Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our First- Week 16

A smaller Memory Card

Yes, I'm just like every preggers. I have short term memory loss.

I used to be able to remember almost everything! My husband and some of my friends find my ability to remember things "scary".

However, I would always need a reminder now. I will have to utilize my phone or jot it down on my note pad at work. If not, I'll just forget!

But I'm still not all that bad as I can still "retrieve" information faster than many people.

So I would always tell people that I'm now a 18Gb memory card instead of a 20Gb. :P

My Money Plant is pregnant too!

My money plant in the office was not very fertile for the past few months.

However, I came in today to see a beautiful surprise! It's pregnant too! Not just one leaf, but THREE new leaves!!

It's simple things like this that puts a smile on my face! :)

Our First- Week 15

Sleepless nights.

I used to be able to sleep through anything. My husband would worry about it cause I fall into deep sleep very quickly and NOTHING can wake me up easily! (unless I have to get up to go to the toilet/my handphone alarm rings/my husband wakes me up!) He's worried that even our dog barking at a thief try to come into the house, I would still be in deep sleep. :D

It's the total opposite now. Since I past my first trimester, I would wake up even at the sound of the wind blowing! sigh.

Why can't I just sleep through anything now?

Perhaps that's why I feel so sleepy all the time?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our First-Week 14

Sleep is all I want to do throughout the day. There are only certain days that I'm energetic.

I have to confess that I was a coffee-holic during my student days & in my first 2years at work. I won't be able to stay awake without my daily doze of coffee. However, I decided to stop drinking coffee about a year before I conceived (don't ask me how I did it cause I just said "NO MORE COFFEE" and I stopped!) and during pregnancy, I suddenly want to drink coffee to help keep me awake.. especially at work! Unfortunately, it's not advisable to be consuming too much caffeine throughout the pregnancy.

At times I just can't take it and I had to "hide" somewhere just to catch a 5min power nap!

Some say it's because I have low blood pressure.

I found out that it is normal for preggers to feel tired because you are sharing everything with the little one!

But I still feel like I need caffeine.... ZzZZzZzzzzz....

My gynae gave me Multi-Vitamins to help me with generating more blood and also to give me the necessary Vitamins that I need during pregnancy (in case I'm not eating enough food that are rich in vitamins).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our First- Week 13

Milk? (Ugh!)

I haven't gained any weight for the past 12weeks and my gynae was very upset with me. He said that my eating habit is worse than his sons'. (But I DO EAT regularly! I exclaimed!)

The reason why he's so concerned about my weight now that I've past my first trimester is he don't want me to end up delivering a low birth weight baby. He wants me to gradually gain weight and not suddenly gain a lot of a weight in a month! According to him, this way, is healthier for the baby too.

He suggested me to drink milk and immediately I went... "UH-OH!"
I told him that I'm lactose intolerent since I was a baby and I've never drank a glass of milk since then. The smell of milk makes me go "ugh!".

Then he asked whether I can eat Ice Cream. I said "Yes, but I sometimes have to "suffer" after consuming it."

According to him, I should just start little by little and my body will slowly produce the lactose enzyme.Soon, I will develop tolerance towards milk. (It is amazing how our body can "self-repair".)

My hubby then immediately brought me to a supermarket to get milk. I chose to buy Anmum milk for preggers and I made it a point, I only want Chocolate! (Well, I think the chocolate taste will help cover the "milk" smell.)

My gynae was right. I managed a small cup of milk then I slowly increase the intake day by day. So far, so good! :)

Will it help me gain weight? *fingers crossed*

Our First- Week 12

Boy or Girl?

One of the questions many people asked us when they found out that we are pregnant: "Do you want a boy or a girl?"

Our answer: It doesn't matter, as long as the baby is healthy.

My husband would add.. "Well, a boy would help us save more money because if it's a girl you'll tend to want to dress the kid up!"

I'm still sticking to the stand that all I pray for is a healthy baby. :) Boy or girl it is still God's beautiful gift. :)

At week 12, we could see the baby's bone structure. The Dr decided to measure its neck to check if it's a down syndrome baby. Our baby's neck size is normal and the Dr could see the nasal bone. :)

Just for the fun of it, can you tell whether it's a boy or a girl?

Some people can tell by how I look during pregnancy. Can you?
(Do I look like I have a "beer belly" instead of being pregnant?)

From a small little jelly bean... :)

Our First- Week 11

Time to read up!

