Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Terrible T.W.O

Our boy turned two about two weeks ago. He's still an adorable little monster. I have to say, the terrible two phase started way in advance before he turned two. (not funny? -_-)

Here's my boy..
He loves the cold weather. He enjoyed it so much that he don't want to wear a jacket but when he came back to Malaysia, he said "Wear ca-ca-ca-ket." (It means Jacket.)

He thinks he's very tall. So he tip toes and tries to reach everything that he could possibly see.

He thinks that he's very strong. He tries to pull anything/everything out. With all his might and when he can't. He'll say "No strength."

He loves eating and drinking on his own. Even though he can't get much food in when he's feeding himself.

He loves climbing up and down chairs and whatever that he can..
And think that it's funny..

He thinks he's old enough to carry his own luggage from the airplane to the airport.

 But of course, he's still an adorable little boy. One of the best gift that we have received from God.
 James: Yes, please check under your cars for Penguins. They are just half my height!

Oh.. I forgot to mention, he loves to show off his belly and thinks it's funny. haha..

and he loves hugging and holding hands with other little girls but not his mummy.. *sob* :P


All about Latte

I haven't been very good in updating my blog. My apologies for abandoning it for some time. Things has been crazy with work, being a mummy, traveling, baking and etc. (Ya, you know the whole package of life.)

Now that I have a little breather, I should tell you about Latte.

We brought our boy (who's already 2 by the way) to Melbourne in October. I was told that coffee in Melbourne is highly recommended. So as a person who needs a cup a coffee every day, what did I do? ORDER A LATTE EVERY DAY!

For coffee lovers, you are going to love this.

Here's a latte from Cafe Vue, we were there for lunch on the day we arrived..

Oh here's another one from the same Cafe cause we went there for brakfast the next day..(one of our favourite restaurants when we were there.;) )

A Latte from La Chicas Cafe, we loved the environment and the food..

A latte from Mr Tulk, it's a cafe located inside the State Library of Victoria.

A latte from Waterfront Station Pier, even though we went there for dinner, I just had to order coffee cause I just have to.. and we were with good company.

Here's one from Seven Seeds. Next to it is a baby choc which my son loves!

And here's another latte from Cafe Vue.. because we went there for dinner on the day before we depart Melbourne.

And a latte is a must every morning! We had breakfast at Fleur Depot De pain. It's located right at our hotel.

So I had 8 cups of latte throughout my 6days 5nights trip to Melbourne. I can understand why the usual coffee places you get in Malaysia are not in demand in Melbourne. :)