Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holidays season

My parents are on Christmas Holidays with my dad's treasure hunt friends. They are going on a trip to Sipadan Island. :) Heard it's one of the best in the world!! Hope my parents will have a great relaxing time.

So now I'm home alone. My uncle went back to Kluang. Han will be accompanying me for the next 6 days! :))

Let me just give a brief update...

Our wedding plans has changed (again) and I hope that this time is the final one. Han's mum told us that she wants dinner for all relatives & friends. So we have decided to go back to hotels. We are sorta 80% decided on which hotel that we want. Now we'll just have to talk to Han's parents about it. (My mum said that I can't just make a decision without talking to his parents.)

So we'll do the discussion over this weekend and hopefully there isn't more complications.

Ok.. enough about our wedding..
speaking of wedding..
I have 5 weddings to attend in 3 months!!! hahahahahahaa... i'm so going to be broke.

I attended Vani's engagement ceremony. It was my first time attending an Indian engagement ceremony. Quite an eye opener. I was there for 2 hours plus and out of that 2 plus hours, I only took 15 minutes to eat. hahahahhaa..

On Christmas day, I will be attending Tuty's engagement ceremony. It's also my first time attending a Malay engagement ceremony. PLUS, I'm going to be one of her "dayang". :) Hopefully I won't drop the "hantaran". Must practise walking and kneeling down with the kebaya first. hehehehe..

I'm going for my colleague, Aemy's house warming this Friday. :) Han is coming with me.

hahaha.. so many parties & celebrations... but it's all happy & good! :) so.. i'll just have to sacrifice a little.

There are things that I need to do/get before Christmas:
1) A pair of shoes for dinners
2) Trim my eyebrow

hmm.. hey! that's about all. hahaha.. I thought it would come to a long list. kekekee..

Ok.. better freshen up and wait for my darling to come! hmm.. wonder what to eat for lunch! Food is always on my mind.. :P

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!! *hugs*

Monday, December 3, 2007

how time passes by..

I was just looking at the calender... something struck me and I realized how fast time passes by.

A few "events" came to my mind:
  • New Year Eve 2006, Han and I was with Suresh, Eric Low, Shi Mien & bf, Yee Fei watching the fire works at KLCC.
  • A not-so-smooth CNY back at Granny's house, pray that next year it'll be blessed with peace & harmony.
  • I got my very first performance bonus 9 months ago.
  • I was baptized 8 months ago.
Han and I graduated from our Catholic Marriage Preparation Course ( we were given a certificate that proves that we have completed the course!). Now we'll have to arrange a date & time with our Parish Priest for the Pre-Nuptial Evening.

We also applied for marriage registration on our anniversary day (23rd November). Our names are now posted up and if everything goes well, we'll register on the 23rd of January 2008. :)

Another good news to note, my dad & I signed our Sales & Purchase Agreement on the 23rd of November 2007.
Now we are just waiting for Alliance or Maybank to offer us. We'll take whichever that gives us the best rate. :)
After "choosing" which bank, hopefully the loan will be released as schedule. Once the loan is released, we'll have to shop for the necessary furnitures & electrical items.

Did I mention that I'm always hunting for something? Yup.. it won't stop! I guess that's life eh? :)

The SALE season is back! Somehow, I'm not much a "sale" person as I grew older. Only buy whatever that I need. So the sale season is only a chance for me to purchase items that I need at a cheaper price! Good PLUS! Whatever that helps me save money is a good PLUS! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Sunday of Advent

The season of Advent has just started. The name of this season of four weeks preceding Christmas and beginning of the church year comes from the Latin, adventus, "coming" and of course anticipates the coming of Christ as a human being, of the Word made Flesh, of the Incarnation.

3 more Sundays and it will be Christmas! :)

On another note:
Han and I have decided to have a luncheon for our relatives and dinner for our friends & parent's friends. Reason being,
1) we can't find an affordable place that would accommodate everyone.
2) our relatives would appreciate chinese restaurant food more.
3) our parents would be able to have some time with their friends at night rather than just family on that day.
4) it's simple as how we liked it.

It's not anything "grand" cause after all it's just a day to mark a beginning of a new chapter for Han and I.The luncheon and dinner would just be something for everyone to sit back and relax, enjoy the food, catch up with each other and at the same time celebrating this joyous occasion with us. :)

We hope that this choice would be accepted by our parents as its the idea that fits every "criteria".

We found our venue for dinner (but haven't confirm with the restaurant). It's a simple yet nice place. The boss was very kind and nice too! :)
Have yet to decide on which restaurant to go to for the luncheon though. Looking at:
1) The Ming Room
2) Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33
or any place that serves excellent chinese food!