Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to melt the weight..

I am not one of those lucky mummy who would have their pregnancy weight "melt" off  while breastfeeding and just a couple of months after giving birth they are back into their pre-pregnancy shape. 
*can you feel that my eyes turning super green now?* ;P

Anyway, I am still doing best to "melt" the weight off and so far it's "melting" though not as fast as I wish.

To keep myself fit, (yes, I still need to exercise to keep myself healthy) I went back to running a couple of months back. I haven't ran for almost a year due to my pregnancy and recovery from giving birth, so it's taking me a while to find my pace and build my stamina.

In support of my wanting to lose the pregnancy weight and to help me regain my "passion" in running, my husband bought me a POLAR®! (YYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!)

He also got me a foot pod so that I can track how far I have ran and my speed/pace! 

I have to confess that I haven't started using it just yet. Tomorrow would be my first time running with the full gear.

BUT if you wish to know more about POLAR® before I can tell you how it's working for me.....
RUN IN ( can drive then walk in) to Athlete's Circle at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. They can tell you more about it and also recommend which one would suit you best! :)

POLAR® users, I would to read your experience with your POLAR®... feel free to DROP A MUFFIN! ;)


Keng Yew said...

Thts a nice watch...keep up the running!!! Hope you can reach your goal!!!....

cikumuffin said...

Thanx dude! Improving in your runs? One day should go running together. :)

Keng Yew said...

well Im doing ok...guess my lungs still not ready for long run yet...Im doin 1OKM for the upcoming Stan Chart marathon...hope to finish within the qualify time...

cikumuffin said...

I've signed up for the Stan Chart 10 km too!hahaha..

See you there!