Monday, December 29, 2008

4 days!!! ;)

It's coming! We have pretty much settled everything. Just a few more errands to run, then we are SET!

First of all, I have to thank my mum, sis & my soon to be official mum-in-law for helping me out. And also SYAZA & AI CHEE! :))
and to the other girls who offered to help but unfortunately (fortunately), I manage to finish it all up within 3 days with the help of the people mentioned above. :))

So now, only have to make myself pretty (remove whatever facial hair) and clean up my not that neat house... hahahaha..

More wedding updates... after the wedding! hehehehe... ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work can be boring, if you make it boring!

Work can be fun, if you make it fun!

My work place is a fun place to be. It can get stressful but most of the days it's fun!

Maybe that's why it's so tough for me to leave this job of mine. I enjoy what I'm doing. I have colleagues who are of the same wave length, understanding & quite easy to work with. I won't say our relationship is 100% rosy but I would say that they are the best that I've worked with.

Of course, the organization itself plays a role. As I couldn't care less about politics & whatever else that is going on, I'm pretty much undisturbed by anything. To me, all that matters is I get my salary every month, I still have a job that would enhance my skills & I am happy doing what I am doing. :)

In December, we would always celebrate Christmas. Here are some of the things that we would "traditionally" do.

Our "Calender Pocket" sponsored by our ex-boss before she left the organization. There are 24 pockets and each of the pockets is filled with treats. It's meant for one person. But we have 4 persons in the team. So we divide the pockets to 3 and one of us has the Santa Stockings. Mine is the first 8 pockets this year as I'm going on leave the earliest.

Our "Colour Code"! We assigned a colour to every day and we will encourage everyone on our level to wear that particular colour of the day. So we pre-assigned what colour to which day. Chin (our acting head) would buy some sweets according to the colour to give it out to people who have participated in our "Colour Code". This year we added something new. We would write rhymes on the white board. One person will start and any passer by would add a line.:)

We would also traditionally have a Christmas Lunch with the other colleagues of the same floor. This year, there was a bigger group. So it was held at the Penthouse & our CEO was invited to join us. There will be a gift exchange. Each of us will have to draw out a name from a box and buy a gift of not less than RM10 for the person that we have drawn out. I bought a shaver for the person that I "chose". Well, he's a little unlucky to have someone so practical to be buying him a gift!

With my FUN team mates! We are known as the SQAD angels! :D

SQAD Angels with Josephine (with Shrek ears) and Hsu Wen.


I found mine! YAYYY!

This is what I got this year. The Post It Pop Up Notes Dispenser! A practical gift for a practical person. :)

Our gifts "under" our Christmas tree. :)

Work is not only fun during the festive season. Our mood at work would always be at "hyper" or "active". If we notice that someone is not in a good mood, we will make an effort to cheer that person up! Hey, we are only human! Bound to have days when you don't feel so great. :)

When I conduct training for the newbies, the training would always end with a video. In this video it motivates you to think & be positive at work. The phrases that I would always keep in mind from the video are "Have Fun! Be Happy! The world would be a better place to live in!" & "Work can be boring, if you make it boring! Work can be fun, if you make it fun!"

GO AHEAD.. and HAVE FUN! :))

Monday, December 8, 2008

One of the places you can go to when you are...

... not so hungry but you have to eat & feeling a little on the richer side.

Han & I woke up from our nap this evening and we had to eat cause it's half an hour to dinner time (7pm is our usual dinner time). Then we both said, "Still full, how about you?"

But we know we don't have much time and we have to eat. So Han suggested to try Dessert's Bar at Subang Parade. Dessert for dinner!! My eyes widened! hahaa.. The other option was Uncle Lim's/K3K Benta Kaya. Well, those two other option is a little too norm for us. So we decided to head to Dessert's Bar.

As we were walking from the car park to Dessert's Bar, we passed by Pizza Hut. Then we turned to each other.. "Now I'm a little more hungry.."
but we decided to stick to our original plan.

The moment we were in front of Dessert's Bar, my first thought "How come there's no one dining here?"
One of the waitress (there were only 3 of them) greeted us with a warm smile & greeting.
After taking a good look at their menu, we decided to give it a shot! Belum cuba Belum tahu! :)

The first time I saw this cafe, I made fun of its name. It's as though it's meant for people named "Dessert". Dessert's Bar? :P

We were wondering how come we are the only diners. In my opinion, perhaps we Asians are a little shy to eat right in the middle of nowhere. (The bar is located in between Kenny Rogers & Yves Roche.) It will make people feel a little awkward. People passing by from the top or same floor can see what you are eating, how you are gobbling down your food. Well, I think we like to hide in corners. Usually when we go to a restaurant, it's a common thing to ask to be seated at the booths, or at a cozy corner. So perhaps this place, is just not so "cozy". :)

We took about 5 minutes to decide what to order. We went for the meal set which cost RM16 per set. It includes a "main course" & a drink. The waitress too our order happily. We were a little turned off when she told us that 3 drinks in the menu were "out". But we manage to order something out of the drinks that are available.

When the food came, the first words that I blurted out "No wonder, the portion is so small!" Han replied "Perhaps it's tasty and we are paying for the quality." "Hmmm.. maybe, let's try!"

