Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What have I been up to?

Firstly, I'll have to apologize for not updating my blog for a VERY LONG TIME! I can come up with plenty of "reasons" why but I shall not. I can only blame myself for not pushing hard enough to update my blog. :)

In case you are wondering, I have not given birth yet. This is how big my belly is at 35 weeks. :)

As of now, I'm already in my full term. My Dr told me to just wait for the pain! (I shall just patiently wait for the pain.. *HUMMMM*)

I've had some "scary" moments throughout. My legs were suddenly swollen and I felt like I was walking with a permanent cramp on my right calf. Dr was worried that I may have DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), so he requested me to rest and wear DVT Stockings to help with the water retention.

These stockings ARE SUPER TIGHT!! My hubby initially helped me with it but he asked me to try wearing it on my own in case I need to wear them when he's not around. 

It's definitely not easy to put these socks on. First, I have to cover my legs with lots and lots of powder so that it won't be itchy if I sweat while wearing them. Then, the stockings is VERY TIGHT! I have to use all my might and strength (please don't forget that I do have a big belly to block my way) to pull them up! *HAAAHH* just trying to describe the process of wearing it is tiring. :P

After a few days of wearing them to sleep, my legs are back to its normal size and the "cramp" subsided. The Dr requested to see me 3 days after and he confirmed that it was just water retention. Thank God! :)
He still prefers me to rest at home.So I haven't gone to work for 2 weeks! (I can imagine the work load waiting for me when I get back. Definitely, not going to be easy..)

Throughout my last trimester, I prefer to eat any type of cuisine but Chinese. Yup! I'd rather have Indian, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Western, FAST FOOD.. anything but Chinese. If I'm given the choice!

Of course my favourite remained my favourite... JAPANESE would be on top of the list! :)

Next would be anything SUPER SPICY! YUUUUMMMYYY!

I also have to mention that I also developed a very soft spot for dessert.. you just have to mention cake or ice cream and you'll see my face glowing with joy! :)


Pavlova.. anyone?? MMMMMMmmmm..

Godiva Chocolate Cake! YUMMMY!
(Thanks to one of my bestie, I got to taste this sinful chocolate cake before I give birth!)

You should be *drooling* by now! SLURPPPP!!

(Just by posting these pictures up, I'm craving for some ice cream/cake already. :P )

Oh.. not forgetting, I also love anything that is icy cold! 

My current favourite super cold icy drink! Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappucino! 
(No worries, I do control the amount of caffeine that I consume.)

We are also preparing for the baby. I've finally packed my labour bag and I took the opportunity to wash baby stuff. Must always take advantage of any super hot weather these days since the weather is unpredictable!

36 pieces of baby napkins out in the sun!

Mittens & Socks!

These things are just so adorable!

and baby needs some "underwear". :P

That's what I've been up to! So, tell me what have you been up to lately? :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A week after..

Last Sunday it was one of my closest/longest friends' birthday. We met each other in Primary school when we were in Standard 3! (How time flies huh?)

Due to all of our busy schedules, we haven't found time to meet up to celebrate.

Another bestie and I, decided to surprise the birthday girl (belated birthday girl) with mini gifts! Well, our age was not that significant to do a "countdown" but we decided to countdown anyway.

We sent a parcel to her work place 6 days before her birthday. Hoping that she would receive it 5 days before her birthday. [Unfortunately she only received it 4 days before her birthday! Plan failed!]

The mini gifts all wrapped up!

All placed in a box ready to be delivered via Pos Laju.

Mini Gift Day #1
Well, she had to open gift for Day #1 and #2 on the same day because the package arrived a day later than thought. :P

Mini Gift Day #2
May the "dark days" be eaten up!

Mini Gift Day #3
Yup.. she's still a fan of stickers! hahaha..

Mini Gift Day #4
I have to admit that I ran out of idea of what to get and we couldn't remember what her favourite chips were. Our bad. :O

Mini Gift Day #5
This is something she asked for this year.
Every year we would ask each other what we would like for our birthday so that we won't end up getting stuff that we don't want/need. Well, we are after all the best of friends. There's no need to be shy about telling each other what exactly you want! As long as the gift will make you absolutely HAPPY!!

Birthdays are meant to be filled with surprises and fun! [Well, some would say that it's just another day- My late father likes to say that. Now, this is something I disagree with him all the time.] It is a day that everyone close to you would look forward to celebrate it or wish you and rejoice that you have came into their lives and touch their hearts!

To our friendship that lasted more than a decade and to the many many more years that will see us still trying to get to know each other.. this post is for you! (ermm, you know who you are! haha..)

Happy Belated Birthday dear!