Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4 months old!

James is now 4 months old.

He has developed a habit of smiling very often (which melts our heart every time) and saying "Ang Goo" (Hubby says it's "Red Cow" in Hokkien.) all the time.

He can now laugh when you tickle him or he has a funny thought he'll laugh by himself or if you make funny noises he'll just keep laughing.

The other habits that he developed are...only poop when there's a potty at his bottom, sleeping by 8.30pm, making funny noises at 5am (think this is due to teething), must poop at 6am, can't finish milk before pooping, go for a walk in the morning, go for another walk in the evening, need someone to be with him when he's awake if not he'll start complaining. He also haven't learn how to drop his midnight feed.. *faint*

Whatever habit that he has developed, he is still superbly adorable.. and chubby! :)

Now, you have to say that this melts your heart...

I'm sure this does then... *melt*...

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I know some people don't understand why we celebrated a dead person's birthday but to us, he's not just another dead person. He is an angel sent from up above. He came into our lives and made a difference when he was here with us.

There's no better way to celebrate Daddy's birthday than to head to Swensen's to have Earthquake ice cream because ice cream was his favourite.

Here's to the many years that you were here with us...
We love you!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ran my first 7km run..

...for charity!

My organization held a charity run named the "UOB Heartbeat Run" today. UOB Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia flagged off at the same time this morning to show that our "Heartbeat" as one in saying Yes! to Child Protection.

Ever since I gave birth, stories of children being abused, used or cheated by adults made my heart go weaker. Don't get me wrong, before having a child, I feel the pain but ever since I have baby James, the pain is so much stronger.

These innocent little ones are meant to be leaders of the future. They are brought into this world as a gift from God, not for adults too exploit them for selfish and horrible reasons!

I pray for all of you that follow my blog to join us in protecting the children. You don't necessary have to contribute money to help them, play your part in any programme that is organized to help children.

If you wish to join UOB in protecting the children, you may contact me or any UOB staff to find out how you can contribute and join us in saying "YES! to Child Protection".

On a personal note...

I have to say that I'm not 100%  fit since I gave birth 4 months ago and only went back to exercising at the beginning of this month. I'm just glad that I finish the run and to my surprise I manage to finish the 7km in 50minutes. :)

 Yes, I still have the pregnancy weight. Am working hard to"melt" them. ;P

My teammates and I doing silly stuff just because we can. :D

I dedicate my first run to two people:

My late father, who has educated me about my rights when I was a child and protected me with all that he can.

Thanks daddy and have a great celebration on Tuesday with God! :)

...and to my mum for taking every extra mile to ensure that I enjoyed my childhood and received the best education because she did not have such a privilege.

Thanks mummy for everything! You are indeed a survivor!

I pledge that I will do my best in educating my child and future children about their rights as children and I pray you would do the same for your children because charity starts from your very own home! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Her Birthday!

My sister hit a new milestone 2 days ago. I dedicated a post to her last year. I figured I should do the same this year as she hit a new number! ;)

It's her first time celebrating her birthday in Malaysia after spending almost 10 birthdays in Japan.

We didn't have a big do for her birthday. Just home cooked dinner with an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for dessert. :)

We also gave her a sweet surprise the day before...

Here's to the monkey in the Woo family! 

Happy Belated Birthday sis! *hugs*
I hope it was a meaningful day for you although I know it would have been more complete with Daddy around.Well, we were all together as a family on your 30th Birthday. :) Love you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our cheerful chubby boy!

I have to apologize for not updating my blog for the longest time. With the baby around and work, can't seem to find time to blog. Every weekend I would only want to spend it with James & my hubby and occasionally hanging out with my girlfriends. :)

I didn't realize how long I haven't been blogging til someone told me "Hey! I've been going to your blog but no updates?" then I went.. "ooooppppsss..."

So here's an update of our boy. He's just so adorable even when he's not feeling that great. (We brought him for his 3rd month jab and he had on/off fever and sometimes throwing up his milk from Saturday til today..but he still coos, smiles & laugh.)

A couple of weeks old. Like a Burrito Pocket.

He used to be so small.

1.5 months old. Still a little on the "skinny" side.

then he caught up very quickly.. here's about 2 months old!

I love to pinch his legs!

One of his favourite face expression.
His mouth in an "O" shape and he'll expand his nostrils.

His first Ang Pow from his paternal grandparents.

A little wink from the chubby boy!

Just love his smile. :) Too cute!

At 3 months old, I'm teaching him to hold his toys & to release it.
So far he responds with lifting his left hand first and when he releases it, it's also his left hand first.

Our cheerful chubby boy!

It's amazing how much he grew. He weighed 2.94kgs when he was born and now he's a healthy 7.2kgs!

I just love him more and more each day. There's nothing to not love about this boy. :D