After saying our blessings, we dived into the wraps. First bite, "Hey not bad!"...
Second bite, "Just 4 more bites & I'm done!"

Han agreed with me about the size of the portion but he also pointed out that mine has more meat in it. I agreed! (His was just a few pieces here and there like a Hawaiian pizza.)

The drinks are better. It's served in a wine glass. Portion is small too! It cost RM12 if you order it a la carte! I thought to myself, "I won't pay RM12 for a small glass of smoothie. Would rather pay for JuiceWorks. Pay half the price and I'll get a bigger cup!"
But I have to say, their smoothie are not as sweet as the ones at JuiceWorks. Which is something I'm pretty particular about. I don't fancy sugar added into my drinks unless it's blended drinks then I don't have much of a choice but to ask them to go easy on the sugar syrup. When I order my drinks at kopitiams, I'll always make sure I say.. "Less sweet" or "No sugar". :)

My order: Smoked Chicken & Beef Bacon Wrap

Han's order: Hawaiian Chicken Wrap

Han's drink: Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

My drink: Strawberry & Mango Smoothie

As we chose to order their set menu, we couldn't order any of the drinks in their new smoothies menu. Sure would love to try the "Classic Belgian Chocolate Smoothie"... sounds YUMMMMY!

Our verdict: Food & drinks quality is there. The price is on the pricier side for the portion. The environment, very awkward for shy Asians like me.

We got a consolation for dining there. I earned RM3.52 worth of Smart Cash Rebate because I used my UOB credit card to pay the bill. :)

Will we go there again? Only when one of us crave to try the "Classic Belgian Chocolate Smoothie" and if we are feeling "not so hungry" and a little richer. If not, I would rather spend RM35 at Kenny Rogers/Nandos for a good full meal. ;P

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The weather...

.. makes me feel oh-so-lazy! :P

Was suppose to clean the house but I can't seem to get started!

I went for breakfast at Tanjung, SS14. Wanted to try the nasi lemak stall opposite Tanjung (was attracted by the crowd that queues up for it every day), unfortunately, it wasn't opened! Then I realised.. oh yes, today is Haji! :)

To my friends celebrating Haji, may your prayers be answered. :)

I'm always wondering when exactly is the rainy season? I guess there's a lot of things that we can't tell these days especially the weather due to global warming. :(
I pray that it will be a cool not rainy day on our wedding day. A cooling day will do. :))

Speaking of our wedding, it's 3 weeks & 5 days more to go. We went for food tasting at the hotel last night. Fok & Eric were our "special guests". The food was really good. We especially love the chicken & fish. :)

Han & I also met our cupcake/wedding cake maker. She gave us samples of the cupcake & minced pies that we are going to have. It was very pretty! I have to say, she really shows that she loves what she does. :)
And of course, the cupcakes were very tasty! Even my mum was impressed (gave her one during dinner). My dad was impressed by the minced pies which we will be giving out as church favours. :)
I can't wait to see the whole setup of the cupcake & cake on our wedding day! hehehehee.. I'm so excited.

I also can't wait to see our flower decorations! hehehe.. I'm especially looking forward to our car decor as we chose a different type of design. The usual design is with organza/netting. We are not going to use any of those. :) Won't reveal the decor now also. hahaha..
Really hope that the flowers & leaves that we want will be available on our wedding day. The florist did warn us that there might be a chance that the flowers that we chose may not be available. So we have to be prepared to see the back-up flowers/leaves. :)

Haaa.. there's so many happy things to look forward to on that day. Of course there are things that we are afraid of. There might be things that won't turn out as how we want it to be.. but we'll accept it as our fate and hope to find the fastest solution to every obstacle that arises on that day! :))

To one of the best...

... kebab that I've ever tasted!

My colleague introduced me to this kebab stall near my office. The name of the stall is Syaiwarma Raihani. It's located right in front of Cosmic Silk along Jalan TAR. Operated by a Malay guy and his helper.

Look at the queue! :P

And the stall owner.. (i think!)

You may choose to have your kebab in normal "hot dog" bread, this will cost you RM3.00 or in a Pita bread, which will cost you RM3.50. I took the "healthier" option and ordered the Pita bread. :) They only sell beef though. So non-beef eaters, won't be able to taste it. The beef was very tender and nice to chew. The sauce they used is different. I would have to say it's got a strong smell of onion, so those who don't like onion may not like it too. :)

The portion was a lot. You can see beef spilling out.

My colleague and I enjoyed it. Go try and judge for yourself! ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Money grow on plant, is called a...

... MONEY PLANT! haha (bad joke..)

I have this money plant in my office and i love watching it grow! I'm still trying to convince Han to allow me to plant money plant at home. :P I just love to see them growing so fast.. and their roots just grow and grow.. and GROW!

I especially like it when I go for long breaks. When I come back to my office, i'll see more baby leaves.. and i'll tell everyone that my plant has been making love secretly! hahahhaha...
My colleagues think I'm nuts, watching my plants every day. When I get too tired of the computer I'll just look at them and turn them around to see if there's any more roots growing. I would also bring the plant for a walk to the toilet (bathing time!). :)

Here's my money plant! :))

If only we have plants that really grows money! :O

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's one of those things...

