Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My new boss..

I've recently "retired" from the corporate world (I'm still waiting for photos from an ex-colleague to blog about this) and decided to "work" for my new boss.

Here's my Monday-Friday schedule:

5.30am: Baby wakes up. Baby poo poo.Clean baby up. Baby waits for me to brush my teeth, change my clothes.

6a.m: Baby demands to go downstairs. Change his top to a more cooling one.

6.10am: Feed baby.

6.30am: Baby takes a quick nap. I'll wash the milk bottles, sterilize them. Put the laundry into the washing machine, wash clothes. Have my breakfast.

7.30am: Baby wakes up. Bring baby out for a walk.

 He does know how to enjoy his stroll around the neighbourhood.

8am: Come home. Bathe baby.

8.15am: Baby sits on his bouncer and watch me hang the clothes to dry.

8.45am: Play with baby for a while.

9am: Feed baby. Baby takes another quick nap.

10am: Baby wakes up. Baby watch Baby Brain Flashcards. (He enjoys watching the flashcards for "Right Brain". Think cause the voice sound like a chipmunk.)

10.15am: Baby plays by himself while I take a quick shower. My mum will keep an eye on him.

10.45am: Play with baby.

11.45am-12pm: Feed baby. Baby takes long nap. (at least 2 hours) I'll have lunch, do housework, go online, take a quick nap before he wakes up.

2.30pm: Baby wakes up. Let baby play by himself.

3pm: Feed baby. Baby takes another long nap (but this time it's slightly less than 2 hours). I'll blog and read the news online.

4.30pm-5pm: Baby wakes up. Baby watch another round of Baby Brain Flashcards. Bathe him. Bring him out for a walk (if the weather permits).

6pm: Feed baby.

7.30-8pm: Baby sleeps.

8pm: I'll shower and wait for my husband to call me to chat. (but sometimes I'm just too tired, I'll just sleep.) Some days if I have extra energy, I'll bake. :)

2-3am: Baby wakes up for midnight feed.(Which I'm praying that he'll drop it soon. I really miss my 8hours sleep.:( )

And the routine is the same every day.... (weekends are slightly different because my hubby will be back. I get to go for a run in the morning and sometimes I'll slot in some baking sessions with my bestie and there's also visiting my in-laws.)

So who am I working for now?

None other than this cute little chubby boy! 
He is going to turn 5 months old in 3 days! :)
Not complaining because I just LOVE watching him grow. :)


Dinesh said...

Let me count the number of times the word 'baby' was used... 1,2,3,10,20...opps lost count already! Hmmm... it's pretty clear who ur new boss is :p

cikumuffin said...

hhahaha.. well, I have to point out the obvious just in case. :)