Friday, September 26, 2008

3 month plus.. til the day.. continued..

Just came back from dinner. Now at my own house. :)
My dad just helped me set up my streamyx and I'm wondering what is he doing now. (Oh.. he just told me that he went around the house to test whether all places can detect the wi-fi.)

Ahh, where was I again?

Oh.. my shoes! Yes, I just love them. haha. I think the design is kind of old cause I remember seeing it before. I don't bother. As long as I like it and it fits! Now I just have to practise walking in them since I'm so used to flats.. and flats.. and flats. Just don't want to walk funny on my big day.

Does anyone have any good nail parlour to recommend? With reasonable price? I found two that is reasonably priced. One at TTDI and another at SS2. They are both charge at a similar rate. below Rm30 for Manicure and below RM40 for Pedicure.
I'm going to try the one at TTDI on Sunday and will try the SS2 one next month. They both advised me to start my manicure & pedicure earlier since I don't go for it regularly. Both said "Your skin won't look perfect immediately."... yikes! think they will faint when they see my hands and feet. :P

I also just hired my make-up artist. I actually thought I settled my make-up artist much earlier. However, something happened. So I had to look for another one. I like this guy's work. He showed me his work and ... YUP! it's what I'm looking for.. natural! His rates are also reasonable. So hopefully I won't have to go looking for another make-up artist again. *fingers crossed*

The process of searching for cupcake/cake bakers, make-up artist, nail parlour and wedding card printers was tiring but fun! I had to do a lot of research, looking at prices, designs and etc. It gave me a lot of information, ideas and made me understand things better.
Plus, I enjoy doing this. :) Anybody wants to hire a wedding planner? hehee...

Tomorrow's mission: CLEAN UP THE HOUSE!
Since we moved in (16 August 2008), we haven't unpack our stuff. They are still in boxes. So we have to put the wedding stuff aside and start unpacking all the stuff. Also bring over whatever that is remaining at my parent's house.
Hopefully we can get it done tomorrow and be ready to organize a house warming party next month! :)

3 months plus... til the day

My dad would walk me down the aisle!

I've been busy since last weekend. Met the cupcake/cake bakers. We are 60% sure of who we are going to hire and what we are going to give as church favours. We are also 60% sure that we are going to have a wedding cupcake & cake! :)

We have also decided on our invites design. Got the printer to do a mock. Now just waiting to see the mock and confirm the wordings.

I also bought my shoes!! it's from Aldo! :)) They were on sale. so I just thought of walking in to see whether I could fit into them (The last time, I couldn't fit into size 7 or size 8.). So I found one that I really really liked and I could FIT!! YES!! hahaha.. and the price of it is way below what I budgeted for. so double YAY! hahaha.

This weekend, I'm going to try out a nail parlour's manicure & pedicure service. Just to see which nail parlour I would prefer. :)

Ok.. more updates when I come back from dinner!