...that is bugging me and making my tummy upset.

I have no idea what's stressing me out. Most probably it's work. I have exactly 12 more working days to finish a super long list of things to do at work! somehow, i can sense.. that I might just need to pop in pills soon! The reason why I must try to do everything is because I've requested to go for a 3 weeks break! *serve me right!*

I'm already having some discomfort every now and then. It's good that I have these kind of reaction cause I only get it when I'm stressed. Good to know that I'm stressed then at least I'm more alert of how I should think and how fast I should work. It's bad cause I may just end up in the hospital. Moreover now, it's not as "convenient" to get someone to send me there in the middle of the night. Oooo boy.. I sure hope I don't end up in that situation. To prevent it from happening, it's time to pop in a pill! once in the morning, once at night! :)

On the brighter note, me and my sis (biological sis) is planning for a short "sister" trip to Singapore when she comes back. Unfortunately, my mum has decided that she wants to tag along. Well, I would love to bring my mum but she'll probably restrict us from doing stuff youngsters like to do. Like buying Starbucks and just chill even though the drink is overpriced! Well, hopefully my mum will get the hint. hahaha..

Also on a brighter note, I've been longing to go for this break since September as it will definitely help me settle tonnes of things for our wedding.
I'm so excited that our wedding is near!! :)) FINALLY... Aaaahhhhhhhhh!

Well well, it's just 1 month & 2 days away!! ~wWwweeEEeeeEEeeeee........

Friday, November 28, 2008

Everywhere you go...

.....there's a Starbucks! :)

Is that good or bad??

Good, for coffee lovers, starbucks fans, ppl who are in desperate need of a nice cold/hot drink.

Bad, for your pocket! You pay RM13-20 for a cup of ice blended coffee! My folks will probably start shaking their heads and say "These days youngsters, don't know how to save money. Want coffee, go kopitiam lar. It's only RM2.50 for a glass of ice cold coffee!"

Well, as for me. I would usually buy Starbucks when I'm with my friends. Purchase their merchandise for my friends who are a big fan of their X'mas collection or collections. I would also go to Starbucks while waiting for someone. Definitely won't get a Starbucks just because it's Starbucks or I passed by Starbucks... if I do that, think my savings account will run dry faster than it already is cause I pass by Starbucks EVERYDAY! hahaha..

Given the current economic situation, there are still plenty of people who can afford to drink/eat more expensive food. And you wonder.. "Why do people keep saying that the economy is bad?"
If it's that bad, how come people can still spend like how they are spending when the economy was good.

I came to a conclusion. Perhaps we are not that afraid of the current situation now or maybe everyone is trying very hard not to accept the reality. We only read about the US going through some turmoil and we have articles saying that the Asian market is still.. o.k.a.y! I recently read one in Newsweek (yes, i do subscribe to them. just to stay in touch with the global news.) that China may be the biggest victim of the global crisis. So, isn't that Asia?

Well, my rule of thumb, as long as I save 10% or more of my pay every month. I'll be fine. I won't be super duper rich at the age of 25 but at least I have money when times are bad.

Here's to Starbucks! (perhaps one of the last cup that I'll have.... )

Thursday, November 27, 2008

1 month & 1 week...

Is it too late to start panicking? hahahaa... well, I have to say, I haven't started panicking just yet. Maybe when I see.. "1 week to our big day".. then i'll go... Oh.. MY!

Next week is already December! can you believe it? how time just "ZOoOOommm" pass you? sigh.
must really appreciate everything that we have every day!

My colleague and I started buying Christmas gifts. I bought some from Crabtree for my in-laws & also for my wedding. :) They had a 30% discount for members. Though non of us is a member but the promoter could recognize that we often drop by the outlet. So she still gave us the discount! *NICE!!*

Also bought a thermos from Starbucks for my colleague.

Now I need to get 2 more gifts! think think think... :P

I got a beautiful surprise last night! Hubby came back to surprise me. Just can't describe how happy I was. Just couldn't stop hugging him. Even asked him if I was dreaming. haha.
*Thanks darling.. *hugs* *

I better go check the laundry and allow dad to use the computer. haha..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fridays are the best...

I know. Everyone would agree with me. Since when Friday SUCKS rite? Well, some Fridays does but it's a general thinking that EVERYONE LOVES FRIDAYs!

Well, I love Friday even more now. Of course the main reason is that it's the day that I can be with Han. :)

I'm so looking forward to this Friday. :)) 

and since I'm in a happy thought mode.. I shall do work now! :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling better..

I'm feeling a little better now... 

Went out for dinner with parents. Then dad came and fix our porch light. Played with Nougy for a while then came back online. :P
Maybe that's my life now.. hahaa.. I sure have tonnes of things to do after this.

Have to
1) Iron work clothes
2) Make more invites for those we have left out
3) Bathe
4) Talk to Han
5) SLeep!! My eyes are burning from the water works. :P

Thanks to Ai Chee who called me just now. :) Sorry to have just burst out.
and my sis, who was online trying her best to tell me that everything will be just fine. :)

He is just 2 hours drive away...

It's our first day apart.. starting our new life "together".

