Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Baby #3: 33, 34 & 35weeks- Gestational Diabetes, Weight & Baby's size

I'm horrible at updating about my journey in this pregnancy.  If I'm my baby, I would be screaming. ..SO UNFAIR! !!

Oh well..mummy did try, baby. I still love you..will love you..forever.

Ok..back to updating about my pregnancy. It has been a testing 3weeks as I went through some emotional rides with my obgyn nagging me (or more of telling me off) and then discovered that I have borderline diabetes and then losing 3kgs and having a horrible sore throat/cough all at the same time!

Really..I went FML so many times for the whole of the 3weeks.

1) My yo-yo weight
I gained 3kgs out of a sudden.  Ok..not really out of a sudden.  I've been gaining 2-3kgs every month throughout my pregnancy and only one month..I didn't gain any weight. I got nagged ( badly) by my gynae. His words affected me so badly that I had to seek comfort.  Thank God for a strong hubby and amazing friends.

If you are wondering, how much weight I've gained to deserve such nagging. It was 16kgs.

Then I fell sick at 33weeks. Had a horrible viral infection.  By 35weeks, I lost 3kgs.

Who was happiest?  You guessed it right..
My gynae. Hahaha.

So my total weight gain as of today is 13kgs.

Not too much right? You would say.
Buuuuutttttt....I still got nagged during my check up.

Oh well..I will just have to take everything everyone says with a pinch of salt. Cos really. .if I allow words to disturb me..I might not enjoy my last month of this pregnancy and my poor baby will feel it.

So I shall just eat la. ( ok, I don't simply eat. I have been watching what I eat throughout my pregnancy and exercising.  So why the weight gain? Really..I.have.no.idea.)

2) Borderline Gestational Diabetes
So I had to go through a round of gestational diabetes (GD) test because of my last "jump" in my weight.

And the results did not turn out great.

I have borderline GD. That explains the weight gain even though I watch my diet and exercise.

You must be wondering,  then how come I lose weight just like that too? 
Beats me. Hahaha...Dr thinks that I'm watching what I eat more but he really need to know..I haven't changed my diet. All still the same also can lose weight.  How laaaaaa...

Anyway. ..back to having diabetes.  It's genetic and hormones triggered it. That's what the professional says.

What I also found out is that my reading may have been incorrect because I had viral infection then.

I did another test. My gynae took my reading 3times in one day, just to see when my glucose level shoots up and whether I would need medical intervention to control my sugar level.

My results for all 3times ( fasting and non fasting) was way below the marker.

So do I have diabetes?
Yes, borderline according to my gynae.

Confusing..I know!

I was emotional because I found out through internet search (sometimes we really should avoid Google) that my baby might be born with diabetes and all sorts of complication that comes with it.

But I was assured, because it's only borderline. .my son will not be born with diabetes.  ( You don't know how happy I was when I heard that.)

3) Big baby...small baby
Another thing that has been bugging me.

To be honest,  I'm not bothered whether my baby will be born big or small. I only pray for a healthy one.

But because since 9 weeks, he has been growing 2weeks bigger than his supposed size. I was told to prepare for a big baby.

Then towards the last few check up...I was told he will be normal size. Meaning 3kg or less.

Then after discovering that I have GD, I was told to prepare for a big baby again!

So..big or normal or small now?

The only reason why I want to know is to mentally prepare myself when I head into labour.

Finally,  my gynae told us that he can only give an estimated size of the baby at 36weeks. 
So ..we shall wait.. *patience*

4) Being sick during pregnancy
It started with a superbly painful throat then I started coughing.

The cough was so bad that my muscles ached every time I cough. It's also cause of the belly weight.

It hurt so badly til I told my husband that I prefer labour pain. Yup..I was in a "FML" mode.

With the sore throat and cough I also lost 2-3weeks of sleep. Couldn't lie down and sleeping seated is just too uncomfortable.  So I only had about 4-5hours of sleep a day. ( contributed to the weight loss.)

After 2weeks. .I could finally sleep buuuuttttt...the haze came! And then I find myself being superbly sensitive towards the smell and my sleep got disrupted again.

By now, sleep is luxury!

There you go..my 3weeks of pregnancy was an emotional ride, confusing and battling illness ..oh and at the same time juggling my daily job. (No Medical Leave)

How did I do it?
I just did it la.
No voice also must raise my non existence voice when my toddler misbehaves, not enough sleep also must wake up early to send my son to school and back. All I can do is pray and complain to my loving husband (he's really very good at listening by now cos he knows, that's the best he can do & I will still have to continue with my daily routine.) and my wonderful girlfriends for telling me to just hang on in there.

Sorry that this post is so lengthy, what to do..it's 3weeks of rambling. 
Also apologise for the lack of photos as I'm blogging from my mobile.  For those who prefer photos than words, sorry la.

Having said all that, I'm thankful to be healthy again and to feel my baby punching, hicupping, stretching, kicking, bull dozing his way down every day. I really can't wait to meet him. :)))

Here's a photo of me at 36weeks,  I can't sit like a lady and I waddle when I walk now.

Big baby or small baby, who cares. As long as he's healthy. :))

Friday, June 7, 2013

Making Baby #3: 32weeks-Sleepless nights

The final month is always to prepare us for midnight feeds. Just when I'm about to fall into deep sleep....uh-oh...need to pee!

Then it will be a struggle to fall back asleep cos of the heavy belly and the fact that one can only sleep on their left or right side. (It's not advisable to sleep on our backs when we are at this stage.)

So yup. ..definitely feels like a midnight feed prep. But of course after midnight feeds you can just make yourself fall back asleep easily provided your child didn't fuss much.

I do pray that our baby will be the kind to just drink and sleep. Mummy really need to sleeeeeeepppppp!!!

The photo's me at 32weeks pregnant. 

It's 2.03am now (Malaysian time)...you guessed it right...I can't fall back asleep.  ( Mainly cause I'm having this horrible sore throat. Another story another week.) So I decided to blog from my mobile. :P