Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is a list of things I wanted to buy and posted in my previous post. Well, I did buy 3 out of the 5 things listed.

I have to shop for a few things:
1) A pair of slippers
2) A pencil box for my cousin, Zhao Yi.
3) A work skirt
4) Handphone battery
5) Hands free kit

(Highlighted those I bought in Red. haha..)

Looks like I didn't get any of the stuff for my handphone!! YIKES!

It's a public holiday today!! yayy!!

I got to spend some time with the girls. We went to La Bodega, BSC for breakfast. Well, we usually don't do breakfast cause it's just too early. Had a great time with the girls. After breakfast, we went to the Telawi side of Bangsar. Walked around... and I'm currently getting a lot of ideas for our wedding invitation card!! hahaha... We should decide soon on what we want.

Before our wedding plans re-start, we'll have to think about the house first. The "owners/tenant" are going to move out on 29th March and clean the house for us by 31st March. :))
They are organizing a lunch this Sunday and invited us to join them. I guess it's good for us to go and get to know the new neighbours!

So.. we MUST start looking for a few things now:
1) Bed
2) Fridge
3) Air conditioner
4) Stove

Hopefully that's about all for now. :P

Met Han after hanging out with the girls. Went for late lunch at JM Bariani House - the Briyani Rice is nice! :))

Han's playing football with Eric & friends now. After that he's going for dinner with Eric, perhaps picking me up on their way, if I'm not too lazy to go. :P

Dad cooked instant noodles for dinner- think we woke up too late from our nap, so dad decided to cook instant noodles. :P
Mum's playing mahjong til late.

I'm still kinda full from the briyani.. shall just surf online and see if I can get more ideas for the new house & our wedding!! :))

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Change?

The Election 2008 results are out. Lots of speculation & etc but who are we to say anything.
The only way to assure myself is to keep reminding myself that "I will only cross the bridge when I reach it". (compliments to daddy for teaching me how to only "worry" when the time comes.) For now, everything should be "business as usual".
Let's just pray for a peaceful start to the change. :)

On a "business as usual" note..

Han is playing badminton with Eric & gang at Taman Mega now. Going to pick him up later. Perhaps join the boys for lunch.

I'm going to send Pingu for full grooming. Think the bill will be very high but just thought of giving her "new look". :)
Tomo got her "new look" last week.. and she look so cute now. hahaha.. She still behaves like a puppy. Wonder when will she ever grow up. I guess it'll take her a longer time as we pamper her. hahaha.. well well, the fault is ours. keke..

I have to shop for a few things:
1) A pair of slippers
(Tomo chewed my slippers to half yday - Ok, it's my fault for not placing my slippers on top of the shoe rack.)
2) A pencil box for my cousin, Zhao Yi.
(Her b'day is on the 13th March. Tend to pamper her, promised her that I'll get her a pencil box. She requested for a red coloured one.)
3) A work skirt
(well, if I can find a reasonably priced one. If I can't, shall just wear pants every day!)
4) Handphone battery
(My current handphone battery's "life" is coming to an end. My hp can now switch off by itself! hahaha..)
5) Hands free kit
(Should have bought this earlier but I was just "waiting" for a cheaper version. One side of my current hands free kit is not working anymore. And my hands free kit must hv "stereo". That's why, buy "canggih" hp, now have to start paying for "maintenance". hahaha..)

And.. I have to spend hundreds today to buy my supplements (it's necessary). And also perhaps another RM200 or less for Pingu's grooming. Yikes!

Heard that I'll be getting my bonus letter this coming week. Not hoping for a lot. Just hope there will be a higher increment.
Don't think there will be any promotion as it's typical for my company to only promote every 2 years. Since I'm now only in my 2nd year, I guess no chance for me this time.

I also just came back from a week of traveling up north. Went to Ipoh last Monday then traveled around Penang from Tuesday to Friday.
A few things came to my mind while I was "day dreaming":
1) 2 months for Han & I to shop for our furniture & whatever that is necessary (MORE money needed to spend!). At the same time, have to do up our house. (EVEN MORE money needed!)
2) 3 months & I won't be living with my parents (thank God i still live near my parents.)
3) 9 months to our wedding (that's when ppl will feel that you are "really married".)
4) A year plus to our plans to start a family
5) What I want to do after the child comes.

Well, "cross the bridge when you reach it". ahahhaahaha..