Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scared.Not scared.Bye Bye scared.

My son is very afraid of fireworks. He can still tolerate lion dance (after a few days of watching them) but fireworks is still a big NO!

He won't scream or cry, he would just run straight to me or my hubby and say "Jamie scared." or he will tell me.. "Mummy, don't play that one.Stop stop." (As though Mummy can control whoever's firing up the fireworks.) We do try our best to give him more confidence and tell him that there isn't a need to be scared. He'll then go "Not scared. Not scared." as though to give himself more confidence. When we leave the place (that had fireworks), he would wave and say "Bye Bye scared!"

This is how innocent a child can be and it reminds me of how much we have our own fear but because we are adults, we don't say it out loud like how my son does or we go through realizing that we actually go through the same phase too.

To give you a true example:
I was very afraid when we found out that my late father was diagnosed with 4th stage stomach cancer. Lots of things go through my mind like "How am I suppose to live without a father?" (Scared)

As time passes by, days turn to weeks and then to months, even though my dad's health did not improve, confidence slowly grew in me and one of the main thing that went through my mind was how I wish my dad's suffering would end. Not so much of how am I suppose to live without him anymore. (Not scared)

The day came. God brought my dad to His kingdom. My heart dropped when I witnessed him take his last breath. My mind went blank. Tears flow naturally. But somehow, I had the strength to bid him farewell and told him to rest in peace. I believe the fear of not knowing how life goes on without my father was taken over by the amount of pain I had to go through watching him suffer day by day.

I bid my "original fear" farewell and I have God to thank for giving me so much strength, for healing me and for giving me the confidence that I can go through life no matter what happens, as long as I have faith in Him.

It's amazing how a 26 months old boy can give me something to think and write about. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making Baby #2 - Week 1

Before I begin..here's wishing everyone GONG XI FA CAI! May the year of the Dragon bring you and your family great health and prosperity! :D

Now to begin the topic of my post.

As all of you know our first child turned 2 years old last month. So he would need a companion and we wouldn't like the gap between our children to be too far apart. So yes, we are going for Baby #2. :)

It's back to me charting my menstrual dates as how I've done it when we were trying for our first.
Of course, I was a lot healthier, physically fitter(slimmer) and younger (every one age) then. So I'm sure it'll be a little tougher than it was 3 years ago.

I can only pray that all will be well and that we'll be blessed.

Have a great new year!:D