I was fortunate to have friends/colleagues who have just given birth. So they gave me some "hand-me-downs". One of things that they lent me was Pregnancy books!

I bought one book (On Becoming Birth Wise) a couple of months before I was married. (Yes, I was ready to get pregnant even before I got married officially.) I find it quite interesting. :)

These books come in handy. Just for you to refer each week to know what's growing inside you. :)

My mum on the other hand feels that I'm too "modern". I do mix some "traditional" believes throughout my pregnancy so far just to make my mum happy and also because it sounds logical.

Now I wonder if every culture have their own "Traditional believes" during pregnancy? Or it's just the Chinese who has lots of traditional rules?
Perhaps those of other cultures, would like to share your view on this. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our First- Week 10

You're HOT then you're COLD!
After one week of dealing with the hormones, I felt more in control.

I made sure that I was equipped with sweet cereals and fruit juices at all times!

However, I've developed a new thing, I don't know what I want to eat! (All I feel like eating is fast food and I had to consciously stop myself cause I know it's not good for the baby!)

My hubby would always make fun of me and whenever he ask me what I want, I would tell him something and then a few minutes after that I would say I don't think I want it.

He'll start singing this song by Katy Perry:"You're hot then you're cold, You're yes then You're no, You're in then You're out..."
hahaha.. (yes, trust my hubby to come up with these "jokes".)

I've also developed the dislike towards fish. I used to be able to eat it EVERY DAY! Since I got pregnant, fish is the last thing that I would eat.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our First- Week 9

Hormones at PEAK!

I woke up feeling HORRIBLE. You'll find me "burping" as I speak. I didn't throw up but I feel nauseous and tired all the time!

My husband had to take me to the gynae to see if the gynae could help me.

The moment my gynae saw me, he said "You must be listening to your mum." He got it spot on! Perhaps he could tell from my body language and everything that I'm not doing good.

He quickly asked the nurse to get me a mug of ice cubes and instructed me to put one ice cube into my mouth while he explains what is going on. (The ice cubes immediately made me feel so much better!)

My hormones are at peak. That's why I feel EXTREMELY HORRIBLE. Moreover, I wasn't eating the way he wanted me to.

I did not accomplish my mission of gaining 1kg a month but the gynae was not too worried about it.

So he gave me a "menu" and told me to just follow it for the rest of the week and if possible, follow it til my 12th week!

Mainly the meals consist of Sweet Cereals (I chose to get Honey Stars & Frosties), Instant Noodles was in the list too, Fruit juices, Cold drinks, Anything that DOES NOT contain cheese, a lot of oil, milk & cream!

He did give me some anti-nausea pills & a bottle of antacid but told me to only take them if necessary.

I did my best and so far only took the medicine once. :)

Oh yes, I have to mention that this is the first time my hubby accompanied me to the gynae since we were pregnant. The smile on his face when he saw our little "ball" (yes, the jelly bean turned into a small ball resting at the bottom of the sack. Its heart was beating so quickly.) was priceless! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The day after my birthday

My mum would always tell me that I celebrate my birthday for a month. That's because I have many groups of friends. So each group would celebrate my birthday! hehe..
I do prefer it that way, rather than having one birthday party and have everyone come. It is much easier to catch up when you hang out in small groups! :)

I went for breakfast with my mum & sister at my mum's usual breakfast place. Joining her usual breakfast gang as well.

After breakfast, my mum & I then head to OSK Investment Bank to settle some stuff. My dad's remisier told me that I look like my dad. haha. Well, that's not something new. :)

My mum & I then head back to Subang Jaya. She decided to send her car for servicing and I decided to get a haircut while waiting.

YUP! I chopped off my shoulder length hair! Now I feel so much lighter! Haaaaaaa....

How do you like it?

It's not super short lar.. but it relieves the stickiness behind my neck. :)

Many asked me to keep my hair long after my wedding cause I look nice in long hair. (Btw, the hair on my wedding evening was FAKE! The one in the morning was my hair but held up like I have A LOT of hair with the help of hairsprays!)

Well, there are a few reasons why I can't have long hair.
1) My hair is super duper fine. It breaks easily when it's heavy.
2) I have very little amount of hair. The longer it is, the flatter my head will look.
3) I just prefer to fuss less about my hair. :P

After my haircut, I joined my mum at a restaurant nearby for lunch. After lunch, the car was not ready yet. So I decided to walk home. To my surprise, it only took me 10minutes to walk home. :)

By 3pm, I was hungry. So I had to ask my mum to come out with me to have tea! I decided to bring my mum to Snowflake, a Taiwanese dessert place at SS15, Subang Jaya.