The moment I stepped into our house, I felt the emptiness already. Just broke down immediately. I think Nougy knows that I'm not happy too, he started kissing me and whining when I locked him out. Poor boy, not going to be able to play with his dada all the time now.

I'm feeling much better now. After crying non-stop for 20-30mins. I have to be strong for our future. It's just a matter of getting used to. We'll be able to make it through.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stressed... perhaps?

It's 6.20am and I'm awake! should I curse?

I really feel like sleeping cause every week day I've been complaining that I don't get enough sleep. And now that I get the chance to wake up later than normal days.. I can't sleep! F***!

The first thing that came to mind.. perhaps I'm stressed? My tummy had some acidic feeling last night. Took a pill and I dosed off. Perhaps I have to take another pill now. F***! Am I suppose to take the pill til the day comes?

I'm cursing more than usual this morning. Not in my best mood but I know I have to control myself. I have errands to run later. F***! I really hope I don't say the wrong words later. don't want things between hubby and I to turn bad today cause when we are alone together, the time is precious.

SHIET! I better try to rest my mind... ARRGGgHHhh! I know Han will ask me why later.. 

OK.. Yi Lei.. take a deep breath... and breathe... in and out... and... GO TO BED! shiets.. i'm talking to myself. sigh... Help?

Just when it's getting near..

It's one and a half months to go.. and my mum is getting on my nerves.. BIG TIME!

1st: She hasn't settled her dress for the reception. Still delaying.. and only God knows why.

2nd: She hasn't found her attire for church. Still delaying .. and again.. only God knows why.

3rd: She don't know whether my dad's tailor can find a matching material to his jacket. Still delaying.. and only God knows why.

4th: She decided to have tea ceremony because her friend said something. I told her that I've scheduled it to be before dinner at the hotel (scheduled it even though my mum initially insist she doesn't want one but of course, i know her better.). However, she didn't like the idea. WANTS IT IN THE MORNING! Now, i have to re-schedule my whole agenda for the day because of a fickle-minded self! yes.. only God knows why.

Oh dear God, I really pray that this is the end of the procrastinating and the fickle mind. I really do want to have fun on our day.  

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our house warming..

We threw a house warming party on 1st Nov 2008. It was really tiring for Han & I but we enjoyed ourselves. Didn't get to talk long with everyone who came (sorry peeps)... but I guess they all understood that it wasn't easy to be taking care of so many groups. :)) We had about 50 people over. Han's parents, my parents, my mum's relatives who are staying in SJ, my dad's bro & family and our friends!

I cooked the "Ayam Goreng Rempah" (a secret recipe from Han's mum) and Spaghetti. Sue & Joan came over early to cook "Really Garlicky Chicken".Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the food! YIKES!
My mum cooked two dishes. One steamed vegetable and another vegetarian mixed vegetables. :) 
We ordered a roast lamb (which was really yummy and we still had a quarter of the lamb in the freezer.), fried meehoon and fruit tartlets. My mum's friend (Aunty Adeline) made swiss rolls & cheese tarts (which everyone really loved!). Sen Chee helped me make jellies. :))

We had a lot of left over.(Only the Spaghetti was wiped clean) But we threw a lot of them away especially the meehoon. Next time, I shall not have so many variety. 

Here are some photos that I took..(and I don't think any of our friends took photos on that day, except for my Uncle Ping and cousin, Elijah)

We made these little gifts for our guests.

With CG, Joan, Sue & Andy

With the Woo Family

With my besties from Form 6

With my UOB colleagues

With the Tan family & June (Cheng Whuah's gf)

OUR GIFTS!! WEeeeee!! :))

We gave out those little boxes of raisins & crispy together with our wedding invites. :)) 
YUP YUP! Our wedding invite is ready! Suresh, Sue & Joan helped us put them together before the house warming party. Suresh was the "ribbon burner". Sue & Joan were the people tying the ribbons. hehehehe..
The printer made a mistake, didn't print enough maps to the church. But luckily they printed 30 maps and it was just nice for all the people that came to our house! :P

OH! and i also found out that my wedding gown is ready for fitting!! my evening gown will be ready for fitting by this week.. so i'll most probably do the fitting next week! :)))

This Saturday is another big day.It's my bestie, Syaza's wedding!! WOoHHOOOOoo! Me going to help her out from tomorrow til Friday. Hope I'll be of good help.. :P

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Syaza's Birthday & random of everything

We celebrated Syaza's 25th on the 25th. It was a fantastic day! We wanted to bring her to My Elephant, a Thai restaurant at Section 17 for lunch, but it was closed! Surprisingly. So we had to come up with a SUPER QUICK back up plan. So we brought her to Sri Ayuthaya at Pusat Bandar Damansara.

The Birthday Girl taking a look at the menu.

All of us at Ayuthaya. You can see our reflections on the Lazy Susan. :)

After lunch, we blind folded her to Pusat Reflexology Hartamas, Sri Hartamas. All of us went for a body message & foot reflexology. That's when Sulo & Zima's laughing gland were activated.. hhahaha..

