Friday, March 28, 2014

Making Baby #3: Poser Baby

I think I posted a fair share about James when he was growing up. So I feel like I owe Lucas this much... to have one post that is only about him.


But if you follow my Dayre, you can see that I speak more of Lucas than James now. #horriblemama
Dunno how to "balance". :P

Anyway.. I just realized that Lucas is so good at posing. Especially if you use the front camera and show him.. him. hahhaa

Here's evidence of his ability to pose.

The "I hate car seats but I'm forced to sit in it" Face.

The "I can go anywhere I want by just flashing you a smile" Face.

The "this pillow is MINE" Face.

The "what happen to my hair" Face.

The "I only love to eat biscuits, don't you dare snatch it away from me" Face.

The "sweet dreams" Face.

And here's a photo taken by a lady we met at a coffee place.
She said he's very handsome  (a very sweet girl at first, before hubby corrected her and said that he's a boy!)
So she came over and took some photos.She used the front camera.. selfie style.
She made the right move..selfie baby is a selfie expert.

But I have to say, her phone camera is quite good!
(It's a Samsung btw. :P)

If you're wondering how come we got the photo, she sent it to hubby right after taking them.

Yes, it does feel weird to have a stranger taking photos of my baby. But when she told hubby that "the greatest pleasure today was to see that perfect smile from Lucas." made me realized that not everyone out there is out to harm you.

I've read that we don't realize how much a smile would mean to a stranger. It actually saves lives!
but of course, I'm not implying that she was going to end hers. I don't know her.
I'm just saying that.. probably she had a bad day and seeing Lucas made it all better for her. You never know what a simple smile (in this case a cheerful baby) could mean to others. 

Here's to many more smiles (pose) from this boy. 
I love my cheerful babies. :))
(sorry.. have to end it with "babies" instead of "baby"... I can't ignore the fact that I have two happy babies. :) )

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