Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An update on our cheerful chubby boy!

James is now 4.5months old. He is now drooling a lot and he recently "found" his voice.. and... his tongue!

 Catching his tongue with his two little fingers!

As much as my mum dislikes the fact that he puts his hands/fingers in his mouth, she has finally accepted that it's part of his "development". It's funny when he plays with his tongue, it's as though he is trying to catch it. Babies are just so innocent. If you remove his fingers from his mouth, he'll smile at you.

If only I know how to upload a video on my blog then I could post up a video of him "talking". Anyhow, from the picture below, you can tell that he has just finished saying.. "gooooo"...

Oh.. I forgot to mention, he now weighs 8kgs! :)

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