pirate" while shopping. :O

We didn't buy anything (except for a Lego set for the boy) from the shop as souvenir because we didn't think it was anything special.
Until we went to the photo booth to retrieve our photos.
We bought this Lego set!
They printed our picture on Lego!
(I do sound like a kid/teenager but I don't care.. it's SOOOO COOOOOOL!)

We spent about 6 hours at Legoland. It can be very warm (well, it is in Malaysia), so be sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

We loved it! Hubby and I grew up playing Lego.. so it was really a fun trip.. not just for our kiddo. ;)

Stay tuned for Day 3.. we drove down to Lion City! :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making Baby #3: Giving up coffee

I know! You must be screaming.. WHY???!!??

It's not foreign to me though. I've done it before we were trying for our first child. I decided to do it again because a random stranger reminded me how coffee can mess up hormones. (If you don't already know, hormones plays a big part in conceiving.)

I've given up coffee for almost a month now.  Substituted it with Green Tea. Yes, there's caffeine in green tea too but at least it doesn't mess up hormones and a whole lot more beneficial.

Whatever people say.. I'm glad that I did. There's no bloated tummy or nausea or whatever pre-menstrual syndrome that I've experienced previously even though I'm near my due date.

I can has a flat tummy without coffee!

I want...

My boy is at a phase where he goes around and tell you that he wants everything!
Bring him to a toy store and you will never hear the end of "I want this.." "I want this.." "I want this.."
and he'll always get.. "James, you have that at home." or "James, you have plenty of toys at home."

There's one thing that my son want but can't have every year...that is a birthday party in school.

He's born in December and it's always school holiday then. So he doesn't get to celebrate with his friends in school. So he just have to celebrate his friend's birthday instead. He would come back to tell us that there's a party in class today and it's (friend's name) birthday.

So, Hubby and I decided to just throw him one just before the school holiday starts and we thought it's his last year in Nursery class, it'll be nice for him to be a "baby" before he goes to Kindergarten.

We asked him what cake would he like to have for his birthday, he said "I want (a) Pocoyo Cake!"

So what the boy wants... the boy gets.
We made this! *proud of ourselves*
I baked the cake and the decorations were made by hubby and I.
Hubby and I slept late for a night just to get this cake together. 

My son played a part in preparing for his birthday party..
Let me introduce you to my Junior Chef... James Tan. :P
(The truth is, I have to juggle being a full-time everything. So I have to get him involved just so that I can bake and take care of him at the same time. I was stressed telling him that he can't cut two cookies too close together but he had fun..and it helps his motor skills! *positive thinking*)

Beautiful cookies made by me with my little helper, James.

Hubby and I packed the cookies and put them in little boxes as "party bags".

On that day, our boy was so excited that he skipped to class with joy because we told him that we will be celebrating his birthday in school.

Finally, he's standing in the middle instead of the side watching his friend blow the candle.

Especially when they asked for more cake.. their cute little voices. Awwwww..
OK, I sound very obsessed with them but they are JUST SO CUTE!

I look like a giant invading to cut my son's cake! 

Here's our little family photo!
Ahh.. the things we do for our son.

We love him so much that we decided he should get a haircut on the same day...ahhaa.. so random..
Cute or not??!!??
OK OK, it was an accident, we wanted to give him a little style but we requested for the wrong blade number then this happened..
On a positive's good for our pockets cause his hair grows super fast! Every 3-4weeks he needs a haircut.  (I know la, RM6 haircut not expensive but still....)

Of course, he didn't want a haircut (he HATES haircuts since he was 1.5 years old) but it was the first time that he didn't shed a tear and he didn't even struggle.

Ahh.. our boy's grown up now. *happy tears* 

P/S: In case you think we spoil our child by giving him whatever he wants, we don't. We have to reason out A LOT with him when it comes to his "requests" for almost everything available in the world. That's also when Mummy and Dada need more DHA. -_-"