Monday, April 14, 2014

Hug the Softness

It's amazing how a hug can be so comforting. Sometimes it onlt takes a such small gesture for someone to feel loved and cared for.

Hubby and I make it a norm for us to hug our boys every morning, every time that we can get a hug and end our day with a hug.

They are .. after all boys. I don't take the opportunity to hug them now, they might not want me to hug them when they grow older.
(By then, perhaps hugging is only reserved for their friends, girlfriends and wife.)

Hugging my happy babies.
Cherishing every hug that I get.

I've submitted this photo in the Kleenex-Hug the Softness contest.

Do vote for us as your favourite "huggable" family. (Hahahaha..) 
How to do it?

2) Go to Gallery
3) Search for our photo. I've submitted it under my full name "Woo Yi Lei".
 (currently on page 16 of the Popular Entries. So if you are reading this after 15th April...look for us from  page 16 onwards.)
4) VOTE!
5) Share if you find us so huggable that you can't resist not sharing. :P 

Contest ends at 1pm (Malaysian Time) , 3rd June 2014.

Thanx in advance! ;)

If you would also like to stand a chance to win attractive prizes up to RM10,000.00, you may click on the link and go to the Home button and find out more! :)

Let's all share our hugs! 

P/S: this photo was a family effort as hubby was the photographer. :P