Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's so nice to see him smile...

I was just browsing through my wedding photos on Facebook and a few photos of my late father caught my eye.

I remember very well that my dad found it difficult to give a "wide smile" when he takes a photo as he dislikes showing his "dracula teeth". We would always have to persuade him but as he grew older, he also grew to relax and didn't mind showing his imperfection.

As I was going through my wedding photos I realized how natural his smiles were. He must have been very happy on that day and didn't bother if anyone caught him showing his "dracula teeth".

Here's a couple of photos that I would just like to have it posted on my blog...

At our church ceremony.

Receiving his tea from his son-in-law.
This is definitely one of the best photo that I have of my father.

They say pictures speaks a thousand words. 
For me, these pictures shows endless love.

Friday, August 6, 2010

8months and I'm chasing after him!

Yup! The cute one is now 8months old and yes, he is now a mobile baby and yours truly will have to chase after him cause he can be so quick when it comes to grabbing things that he shouldn't!

He does listen when I tell him not to touch something but he will stop, turn around and flash me that heart melting smile of his. then he will attempt to do it again and again and again and again and AGAIN and again.. trust me, I need A LOT of perseverance when it comes to teaching him to do things cause he is very determined to do the opposite!

For example: Clipping his fingernails.
He use to just sit quietly and allow me/my mum to clip his nails.Now, he would want to try to grab the nail clipper from me/my mum. After many attempts only he will stop and just allow me/my mum to clip his fingernails.

From my facial expression, you can tell that I almost lost my patience. :P

On another note, he learned how to READ!
Just kidding..
Of course he don't know how to read. He just enjoys playing with this book.

At 8months, he is still as adorable as ever...

Did I mention that I'm in love with our boy? One true blessing from God. :)