Friday, April 9, 2010

Dress from Irenelim Fashion

I have been following my ex-high school mate's blog and when I spotted a post about how to get a dress for free, I just didn't hesitate to find out more.

All I had to do was to go to this blog and the instructions were all there! EASY!

When I found out that the dress was from Irenelim Fashion, I got even more excited as I've purchased a cardigan & a top from them a month ago.

All I have to do is to e-mail The Witch and inform her of my interest, then once she has given me the green light, I'll then log on the Irenelim and choose the dress that I want.

As my pregnancy weight is still with me, I was a little afraid that I may not be able to fit in any of them.I took up the courage to try one of them.

2 days later, my free dress arrived!

and guess what... 
It fits!!
I chose the Kimono Summer Dress in Pink.

Thank you so much Irenelim & The Witch!

Now I have a dress to wear for a good friend's Holy Matrimony in May!Yay!

P/S:Irenelim is one of the few online boutiques that I know of that has clothes in my size.More reasons to get clothes from them when I just don't have time to go shopping!:)

Oh.. one more thing, this project has ended and they ended the project on the day I found out and participated. I'm one lucky mummy! :)


Iamthewitch said...

Smoking hot mama in da house!!! :)

Jaclyn Cheng said...

Nice dress! Sorry my dear for not been able to deliver your workout program on time. Getting very busy since I've started working. Every night I just come home feeling exhausted but will try my best to email to you soon :)Take care!

Ee said...


That looks like a very nice dress and on top of it...It's FREE!!!!

Keep scouting for goodies like these!!

cikumuffin said...

The Witch: LOL! Thanks for the compliment! :)

Jaclyn: Hey! No worries about it. I'm the one who haven't reply you. Sorry sorry, I've been busy too! I'll reply asap k? THanks loads!

Ee Wen:Yup yup! Must keep looking for free stuff. :P
Unfortunately, I couldn't inform you about this project cause it closed. :) Shall inform you if there's any other good deal! :)

Irenelim said...

The dress looks awesome on a hot mumma! All right, now that we have opened our brick and mortar door, do drop by when you are in the neighborhood... more goodies waiting for all the young and beautiful, and of course hot mammas are most welcomed! Cheers!