The cafe is located upstairs.

I had the Lemon Jade Ice.
RM 4.50 per bowl.

My mum had their best seller!
RM 5.50 per bowl

I ordered a "You Tiau" to share.
It's RM1.40 per piece.

Overall, all 3 desserts were good! I especially enjoyed the "You Tiau" because it's served fresh and HOT! :)

After tea, we then headed home. I took a short nap and got ready to celebrate my birthday again! This time it's with Tan Lu, Sen Chee & Ai Chee. (I initially asked Ai Chee out for dinner then Sen Chee & Tan Lu said that they would like to meet me. So I just thought since we all know each other. We can all have dinner together! *teehee*)

We went to Grand Steamboat Garden at USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya. It was my first time going to this restaurant. They serve steamboat buffet. RM26.80 per person. Quite a large number of selection of food. Free flow of drinks. You can choose to have Iced Lemon Tea, Blackcurrent,
Mango Juice, Orange Juice or Chinese Tea.

I would recommend this place if you want to just chill and catch up with your friends!

Each of us have our seperate soup pots!
There are 5 different soup flavours to choose from. I chose the Tom Yam soup. :)

You have your own "heater" controller.

The food is served like Sushi! :)

They also serve ice cream and "Tau Foo Fa" as dessert. I had to bowls of ice cream and a bowl of "Tau Foo Fa"! I was pretty stuffed by the end of the dinner.

Tan Lu & Sen Chee bought me a gift! A Maternity dress! I guessed it even before I open the present. haha.. I guess the only clothing that my friends could buy me now are maternity clothes. :D

The best surprise is the dress that they bought was the exact dress that I wanted to buy yesterday when I went shopping with my mum! What a coincedence! It was a good thing that I decided not to purchase it cause they have already bought it. :)

Thank you girls!
Great minds think alike! hahaha..

I had a great day even though it's not my birthday anymore.

Share with me what you did on the day after my birthday! :)

Our First- Week 8


By week 8 my clothes couldn't fit anymore. sigh. I was worried that I'm gaining unnecessary weight. So I weigh myself everyday. I'm still at 65kg. So, how come my clothes don't fit anymore!?!

I read about it and found out that the increase in progesterone in pregnancy affects the bowels and causes wind and constipation, which can make you feel bloated. AHHhhhh.. so that's why everything don't seem to fit anymore.

Luckily I had some work clothes that were slightly bigger in size and I could wear some of my sister & mum's clothes. (Both of them have clothes that are larger than their actual size.)

I could still last through the week without having to buy clothes. My hubby then decided to bring me shopping! He just couldn't stand the fact that I keep waiting til I really can't fit in any clothes that I have. :P

So we went to Sunway Pyramid. I was hunting for clothes that I could still utilize after delivery. We manage to find some.

We came home with a dress (from Jusco), two pairs of super baggy linen pants (from Forever 21), 3 larger sized plain t-shirts (from Dorothy Perkins), a baggy floral sleeveless top (from Topshop).

After our shopping trip, I told my husband that I hope these clothes would last me til I deliver. He just shook his head and told me to wait & see.

The dress from Jusco

The super baggy linen pants!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our First- Week 7

Dr vs Mummy
My mum and the gynae had different opinions on what I should be eating/drinking. The gynae told me that I'll have "morning sickness" (more like whole day sickness) in my first trimester and he gave me a long list of food/drinks to eat to help me with it.

Dr's suggestion:
1) Drink icy cold water/drinks. (it will stop the nausea.)
2) Don't eat spicy food. (this is the real spoiler.)
3) Don't eat oily food.
4) Have juicy fruits like Watermelon & Mango.
5) Drink only flavoured water. (I'll hate plain water for a while.)
6) Eat small portions but many meals.

Mum's suggestion:
5) Drink more plain water!

So.. if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

I felt very nauseous. Thank God I didn't throw up. Only icy cold & sweet drinks seem good for me and not forgetting... FAST FOOD!

So I forced myself to follow my mum's suggestion and yes, the Dr was right, I felt HORRIBLE!
I just feel so nauseous & tired but I still had to stay strong as I was working. The only way that I could console myself is that I'm not throwing up, so it's a good sign! :)

Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm a little thick skinned. It's my birthday, I have the rights to blog about anything... right? hahaa..

