Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fresh and bigger eyes.. for free!

Well, I think this "SAHM" period has turned me into some kind of aunty who is always on a look out for free gifts, competitions, how to win cash prizes and etc. BUT don't everyone LLOOOOVVVEEEE FREE goodies?????!!! Come on.. just admit it.. free gifts make you go... YAYYYYYYY!!! :P

So what did I get for free this time? A pair of fresh and bigger eyes! haha.... just joking..

I received 3 pairs of FreshLook Illuminate daily disposable contact lenses for free! :D

I do wear contact lenses especially when I'm out for functions, when I'm exercising and sometimes just for fun! :)

These contact lenses apparently help make your eyes look bigger. :)

I haven't tried them yet.. waiting for a "special occasion" to try it. Will definitely blog about it once I've used it.

What are you waiting for?????? 
Get your FREE trial daily disposable lenses now! Just click here and you will find out how. :) Oh, and you will also stand a chance to WIN RM 500 plus a 30 day supply of FreshLook Illuminate!! HURRY HURRY! :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

What would you do if you have a baby that gives you this kind of look...
.....or this really moody look....

 when you bring him out after 6pm for dinner????

and to him, 6pm outings are only for this...
Yup! only evening walks!
(It must be all the DHAs in the milk that make him understand when we are heading out for dinner and when we are heading out for evening walks. :P )

What do I do? Starve myself to death. Hahaha.. just kidding.
(People who know me well knows that I can't live without food.)

I have to order food to be delivered! (I usually have to when I don't have time to prepare dinner and I'm already starving and it's 30minutes to baby's bed time!)

This situation arised yesterday. So I asked my mum if she would like to try the new Fish King Pizza from Pizza Hut. She agreed!

I have to say that I'm impressed with the Pizza Hut Delivery Service. (Although I'm not in the "Service Quality" industry anymore. I still keep a look out. Think it's already stuck in me. haha.) They have indeed improved tremendously.
They have the standard "Press 1" if  you wish to continue in English and etc.

When my call was connected (which I didn't have to wait long cause I didn't go "why so long?"), the lady on the receiving end was polite. 

Made my order and the whole conversation was good.

Less than 30 minutes later, our pizza arrived! 

Now.. here is the impressive part.....

1) The delivery boy did not honk! (ok, maybe because he saw us but there are still some delivery boys who naturally honk even though you are right outside your house!)

2) He waited for me to open the door. The moment I stepped to the gate, he introduced himself! (YUP!! No joke!) and he asked to confirm my name. :D

3) He repeated the order and handed the food and drinks to me.

4) He politely said how much the order was and when I handed him the money, he thanked me and said "Enjoy your meal!" and left.

It sure did put a smile on my face. (I probably look like a little girl who is SO HAPPY to have pizza for dinner.)

(Trust me, I don't get good delivery service very often and most of the time the delivery boys are just too afraid of my dog and all they want to do is to just hand the food to me, take the money and RUN!)

We ordered the "Fish King Combo 1". 
It's RM36.15 including delivery charge and tax.

The Fish King Pizza.

Happy mummy gets to eat a slice of pizza before baby's bed time..
(So sorry for the blur photo...)
"Ermm....Mummy, I'm not old enough to eat pizza???"
(Photo is just for fun. No worries, I didn't feed him pizza.)

Mummy gets food, baby not forced to go out for dinner.. that makes us....
A HAPPY Mother and Son!!! 
(and a happy Grandma getting ready to have her share of the pizza in the background.. :P)

I had a great experience with Pizza Hut Delivery. I'm truly impressed with how much they have improved.

OH.. I have to mention this.. if you don't have the internet to do Online Delivery and you don't have enough cash to pay for delivery, you can always charge it to your credit card! I just found out yesterday!
(maybe it has been around for a while but it is new to me.. :P)

Go CATCH your "Fish King Pizza" today and blog about it! Nuffnang tells you why! ;D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Entertaining Baby

Our boy has this new way of entertaining himself.
Here is how he "plays" whenever we leave him to play on his own...

If there is a handkerchief, napkin, pillow or soft toy within reach...

He will grab it...
There..I GOT IT! HAHA!

...and he will drop it on his face and flap his arms...
Like THIS!

....the moment the handkerchief/napkin/pillow/soft toy touches any part of his face, he'll make a funny noise that sound like he's choking...
(we will always rush to his side to ensure that he's not choking.)
Once you remove the object from his face, he'll give you a cheeky smile...
GOTCHA! heh heh..

How did he come up with such a "game"? I really have no idea. He does it every day. :D

I just love watching this beautiful gift from God grow! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I WON!!!

... only a consolation prize but I still got something for freeeeeee!!

Remember the post that I wrote about bags? Well,  my post was chosen as one of the "special gift" winners as there were less than 100 visitors from my blog that visited Bagskaki.

A BIG THANK YOU to Bagskaki and Mom Bloggers Planet! You have certainly made me a happy mummy! :)

So what did I get?
A pouch! ;)
I'm not a pouch person (the moment I received it my mum asked to give it to her.-_-) but it does come in handy whenever I bring the baby for a walk when I need to bring my handphone, my house keys and some money to buy papers or whatever I need on that day. so.. YAYYYYY!!!

I'm so easy to please. haha..

Congratulations to the other winners too! ;)

OOops! I forgot to thank my readers! Thank you so much guys for clicking! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 months old-Baby James' first haircut!

Now that I spend every day with baby James, I can't really tell if he has grown a lot compared to the previous month. (For the record, he has grown. He's now 66cm and weighs 8.8kgs.)

He still amazes and entertains me every day with the way he "talks" and the way he responds to things.

Well, I think you guys must be very bored reading about how adorable he is and bla bla bla....

To mark his 5th month, I brought him for his first haircut! :)
We were a little afraid to bring him for a haircut but his hair grew too long.He sweats easily making him feel uncomfortable whenever it is hot.

So we brought him to an Indian barber near our house. My hubby gave me a few instructions:
1)If baby can't sit still, don't cut.
2)If baby cries, go home. (even if it's half way)
and I added:
3)If Indian barber don't look confident, turn around and say next time.

I walked in with the baby in hand. The barber did not hesitate! He just said "OK.Saya guna pisau nombor satu." (translation: "OK.I'll use the blade number 1.")

And he just ask me to take a seat, covered the baby with a cloth and he's ready! VERY QUICK!

(My mum took over as she didn't know how to use my phone camera. So she ask me to be the one taking photos instead.)
He look like he knows what is going on. :D

Doesn't matter how you move him, he will sit still.

 "Ermm.. Mummy.. why aren't you helping me?"
I was just busy taking photos that I didn't realize how long it took to cut his hair.
My mum said it was only less than 5 minutes. :D

Look at him drooling.. EEEEEeeeee... :P

No tears! Good boy!! :)

I think he look more like Shin Chan now.. 
what do you think?

Let's just hope he doesn't grow up to be as naughty as Shin Chan. :O