Thursday, September 29, 2011

Choux Pastry Workshop

Thanx to TimeOut KL, Hubby and I attended a Choux (pronounced as "shoe") Pastry Workshop conducted by Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia .

We were taught how to make Choux Pastry and Bechamel Sauce by Chef Tan. It is my first time attending any kind of workshop with my hubby and it's his first time attending "baking class" but I have to say, he did well.

Here are some photos to show you what happened throughout the 2.5hours workshop.

 Chef Tan showing us how it's done. (the guy on the left in pink is my hubby... listening very attentively.)

 Piping the pastry on the silicon sheet.

...and this is how beautiful it should look.

 Hubby was struggling to pipe it out at first but after a while he was even more pro than me.. hahaha..

 TAAADDAAA! Done! of course, these were made by Chef Tan.

 Hubby using all his might to ensure that the bottom does not burn while making the Bechamel Sauce.

 And I was just busy snapping photos since I'm most of the time making desserts in my own kitchen.

 TAAADDAAA! This is how ours turned out...all uneven compared to the ones made by Chef Tan.

 Choux Pastry filled with Bechamel Sauce
(I prefer Choux Pastry with a sweet filling but the Choux Pastry is YUMMMM!)

THANX TimeOut KL!!!

Choux Pastry anyone? :D

Friday, September 23, 2011

My pleasure..

Remember the giveaway that I blogged about? I've finally finish giving them out (oh, except for two close friends who I'll be meeting later.. and I hope it'll be soon.)

I gave my lucky 20 followers these:

 For those who were in the Klang Valley, they received lemon cupcakes with a box of cookies (Double Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies).

As for those who were not located in the Klang Valley and overseas, they received two boxes of cookies. (One Double Chocolate Chip and one Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies).

I have to thank these wonderful people as they were so supportive and to those who have blogged about it (in no particular order) :

1) By one of my secondary school friend :
2) By SmallKucing:
3) By Cleffairy:
4) By Ng:
5) By Angeline:
* Need to add one more:
6) All the way from East Malaysia:

I hope I didn't miss out anyone.If  I did, drop me a muffin! :D

All I would like to say is that it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to share my passion with all of you. :) Hope there'll be more sharing to come! :D

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Made just for you..

I've recently made a couple of cakes for my clients who wanted to make it special for their special one.

Here's for a friend who is superbly money minded... all he ever talks about is how to generate more money..:P

This simple and sweet design below was ordered by a guy who wanted to surprise his girlfriend... ( sweet of him eh?)

I enjoyed making them and knowing that it's special for them put a lot more "burden" on me while I was making them. Looking at the final result gave me some sense of satisfaction and knowing that they loved the cakes made all the "stress" worth it. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malaysia Day

I'm always happy that it's a 4work day week. Who isn't? An extra day to spend time with the family and to do whatever you like.

I've been pretty amazed by how much my son's play school preach about loving Malaysia. In my opinion, at this age of mine, most of the time I only hear people complaining about the country and yet, they are still in the country or they are not even registered for election.

Political views aside. I appreciate how much the teachers in my son's play school has taught him since our National Day.
They taught him how to make a Malaysia flag
(yes, he's only 21 months old, he won't remember but some things you have to start young!)

Also made a card dedicated to Malaysia...

 I think this idea is really sweet...

And today, they organized a party to celebrate Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn Festival, Deepavali and Malaysia Day.

 Three different celebration. (top to bottom: Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn Festival & Deepavali)

Teaching the next generation about other races' celebration may be something very difficult for parents in my generation because there is so much "friction" involved that sometimes I wonder if that's what they really want to teach their children.

I grew up with multi-racial friends. I have bestfriends who are Malay, Indian and Chinese. I grew up without anyone instilling any "negative thoughts" about other races. I hope that my child (children) will be able to have the same kind of mentality.

After all, these little ones will be influenced by us. Just like this little boy who had to wear a chinese costume to school today (he refuses to wear nicer pants) but all he wants to do is play with toys.

Happy Malaysia Day! (for a day, stop complaining and enjoy the day. Life is a lot less stressful.)

**This post does not indicate that I'm choosing sides in terms of political views. It's just merely a thought that came to me when I saw how much my son's play school is teaching them about patriotism at such a young age. Your opinion may differ, so does mine. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How much he has grown..

My boy is now 21 months old. I can't believe how fast time has just flown by.

Looking back the photos of him and I wonder...

How did he turn from this...

 to this....

to this...

And then this...

And he became a charming boy...

AND ... this....

all in 21 months..

He's a boy blessed with good health and truly one of the best gift that I've ever had. <3
(I know I know.. time to make #2. God will bless us with one when the time is right. :) )

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A gentle reminder

My dad has always been my main "influencer" in my life. I guess it's very normal for every parent to have some sort of influence on their children.

I will be representing my company in a regional competition and rehearsing my presentation script every day has reminded me of my dad.

I could still remember the first day that I had to conduct a training session in my previous company. He saw me holding my slides, flipping back and forth while waiting for the train. (We use to commute by KTM to work together.) He just told me to close my eyes and imagine... that I'm a rock star and every body else below the stage don't have such a chance like me.
That sentence worked very well on me as til today, I feel like a "rock star" when I'm presenting in front of an audience (doesn't matter how many people).

It is my first time presenting in a competition and I'm doing my best to bring the crown back. I do hope God is on our side..

....because this man standing beside me in the photo told me (since I started taking examination in school) that I should just do my best and the rest I will have to leave it up to God.

You can tell that I miss him. <3