Saturday, September 19, 2015

Aunty Talk

I like to share my experiences on Dayre. (Kinda miss blogging on Dayre actually.)

So here's one for those who are expecting a child/planning for a child.

When you bring your kiddo out, you tend to attract aunties (sometimes uncles). And from my experience, they ask similar questions.

Aunty Question #1:
How old is your baby?

Nothing wrong with this question ah. Standard la. I would ask the same if I see other people's kiddo.
BUT! (got but one.. aunty mah!)

Let's say your answer is "Oh, 3 months old."

If you have a fluffeh baby like this..

then they will ask..

Aunty Question #2:
What milk he/she drinks?

Now this question applies to even those who don't have a chubby baby.

If you have a chubby baby and your answer is :
1) Breastmilk
Most will go ... "WAHHH! So good ah!" 
then somehow you feel like they are staring at your boobs and you would feel uncomfortable.
it'll make you super proud that you feel like arching your back, lift chest up and if you can thump your chest.. "Ya Aunty.. the boobies did the baby good!"

2) Formula Milk
Most of the time they will say ... "Oh no wonder! What brand ah?"

If you have a less chubby baby and your answer is :
1) Breastmilk
They might go "Aiya. no wonder. They say breast milk dun make baby chubby one."
(This is from listening/reading other mother's rants. My kids are all on the chubby side when they are infants.)

2) Formula Milk
"Huh? Formula also not so chubby one ah? What brand you give him/her?"

Contrary to popular believe that to have a chubby baby, all they need is milk... is wrong.
In fact, they need milk and sleep and GENES!

Yup, if you don't have a chubby baby but your baby drinks and sleeps well.. blame it on the genes.

Aunty Question #3
Boy or Girl ah?

You see.. I had this problem with Lucas. Somehow, many thinks he's a girl.

Unfortunately, his sister suffers the same fate.
Only that she's always mistaken as a boy..

Wear boyish colour .. ok la.. no one can tell cos she has got no hair..

Wear pink and girly tops also people say I'm a boy?

Ya.. so.. if you would like to avoid aunties (people in general) to ask if your baby is a boy or a girl, I strongly suggest you to dress your baby up like this..

For girls.

For boys, just keep wearing blue and a boy coloured hat. Don't go metrosexual. 

Well, unless you don't mind answering this question 1987654367890 times every time you bring your baby out.

Aunty Question #4:
Your first child?

Very normal question but if you answer "Yes, my first!"

BE VERY PREPARED for aunty to give you some tips of advice. 
Yup, you don't ask for it but they somehow feel.. "Lai lah, you no experience, first child. Aunty tell you how to take care of your child."

To be honest, I have 3 kids from the same factory. Every child is different.
What makes aunty think yours would be the same as theirs/or their grandchildren?

But again..
Aunty's advise may not be wrong. Just listen. I don't shut out every aunty I meet cos sometimes they may ask/say something that you have never thought of and you would go.. "God sent this Aunty to you."

So Yup... only 4 common questions. 
Sounds like nothing and I'm so petty to be blogging about it.

Wait la wait.. wait til you have to answer it 8287356299 then you can come and tell me.. "Ciku! You are right!" 
hahahaa.. kidding kidding..

Just something for all new mothers to expect.
Don't get angry at aunties.  I may be one of them. Hahaha..

All questions asked are genuine.. unless you can sense them coming with some "comparison" like "OH .. my grandson/granddaughter ah... bla bla bla.." then I wish you luck.

I have no intention in hurting any aunty's feelings. Just something that came to mind and I thought of blogging about it.

Take a chill pill.. my mum's an aunty too!


BeingEe said...

Since Bora is small in size. I get the "How come so small?" look after answering how old she is. Haha!!

BeingEe said...

Since Bora is small in size. I get the "How come so small?" look after answering how old she is. Haha!!

yin said...

hahahahaha the milk comments. seems like no answer is the best answer! hello fluffehhhh, aunty gonna stalk u here!