Monday, March 17, 2014

Here we go again!

I'd usually start my "first post" after a long time with my sons.. I'm gonna make it a little different this time. Tell you about my husband.

He's not very interesting actually and not cute. (Not cute doesn't mean not handsome.. ahhh!!.)
BUT he deserves some "limelight" (even if he doesn't want to) cause I spent almost 11 years with him. :O

More than a decade with one man???!!!???
Ok la.. I spent 2.5 decades with my dad. So he's got like 15 years to break my dad's record. :P

We've been officially married for 5 years now. What has changed?

We look a lot older of course.
Kinda like pointing out the obvious.

The other obvious thing is that both of has grown side ways but of course, hubby looks a lot better and I look just... like a lady that is pregnant all the time.

There's been a lot going on at home.. over the many years what we've been living apart on weekdays and now that hubby's back in KL, we also have our struggles.

But I'm glad to be going through tough times with him cause when he's not calm, I am and when I'm not, he is. That's what they called "balanced marriage" y'all! 

WTH.. no such thing as "balanced marriage" la..

Ask any married old couple, they will tell you is about patience,tolerance, sometimes one-sided , sometimes both sides explode and definitely, shit happens laaaa. Got perfect couple one meh? Don't think so lor.

Anyway, I don't think I should bore you about my marriage and my hubby (told you he's not an interesting person)... :P

Here are cuter and more interesting photos!

Firstly, here's our elder boy. He's 4 years and 3.5months old. I was just telling hubby that being a SAHM, I get to watch my kids grow but I get kinda emotional watching them grow so fast. It's like.. "what happen to my bubbly baby?"

Ok, he's still a cheerful boy and he does and says all sorts of funny things that just make you just forget about your stressful day.
A selfie with the elder boy.

He's so skinny now!!
Where has all the chubbs gooonnnnneeee???
but he eats quite a lot, even more than me!
How commmmeeee??

He's now 19.1 kg.
All skin and bones but still not easy on my arms when he wants/needs to be carried.

He's grown up that he knows how to do a lot of things by himself.
Like wearing his own socks and shoes. 
Automatically washing hands after food or if he finds himself dirty.
Helping me out with Lucas when he sees that Lucas has done his business on his potty.

Such a good big brother he is.
<3 p="">
Making funny poses with a friend in a clinic.
They don't look sick when they see each other la.
Boys will be boys.. 

Here's Lucas. He's now 8months and 5 days old. Only about 9kg. A little on the smaller side compared to James when he was an infant. But it doesn't really matter cause James was mostly formula milk fed and Lucas is breastfed til now. So I guess it's not an apple to apple comparison and as long as they are both healthy, doesn't matter if it's breast milk or formula milk la.

At about 7.5months, he could sit down quite steadily and play.
Not necessarily on his own.
This boy wants people to accompany him all the time and most of time, he wants me.
Another double-sided tape in the making.

OOops.. didn't realize this photo is so blur but I'm gonna post it anyway la.
Most people asks me if he's a girl/boy.
why ar? So girl-ish meh his looks?
And many times, people tell me .."Your baby got boy-ish look."
Ermmm... He's a boy!!

Spending time with him on the floor.
He's got really charming eyes.
Every time I look at his photo, I'm mesmerized. 

He's also learnt to self feed... biscuits.
Why they grow up so fast one???

Whatever he can grab, it goes straight into his mouth.
So this is considered the dangerous "phase" cause he is mobile (he crawls around very quickly) and the fact that he puts anything that he can find into his mouth is worrisome.
So we have to keep an eye on him all the time.
Which makes things a little difficult for me cause the only time I can get things done is when he's asleep.
So thank God he takes long naps when he's suppose to.

And a selfie!
He's getting really good at selfies now. 
All my fault.. I know.

Hubby and I are superbly proud of our sons.
They both are cheerful babies.
Both have a character and personality of their own.
I guess being parents, the proudest thing is to have both of them loving each other.
They really look forward to see each other every morning and every time after James finishes school.
James is just as excited to get home and Lucas gets so excited when he sees James walking in.

As a SAHM, I get to prepare my own meals... and lately, I'm on like a "sandwich phase" and can be an ambassador for Massimo Wheat Germ bread cause I buy like 2 loaves every week! :P
Actually, sandwiches are the easiest to prepare cause it's fast and not much cleaning to be done.
(Time is precious ok!)

I've had so many sandwiches over the last few weeks that I can open Sandwich shop d. hahaha.. 

Smoked Salmon with Egg and Alfalfa Sandwich.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
Ham, Grilled pineapple, Wild Rocket and Arugula.

Grilled Pineapple, Pesto Chicken and Alfalfa Sandwich.

Smoked Salmon, Baby Spinach, Alfalfa and Cheese Sandwich.

Banana and Kaya Sandwich.

Baked beans and Telur Mata Kerbau Sandwich

Told you I can start selling sandwiches. 
and be an ambassador for bread.

I also enjoy making Frittatas now. Cause I make one time and can eat like 4 meals. It can be kept over 1-2days.

Baby Spinach, Onions and Tomatoes Frittata.

Cauliflower, Broccoli and Onions Frittata.

I call the my #lazymama dishes cause sandwiches and Frittata are so easy to prepare that it's really meant for lazy mothers like me. :P

I finally went back to the kitchen and "re-heat" my oven!

Thanx to my sis cause she requested for a cake for her birthday. hahahaha..
I'm glad that I manage to pace myself and found time to bake. It's all about time management!! (che wah!)

A lovely cake which I think looks more like a wedding cake.
Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Buttercream.

How it looks inside.
I added some heart shaped sprinkles in it. 
Shouldn't have cause it looks like it's got red pimples everywhere.
Nevermind, now that I know.. I won't do it again!
Only add colourful sprinkles!

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So long for now! hopefully it won't take me another 6 months to write my next post. :P

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