My feet wrapped like a turban

The 4 of us while waiting for our turn. Zima was our camera woman. :)

After the massage, we blind folded Syaza again and brought her to Peninsula, KL. Sulo tried to convince her that we are going to Genting. Of course she failed. haha.

She didn't open her eyes immediately after Sulo removed the blind fold.

This is when the water works came in. ahaha. I was trying so hard not to cry too. I failed. :P

Us on the Princess Coach.


More photos are uploaded on my FB (which is taking FREAKING LONG!).
Once again, Best Wishes to Syaza! *hugs* to you babe.. :))

The random things..
Suresh came over last Friday. He brought 4 bottles of wine. We had 2 at home. So we tasted all 6 types of wine. Just to choose the "perfect" one for our wedding. :P

This is Fern's full moon gift. :))

Just love the packaging and of course the food inside.. haha

This Durian Puff we bought from Oh Papa, Damansa Uptown. It's nice! and we were surprised that it had so much filling inside. :)

Just to acknowledge my confusion in my last post. I still can't reveal the news. It hasn't been confirmed yet but it's heading towards it. We hope it'll work out. Praying very hard for it to work out. My colleague knew that i'm feeling confused (she don't know the news). She advised me to choose to be Tigger, no matter what happens. She got this motivation from this guy....

I'm very inspired by him. He passed away in July 2008. Before he left for heaven, he gave lots of lectures about life and he did it all for his 3 young sons. After watching this video, I chose to always be Tigger. :))

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

confusing day...

It was fantastic news! we have been waiting for it.. but now.. I just feel.. happy & sad. Is it possible to feel that way? maybe that's how people came up with the sentence.. "tears of joy". ahahhaha..

Well, I can't exactly break the news just yet. I'll have to wait til next week. I really hope I don't jinx it. but it does look like 90% confirmed. sigh.
so should I be happy or sad?

And I guess due to this confusion, I ate a lot today. which I'm not suppose to! I haven't been losing weight.. and I only have like 2 months! hahahaa.. 
well, i think i'll give up in the end. Just be myself.. don't care whether I turn out FAT in photos. haha.. YA RITE Yi Lei!

Well, I'm looking forward to some events happening in the next coming weekends! :))
Now these events are not that confusing.. hahahahaha..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Make-up artist hired!

My make-up artist came to our house last night. He was very nice. He did a free trial and wasn't expecting me to hire him on the spot! (maybe that's his trick!) :)

Anyhows, i liked his work. He didn't put a whole inch of make up on my face, which is something that i'm very particular about. And the other thing that i'm fussy about is, i don't want too much colours.
He did mention that i have very small eyes, so we need more make up to correct the "imperfection". And I also have very soft, fine & short hair. So i'll definitely need extensions on "THE DAY". sigh..

Here's a photo of me last night,

Please ignore the silly hair. He brushed it all to one side so that I can see the full make up. and also only one side of my eye has fake eye lashes. Guess which one. :P
This will be my reception do. He said that the lights are going to be dimmer during dinner, so i'll need more emphasis on my eyes. :)

I received a few comments after showing it to several people:
1) my dad: "Hey don't look like you. Look like Julia Roberts." (because of the "HUGE" smile.)
2) my mum: "Are you sure this is you??? You look so thin."
3) my colleague: "OMG, you look so different! your face look very big here. You look like a guy!"
4) my other colleague: "Hey who is this? You ar?? sure or not??"

OK OK.. once and for all, yes this is me! and yes, i have to learn how to not have such a HUGE smile. practise practise practise.. makes perfect!
and yes, i need to remind my make-up artist not to sweep all of my hair up if not i'll look like a man and a woman with such a huge square face! *think for once, i have to blame my dad for passing on the square face. :P *

Anyway, I like it. so I texted him and hired him today. :))

Ok.. One down.. the next, our wedding invites! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday is coming to an end..

I just came back from Fern's place. We went to her house in Seremban to pay her a visit as she has just given birth to a baby girl. :)

The baby is so cute! She has small eyes.. haha..:) It's sweet to see Mummy & Baby together.

Only 5 of us went to her place. Aemy was the driver. then Lai Mei, June & Josephine were sitting behind and I was the "navigator". haha. We had fun! Fern's mum cooked fried rice & chicken wine which was EXCELLENT! haha..

On another note..
my cousin, Zhao Yi was admitted into the hospital on Thursday. She was vomited for 3 days in a row and finally she couldn't take the pain anymore. She was diagnosed with appendicitis. Just when we thought that would be it, her Dr suspected that she's abnormal as she has developed breast & pubic hair at such a young age. The Dr then scheduled for her to go for a MRI on Friday to check if there's any tumor blocking her pituitary gland. Unfortunately, they found one. Now she'll have to undergo another surgery to remove the tumor. She will be admitting into UMMC on Monday to do bone scans, blood tests and etc. I pray that she'll be strong to go through the surgery.
Please pray for her to recover & to stay strong. She was so strong and she did not shed a tear.

Well, I have to be strong too! so we have to keep living every day as it is and to make her feel as comfy as possible. Saturday is coming to an end soon.. I wish it hasn't as my house is still in A MESS!
Going to pick Han up now! YAYyyy.. the husband is back!! yipppppeeeee.. *jumps for joy*

Monday, October 6, 2008

back at work.. after 5 "rest" days

It's weird that Monday is always harder to go through.

