Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of update. I've been really caught up with every day life. Every day I come home, I just want to crash once my son's asleep. (HOW ON EARTH DO WORKING MUMMY BLOGGERS DO IT?)

Just a little update on what I've been doing besides "Mummy + Wife + Employee + Daughter + Sister" Duties.

Besides going on a diet programme, I've been good friends with these weights..
Here's a 10kg Medicine Ball. 
Use it when I don't attend any Body Pump class.

Here are my weights for Body Pump.
The ones on the bar are my warm up weight.

You burn this much of calories by doing one Body Pump class + 10 minutes cardio.

If I don't work out at the gym, I'll be doing house work..

And you burn this much of calories by doing 2 hours of house work.

And to strengthen my core and to massage my muscles (my whole body)...

I use these Fit Bars.
I burnt 209kcal doing this for an hour.

I've also been eating healthy after my diet programme. (Ok, not all the time, I cheat but I'd always do my best to avoid unhealthy food.)

I'm loving the results because...
I found my ab lines once again!
Hello again my dear ab lines! :D

Cikumuffin was inspired by many fit people and celebrities that she knows to be this disciplined. Now to eliminate the tendency to "reward" herself. :P

Sunday, July 8, 2012

To the first man that I fell in love with.

3 years has passed and I have the memory of calling up my hubby, besties, my uncle, in-laws, ex-colleagues and family friends to tell them my dad just took his last breath at 4am, fresh in mind.

Life of course, was never the same ever since. My dad was the pillar of our family and you can imagine how much chaos we went through after he joined God in Heaven.

I still keep my dad's words in mind. Actually use them to remind myself whenever I'm faced with difficulty. I can still remember how I naturally hold his hand whenever we are walking together. (I know a lot of people stared because it looks like my dad's dating a younger lady.)

My dad and I share a lot in common. My mum would always say that we are so alike that we can survive a long drive without saying a word to each other and yet enjoy the journey.

I miss my dad every day and even though he's not physically around for me to tell him that I love him every day, I still love him every day.
To the first man that I fell in love with...
I will never stop loving you. <3

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our boy's first Sports Day.

We send our boy to pre-school since he was 1.5 years old. Of course, he's not at the age where he starts doing homework and all those stressful stuff. He's only there to play, socialize and refine his motor skills.

It was his first Sports Day last weekend. They call it the Mini Olympics 2012.

Obeying the teacher. Seated quietly with his water bottle.

(He came home many times saying "Left Right Left Right Left".)

Line up to sing the National Anthem.

All the proud parents.
Hubby and I were proud of our boy..

but we had to hide because we were afraid that he might run straight to us.

All ready to run to their bags.
(I believe this is where he learned to say.. "Readyyy, Steadyyyy.. GOOOO!!!)

And they started running..
No idea why James looked back.

Ahhh, he wants his teacher to accompany him.. that's why. :P

And they look for their bag..

Place their bottle into the bag..
and teachers started shouting, "ZIP YOUR BAG!!"

Our boy heard "KISS YOUR BAG!!"

and he started kissing his bag. LOL!
His bag must have felt really loved cause he kissed it for a good minute.

Nevertheless, we're still very proud of him.. (he actually stood still and sang the National Anthem, went through the whole event without screaming for Mummy.)
Definitely deserve a kiss!

and junk food. HAHA..

We love our boy so much, we wore orange just to match his shirt. :P

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And she turns 55..

If you follow my blog closely, you would realize that I'm a lot closer to my dad than my mum. I do think that it's weird because my mum is a full time housewife. I guess it's true when they say "Daddy's girl". You seldom hear people going "Mummy's girl".

My mum and I are not always on good terms. Ok, don't get me wrong, I LOVE HER! but because we both are very strong in our own characters, we disagree a lot! At times I even have to just keep quiet and let her talk.

She's a person who repeats one thing, 5 times a day and the next day she'll ask if she has told me about it. Even if I said, "Yup, you told me!" She would still want to repeat the story again. -_-"

Having said that, I'm very thankful that my mum sacrificed her social life (she has tonnes of friends and activities, probably why it's easier for her to move on in life after my dad has gone to heaven) for me for 2.5years, just to help me care for my son.

My mum turned 55 years old yesterday. She looks a lot older than her age because her health made a bad turn a couple of years ago but she's recovering well now. It's her 2nd year celebrating her birthday without a husband after 33 years celebrating it with one.  I don't think it's easy for her. I do admire her ability to just go through it year by year.

She told us that she's just thankful to be alive and she survived another year without her lifetime partner.

Because I love my mum and I will not trade her strength for anything, I dedicate this post to the one who went through labour to bring me into this world.

Happy Birthday Ma!

Cikumuffin and family fell in love with the bamboo clams in the photo above. It's just superbly juicy and yummy! The birthday girl loved it!