Anyway, I would just like to share what I've done today. It's my first time celebrating my birthday without my dad here on earth. It's also my first time spending the whole day with my mum and sister! :) (If you look on the positive side, life is amazing!)

My birthday was greeted by showers of blessing from heaven. (It rained!)
My mum said "U Chui"! (in Hokkien) Means "Got Money". (direct translation)

Blessings from daddy?
(Dont' mind the not so beautiful land. I was just trying to show that it's raining.)

The 3 of us went for breakfast at Restoran Park Way, SS19. We joined my mum's usual breakfast gang. It's good to be hanging out with uncles & aunties once in a while. Just so that you'll learn from them. :)

I had Pork Noodles for breakfast. :)

After breakfast, we went back home to do some house chores. We then headed to Maybank at SS15 to settle some stuff.

We went to settle some stuff at the Employee Provident Fund building at Petaling Jaya. To our surprise, the transaction was done pretty fast! :)

We then headed to Sunway Pyramid. My sister booked a ticket to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen alone. My mum and I decided to just walk around while she's watching the movie. :)

We had lunch at Dragon-i before the movie. I had their Chicken with Chinese Sausage Rice which was too oily for my liking.

My lunch!

After lunch, we walked around a bit then my sister headed to the cinema. My mum & I then went to Jusco to look for maternity clothes for me. I manage to get 3 pairs of maternity pants for work/casual. :)

A pair cost me RM39 only. :)

My mum manage to get a pair of sandals from Scholl. We walked around more looking for maternity clothes but I was a little too picky with the design, the style & the price. So I ended with only that 3 pairs of pants. :)

My mum & I then took a break at O'Briens while waiting for my sister to finish watching the movie. We shared a sandwich and each had a pot of tea! :)

Triple Decker.

My Mango Tea!

We met my sister after her movie then headed home. Rested for a while then it was already time for dinner. :)

My mum left it to me to choose where I would like to have dinner. The first thing that came to my mind was Seafood dinner but it was just too far. (I was quite lazy to travel.) So I decided to have Japanese. It is also our family favourite. :)

We went to our regular Japanese restaurant, Kinpachi at SS17, Subang Jaya. It did bring back some memories of my dad as he enjoys dining here too.

I had the Soft Shell Crab & Tenzaru Soba. :)
[My husband said that I'm too predictable. Ordering the same thing.]

Soft Shell Crab.

Mum's order: Fried Bitter Gourd in claypot.
This is one of daddy's "must order" dish! :)

Tenzaru Soba

We were very full from dinner. We had a little chat then headed back home.

My day was filled with love as I received many sms-es (til my mum & sis went, "OH.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" whenever they hear my hp sms tone), phone calls, messages on Facebook, Twitter and my blog. Thank you all so much for the beautiful wishes!

I hope everyone had a HAPPY DAY too! *HUGS* to everyone!

I also have to thank my mum & my sister for spending the whole day with me. :) I couldn't feel my dad's absence that much because they were here with me. I definitely felt the love that my dad built in this family. The love just keeps growing stronger. :)

Feel free to share with me what you did on my birthday! :)

Our First- Week 6

Say Hello! to our Jelly bean! :)

I had slight blood stain this week. My mum was very worried. She told me that she would pick me up from work immediately. It was nearing to the end of office hours already.

My colleague told me not to worry as his wife had the same experience. I guess it's our first, so we didn't want to take any chances.

My mum was more worried because she had the same experience and it resulted to miscarriage. She didn't want the same thing to happen to me. As much as I console her that if it's not mine, it won't be mine. She said we should still do our best to keep it. (A mother's love.. ahhhhh...)

So I got to enjoy a good ride home without having to squeeze through the crowd. My mum then sent me straight to my gynae.

The gynae told us that it is normal as my hormones are changing. The blood stain could be due to me not producing enough Oestrogen. So he gave me pills to help me "produce" more of the hormone.

He also advised me to take the next day off and rest at home. (ahhhh...another privilege.)

Can you spot our baby?(from the pic above) hehehe..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our First- Week 5

I went to see my gynae on the same weekend that I tested positive for pregnancy. My sister accompanied me as my husband was attending a training course for work.

My gynae was pretty happy to see me so soon and when he saw me, he knew what happened. He immediately told me "See, not that difficult to conceive isn't it?" haha.. yes, not that difficult at all.

