Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas blessing from God

Hello World!

Meet our boy... 

James Tan
“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” – James 1:17

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our First: My Labour Story

I've been trying to find time to update my blog since our baby was born. I've finally found time today and it's also because I got used to our baby's schedule. :)

Before I show you photos of our boy, here's my labour story.

I felt mild pain on Monday morning. The pain started at 3am. I told my hubby that it feels like tummy ache but I can't go to the toilet. He asked if I would like to go to the hospital but I told him that it's not that painful til I need to be admitted. So we decided to see my gynae the first thing in the morning.

He did an internal examination (which I felt was more painful than the contraction that I was having) and found that I'm already dilated. He advised me to be induced the next morning or I'll just keep waiting for 'the day' the come. Hubby and I took his advise. The gynae told me to look out for 3 signs until tomorrow that is 1) Water bag burst 2) Show (bloody discharge) and 3) Very strong contraction. 
If any of the three signs appear before I'm induced, I should head straight to the hospital.

I was suppose to go to work on that day. I went ahead to settle somethings. We even had lunch with my colleagues.

After lunch, I told hubby that I would love to have one last Toffee Nut Frappucino for the year. He sent me to Starbucks immediately.:)

Later in the evening I noticed some Show. Hubby and I went home to get ourselves ready and head to the hospital.

The nurses were very calm when I told them that I'm in labour and it helped me.

I could still utilize the Wi-fi available at the hospital. Was on Facebook & Twitter while waiting for contractions.

Monitoring baby's heartbeat and my contractions.
Our baby kept sleeping inside, the nurses had to keep moving my belly to wake him up so that they can monitor his heart rate better and I have to keep sleeping on my left side.

The nurse gave me the green light to eat. Hubby bought a HUGE 1901 hotdog for me. :)

As my contractions were mild, they decided to move me to the Post Natal Ward. Hubby and I were anxious but we manage to catch 4-5hours of sleep before I had to be induced.I think I was just too tired that I slept while having contraction.(The nurses did come in every 2-3hours to monitor the baby's heartbeat.)

The next morning, I was asked to go back to the labour room. They strapped on the belt to monitor my baby's heartbeat again and my gynae then came to do another internal examination. (and again, it was more painful than contraction.)

He decided to break my water bag and put me on a drip to help me with the dilation. At this moment, I was induced!

The contractions were much stronger, coming in every 2-3 minutes.

Yes, I could still pose for a photo with hubby.

I gave in to painkiller after 3 hours of using the breathing technique. The nurse gave me a shot of painkiller.I manage to catch some sleep even though I had strong contractions.

Haha, I don't look so happy anymore huh?

2 hours after, the painkiller wore off and I asked the nurse how far along am I. She said I'm only 5cm dilated! I discussed with hubby to get the Anthenox as I felt very tired from practising the breathing technique and he agreed.Anthenox helped me throughout my dilation from 5-10cm.

My gynae came by to check on me in the afternoon and at that time I was only 7cm dilated but as soon as he stepped out of the hospital, I was ready to push. The nurse had to call him to come back.

The whole process happened so fast that all I could do was listen to instructions. I'm not even bothered by the contractions anymore.

There were 2 nurses, my gynae(of course) and my husband in the labour room helping me. I felt like I was in some kind of army camp as they were all shouting "1...2...3... PUSSSHHHHHHH!!" 

After a moment of pushing (I don't know how long I was pushing, just didn't look at the clock), I heard the nurses and my gynae shouting "CONGRATULATIONS!"

Our bundle of joy!:)

I have to thank my husband for being so calm and an amazing labour partner. I wouldn't have been as calm if he wasn't there and I have to say he seems like a natural in helping me support my back and neck when I was "pushing" the baby out. Thanks darling! :)

Many of my friends/family asked me how painful it was.All I can say is that I can't describe how painful it is.It's very painful but it's all manageable as you can still use the breathing techinque and drugs to help you out. The pain that you go through is worth it. :)

Thanks everyone for all of your support throughout my pregnancy and during my labour (those who texted me and messaged me on Facebook & Twitter).

Thanks for sharing the joy in welcoming Baby James!
(More about the little one in my next post!) :)