I had an interesting one though. The moment my supervisor stepped into office, she gave us all the work that we are suppose to correct & update. Well, don't blame her as my colleague and I were both away on Friday.
Also had 50 mails to clear in my mailbox. (JUST ONE DAY away! and F-I-F-T-Y!! goodness..)

Then I also found out that my appraisal is TODAY! hahaha.. congratulations Yi Lei, you are so not prepared for it! hahahaa..
but it went well. My boss was just telling me what I should be doing in the next few years and the areas that I should keep going strong!

I have no intention to leave the company. I don't know why, I just don't have that urge to LEAVE! I mean, at times I do feel very drained by the work load, people & etc (please be reminded that I'm human). but nothing has actually pushed me to say "OK! I'm looking for another job now!"

I guess I've fallen into the comfort zone, which may be very dangerous. It could mean that my personal development could come to an end.
I do have the intention to take a step forward, move to another department & learn new things. 

BUT.. I also have the intention to study early child education, Montessori and fulfill my dream of opening a montessori. My dream is also to introduce fun to children in the coming generation. 
I feel deeply for children between the age 3-6years. They didn't have the chance to have REAL FUN like I did. I didn't even know what exam was til I went to Primary 1. All I knew was, Play & have a happy childhood. Perhaps that's why our life span is getting shorter due to the amount of stressed introduced at such an early age.

I always wonder, is being smart SO BLARDEE IMPORTANT to a parent? til their children have to give up HAPPY & FUN childhood for books & exams?
Perhaps I don't feel the importance as I grew up fine, no criminal records, went to a well known local university, obtained a degree in Economics, got a stable job in a foreign bank, got married and soon to start a family of my own. 
My parents never emphasized that I must be super smart. They never a time pushed me to study til my eyes fall off (except the times where I MUST complete my school homework. even that, my mum will ask me whether it's a MUST to finish). They do give me life lessons. Like I must be street wise, wise in spending money, wise in making my decisions, know what I need and what I want so that I would think the practical way but never once they said.. YOU MUST SCORE STRAIGHT A's!! Thank God! 
I think if they set the "Straight A's" mark for me.. I'll just commit suicide! hahahahaa..

Well, I guess times are different now. Everyone is turning more k-i-a-s-u. Everyone wants their children to be the best, the smartest, the-everything-but-the-worst.
But.. does this give them the rights to rob their FUN & HAPPY childhood away?

Well, I would probably understand how they feel when I become a parent. One thing is for sure, it's my responsibility to make sure my children had FUN & HAPPY childhood. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fridge break down!

Our refrigerator decided to take a break from freezing. all our ice cream melted last night and it was a sad thing for us. hahaa.. not devastated but we were looking forward to have some ice cream with brownies! :P

My uncle came over to repair it. He said it's temporary and will see if this works. if not, he'll have to pump in some gas. 

On another note, I built this (picture below) yesterday. Han was doing it half way then I went down to take over. hahaa. cause I like fixing stuff. :P I'm thinking of getting another one just to put A4 sized papers & documents. :)) but this is kinda expensive. perhaps I shall get a plastic one then.. hehee.. cheapers and less fuss! :P

Time to send naughty Tomo for grooming! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a FRIDAY! and I took the day off..

Went out shopping with Han's mum. I brought her to my designer (Nicky). She manage to get a cheong sam for our reception, a sarong to match the kebaya top that she bought 2 weeks back (so that she could wear it for our church ceremony), a black chiffon pants and a grey coloured blouse! 

And since I was there, I picked up my bridesmaid's dresses. 

We changed the ribbons to pink just to match our theme colour. Ai Chee will be wearing the gold one and Tan Lu will be wearing the silver. :)

Next to bring shopping, my mum! she's really delaying everything.. the only words she uses "There's still time". and I H-A-T-E it when she says that cause I don't want her to come running to me 2 weeks before the wedding "OH Yi Lei, I have to buy another dress.. bla bla bla" *panic* I know, I worry too much but I like to plan things ahead and when my mum behaves this way, I just can't stand it.Luckily she's my mum cause I don't think I can have her as my boss. hahaha..

Here are the other stuff that I bought during the Raya week..

Han had some MPH vouchers so we got some books. No prize for guessing which are the ones I chose. :P

I bought a pair of Crocs Slippers. Han can't stand the fact that I'm wearing RM10 slippers which makes me almost slip all the time. Plus I was advised to let my feet breathe. My feet is round cause I wear covered shoes most of the time. :P

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!

It's the time of the year again! Time to celebrate! Well, even though this is more for the Muslims but we are in a multi-racial country. So we get the privilege to enjoy it too! :))

Han and I will be going to Aznita's place for makan-makan. On Sat I'll be going to Syaza's place. YAYyyy! I just love the rendang, lemang, cookies, cakes...mmMmm.. serve me anything! I'll EAT! of course it must be edible.. hahahaha.. :P

Just to update, and also since i mentioned about the mani & pedi that I'm going to try. I went for it on Sunday. It's called Nail Care at TTDI (same row as Pizza Hut).  They are quite good. Two ladies attended to me. They were friendly and we chatted the whole way throughout the whole hour. which made me not realise that they actually took an hour to finish up everything. hahaha..