He checked the calender and told me that we are already 5 weeks pregnant! :)

He did a scan and we saw the "dot". Well, it's actually the embryo. It looks like a small black dot protected by a pool of water.

He gave me some advice on my diet and told me how much weight I should be gaining by the time I deliver. The day that he weighed me, I was already 65kg. (The sudden weight gain that I mentioned could be also because I'm already pregnant.)

I'm expected to gain 13-15kgs by my delivery date and my jaw just went wide open..I'll be 78- 80KGS!???!! OH my...

He assured me that I'll be fine as I have the height to go with the weight. but I just couldn't get over the fact that I'm suppose to gain up to 80KGS!!

So, mission number 1 : Gain a kg a month!

Provided that the morning sickness don't get in the way, I think I'll be able to achieve that mission easily. :)

How to conceive - Week 5

I would like to apologize for the lack of update. As many would have known, there were just too many things happening. After publishing my previous post, I figured that I should continue my post on "making babies".

After our first "test", there were still no signs of blood stain.It is abnormal for me to have such a delay as I do get my menses right on time.

At mid-week, my besties & colleagues got very excited and they asked me to go to the clinic to check. Unfortunately, my organization does not cover pregnancy test.

So we all had to wait til I got home. I head to the pharmacy to get a couple of "sticks". Since everyone was so excited about it, I felt the excitement too. I couldn't wait til I got home to test it. I went straight to the toilet at the shopping mall.

and guess what...


The first person that I contacted was my husband. He had tears of joy! I was just overjoyed to find him so happy.

And of course then the good news was spread to my sister, parents, my besties & my colleagues who were close to me.

The next morning, it still felt "unbelievable", so I decided to utilize the "extra" stick that I bought.

Yup.. we are DEFINITELY pregnant!

Well, who would have known. After just a few weeks of "trying", God blessed us with such a wonderful gift!

My Birthday & Tribute to Daddy

Daddy's girl

Tomorrow would be my first time celebrating my birthday without daddy by my side. Being daddy's girl, I don't know whether it'll be difficult for me to get through tomorrow without wishing that he is here with me.

Tomorrow also marks the first week of my dad's life in heaven. I'm sure he's having a great time with God. It just makes me happy to know that he is happy.

As human, I wonder if he'll come into my dream tonight, just to wish me "Happy Birthday Yi Lei!". It would be one of the sweetest dream that I'll ever have.

Since it's my birthday tomorrow, I would just like to take this opportunity to pay a tribute to my dad and also thank my mum for all she has done for me.

I was not a "cheap" baby as I had lactose intolerance since I was a few months old. My dad was not earning a lot then too. So my parents had to go through thick & thin just to make sure that I can have Isomilk every day. This is one of those things that parents do to keep their baby in comfort.

My mum sacrificed her time for us as my dad was a workaholic and the only bread winner. My mum took care of us, made sure that we did not starve and she made sure that we got the best education although she is illiterate.

My dad may not be around that much during my childhood days but when he was around, he was THERE! He loves to pamper his daughters. Giving me a piggy back whenever I'm just too tired to walk. (Even when I was heavy, he didn't mind the weight.) Making sure that my sweat won't disturb my sleep. Bringing my family around, joining him in treasure hunts. So that he can be with the family while earning some "extra cash" for the family.

I thank God every day for giving me such a wonderful life. I may have lost my dad at a very young age, but I got the best out of my daddy in the past 26 years. I'm glad that my dad walked me down the aisle and he got to spend some time with his son-in-law.

I still miss him. Memories of him will stay with me forever.

In life, we can't ask for too much. Therefore, I appreciate everything that has been given to me.

Thank you daddy & mummy for bringing me into this world.
Most of all, thanks for guiding me this far! :)

The best memories will stick with me forever.

I love you daddy & mummy! *HUGS*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

In need for a miracle

I've heard many stories of how miracles happen.

There's one that I could remember and it stays in my heart.

2 years ago, a church friend shared with us the story of her daughter.She was praying for a miracle and asked all of her friends to pray for her daughter at a certain time. With God's grace, her daughter survived and she is now healthy. Praise the Lord! A miracle happened!

From that day, I kept in mind that the power of prayer is very powerful.

I would never have thought that I would come to such a situation. However, I've accepted it as God's way. I shall walk His way with Him in my heart. I will pray every day for my daddy to be blessed with a miracle.