So my next Mani & Pedi is mid or end of this month. I will try the one at SS2. The girls at Nail Care also recommended me not to cut my nails cause I need to grow them in time for my wedding. hahahahaa... goodness, just so many things to take note for the wedding. :P

Time to beraya! :))

Friday, September 26, 2008

3 month plus.. til the day.. continued..

Just came back from dinner. Now at my own house. :)
My dad just helped me set up my streamyx and I'm wondering what is he doing now. (Oh.. he just told me that he went around the house to test whether all places can detect the wi-fi.)

Ahh, where was I again?

Oh.. my shoes! Yes, I just love them. haha. I think the design is kind of old cause I remember seeing it before. I don't bother. As long as I like it and it fits! Now I just have to practise walking in them since I'm so used to flats.. and flats.. and flats. Just don't want to walk funny on my big day.

Does anyone have any good nail parlour to recommend? With reasonable price? I found two that is reasonably priced. One at TTDI and another at SS2. They are both charge at a similar rate. below Rm30 for Manicure and below RM40 for Pedicure.
I'm going to try the one at TTDI on Sunday and will try the SS2 one next month. They both advised me to start my manicure & pedicure earlier since I don't go for it regularly. Both said "Your skin won't look perfect immediately."... yikes! think they will faint when they see my hands and feet. :P

I also just hired my make-up artist. I actually thought I settled my make-up artist much earlier. However, something happened. So I had to look for another one. I like this guy's work. He showed me his work and ... YUP! it's what I'm looking for.. natural! His rates are also reasonable. So hopefully I won't have to go looking for another make-up artist again. *fingers crossed*

The process of searching for cupcake/cake bakers, make-up artist, nail parlour and wedding card printers was tiring but fun! I had to do a lot of research, looking at prices, designs and etc. It gave me a lot of information, ideas and made me understand things better.
Plus, I enjoy doing this. :) Anybody wants to hire a wedding planner? hehee...

Tomorrow's mission: CLEAN UP THE HOUSE!
Since we moved in (16 August 2008), we haven't unpack our stuff. They are still in boxes. So we have to put the wedding stuff aside and start unpacking all the stuff. Also bring over whatever that is remaining at my parent's house.
Hopefully we can get it done tomorrow and be ready to organize a house warming party next month! :)

3 months plus... til the day

My dad would walk me down the aisle!

I've been busy since last weekend. Met the cupcake/cake bakers. We are 60% sure of who we are going to hire and what we are going to give as church favours. We are also 60% sure that we are going to have a wedding cupcake & cake! :)

We have also decided on our invites design. Got the printer to do a mock. Now just waiting to see the mock and confirm the wordings.

I also bought my shoes!! it's from Aldo! :)) They were on sale. so I just thought of walking in to see whether I could fit into them (The last time, I couldn't fit into size 7 or size 8.). So I found one that I really really liked and I could FIT!! YES!! hahaha.. and the price of it is way below what I budgeted for. so double YAY! hahaha.

This weekend, I'm going to try out a nail parlour's manicure & pedicure service. Just to see which nail parlour I would prefer. :)

Ok.. more updates when I come back from dinner!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday-5 June 2008

I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

May God bless them with everything that they lack of so that they will realise that what they are doing is wrong and stop doing it.

May God touch thier hearts so that they will then realise how lost they are and He is there for them.

I pray that, God will protect my family and those i care from any evil.May He send His guardian angel to protect our houses and life from any evil.

"For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence;
he will cover you with his pinions,and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness is a shelf and buckler.
You will not fear the terror of the night,
or the arrow that flies by day,
or the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
or the destruction that wastes at noonday.
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
On thier hands they will bear you up,
so that you will not dash your foot against a stone.
Those who love me,I will deliver;
I will protect those who know my name.
When they call to me,I will answer them;
I will be with them in trouble,
I will rescue them and honour them.
With long life I will satisfy them,and show them my salvation."
~PSALM 91;3-6,11-12,14-16~
¤His promise to protect us and He is always there for us through good times and bad times.¤

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is a list of things I wanted to buy and posted in my previous post. Well, I did buy 3 out of the 5 things listed.

I have to shop for a few things:
1) A pair of slippers
2) A pencil box for my cousin, Zhao Yi.
3) A work skirt
4) Handphone battery
5) Hands free kit

(Highlighted those I bought in Red. haha..)

Looks like I didn't get any of the stuff for my handphone!! YIKES!

It's a public holiday today!! yayy!!

I got to spend some time with the girls. We went to La Bodega, BSC for breakfast. Well, we usually don't do breakfast cause it's just too early. Had a great time with the girls. After breakfast, we went to the Telawi side of Bangsar. Walked around... and I'm currently getting a lot of ideas for our wedding invitation card!! hahaha... We should decide soon on what we want.

Before our wedding plans re-start, we'll have to think about the house first. The "owners/tenant" are going to move out on 29th March and clean the house for us by 31st March. :))
They are organizing a lunch this Sunday and invited us to join them. I guess it's good for us to go and get to know the new neighbours!

So.. we MUST start looking for a few things now:
1) Bed
2) Fridge
3) Air conditioner
4) Stove

Hopefully that's about all for now. :P

Met Han after hanging out with the girls. Went for late lunch at JM Bariani House - the Briyani Rice is nice! :))

Han's playing football with Eric & friends now. After that he's going for dinner with Eric, perhaps picking me up on their way, if I'm not too lazy to go. :P

Dad cooked instant noodles for dinner- think we woke up too late from our nap, so dad decided to cook instant noodles. :P
Mum's playing mahjong til late.

I'm still kinda full from the briyani.. shall just surf online and see if I can get more ideas for the new house & our wedding!! :))

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Change?

The Election 2008 results are out. Lots of speculation & etc but who are we to say anything.
The only way to assure myself is to keep reminding myself that "I will only cross the bridge when I reach it". (compliments to daddy for teaching me how to only "worry" when the time comes.) For now, everything should be "business as usual".
Let's just pray for a peaceful start to the change. :)

On a "business as usual" note..

Han is playing badminton with Eric & gang at Taman Mega now. Going to pick him up later. Perhaps join the boys for lunch.

I'm going to send Pingu for full grooming. Think the bill will be very high but just thought of giving her "new look". :)
Tomo got her "new look" last week.. and she look so cute now. hahaha.. She still behaves like a puppy. Wonder when will she ever grow up. I guess it'll take her a longer time as we pamper her. hahaha.. well well, the fault is ours. keke..

I have to shop for a few things:
1) A pair of slippers
(Tomo chewed my slippers to half yday - Ok, it's my fault for not placing my slippers on top of the shoe rack.)
2) A pencil box for my cousin, Zhao Yi.
(Her b'day is on the 13th March. Tend to pamper her, promised her that I'll get her a pencil box. She requested for a red coloured one.)
3) A work skirt
(well, if I can find a reasonably priced one. If I can't, shall just wear pants every day!)
4) Handphone battery
(My current handphone battery's "life" is coming to an end. My hp can now switch off by itself! hahaha..)
5) Hands free kit
(Should have bought this earlier but I was just "waiting" for a cheaper version. One side of my current hands free kit is not working anymore. And my hands free kit must hv "stereo". That's why, buy "canggih" hp, now have to start paying for "maintenance". hahaha..)

And.. I have to spend hundreds today to buy my supplements (it's necessary). And also perhaps another RM200 or less for Pingu's grooming. Yikes!

Heard that I'll be getting my bonus letter this coming week. Not hoping for a lot. Just hope there will be a higher increment.
Don't think there will be any promotion as it's typical for my company to only promote every 2 years. Since I'm now only in my 2nd year, I guess no chance for me this time.

I also just came back from a week of traveling up north. Went to Ipoh last Monday then traveled around Penang from Tuesday to Friday.
A few things came to my mind while I was "day dreaming":
1) 2 months for Han & I to shop for our furniture & whatever that is necessary (MORE money needed to spend!). At the same time, have to do up our house. (EVEN MORE money needed!)
2) 3 months & I won't be living with my parents (thank God i still live near my parents.)
3) 9 months to our wedding (that's when ppl will feel that you are "really married".)
4) A year plus to our plans to start a family
5) What I want to do after the child comes.

Well, "cross the bridge when you reach it". ahahhaahaha..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo update: Han's 27th birthday

I'm home alone now.

My mum went back to Kluang to attend one of her ex-schoolmate's daughter's wedding.
My dad went to Kota Kinabalu for a treasure hunt. I sent him & his treasure hunt mate to LCCT just now.

Han's celebrating his belated b'day with the boys. Didn't want to join them cause just thought that they would enjoy it better without having a female around. hahaha..
anyway, i felt a little lazy after sending dad to LCCT. :P

Here are some photos to entertain everyone!

Han's 27th birthday celebration:

First celebration: with Han's family @ Korean restaurant, Section 14, PJ. (don't remember the name of the restaurant.)

Family Photo

The FOOD!! and of course, now that I don't eat meat. All I ate was the side dishes but it was enough! I enjoyed just eating the vegetables with those small little side dishes. :))

Just found Korean stuff a little different. I like their bowl. Perhaps could get it for our new house?!? haha..

Second celebration: just the two of us @ ss18/1, sj - my home! :))

I cooked! hahaha. Han said it was nice! but of course, not sure if he's lying-he kept saying it was the truth! haha.. anyways, it turned out great! just the two of us, enjoying home cooked food & a small bottle of champagne! (ok... should have rotated the photo before uploading it.)

I didn't have time to bake a cake. so we didn't have any dessert. :)

Third celebration:
Amalina & Alifah bought Han lunch on his birthday. They went to Delicious. So nice of them! :)

Fourth celebration: TJ Haus, SJ with my parents.

My dad was trying to take a photo of my mum. hahaha..

Dad & mum shared a mushroom soup

Han & I shared a seafood soup.

My meal: Grilled Sole Fish.

Dad's meal: Grilled Mahi-mahi

Han's meal: Ribeye!

Mum's meal: Grilled duck breast

Well, hope he's enjoying his fifth 27th birthday celebration now! hehe..