Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What do you usually do over the weekends?
Sleeping in? Jogging? Preparing for something? Staring at the ceiling? Running errands? or just plain running?

Well, I've been baking! not alone.. but with one of my besties! :)

Two weekends ago, we made fruit tartlets. Not just a few fruit tartlets but 150 fruit tartlets!!! We started on Friday night, made the crust and the custard from scratch. Then on Saturday we put them all together... of course with the fruits on top..

Shells ready to be filled with custard...

Yummy custard! MMmmm...

and the end result...

Yummy Fruit Tartlets!!!

Of course, knowing us, we like things to be colourful, so we had other fruits as well! :)

We spent approximately 9 hours across two days just to get 150 fruit tartlets but it was really worth it. :)

Bestie also made two batches of  Double Chocolate Chip Cake on Sunday. One for me to bring to my father-in-law's belated birthday celebration and another for a random lady who called her up to place an order. :)
MMmmmmm... are you drooling already?

Last weekend, we did another round of baking. This time is to make a cake for one of my besties from university's son's first Birthday.

On Friday night, we prepared the cake (2 batches cause the cake look "short" when it's only one layer), the decoration needed and it took us about 5 hours just to get these done. We made our own fondant which of course many people will say that we could have used Ready-to-Roll but it is cheaper to make your own fondant. It was difficult the first time but after that, it seems so easy to just "cook" one up yourself!

The next day, it was time to put them all together! (Ok, we had to bake another batch of cake cause our first batch.. broke.. eeeps!)

Don't those colourful stars, balls and letters make you happy?

It took us a few hours to actually cover the cake nicely with fondant (we had to make 2 extra batches of fondant to be able to get a good thickness and ensure that it's wide enough to cover the cake) and we were really relieved once we could cover it nicely. Of course, it wasn't perfect but not too bad for a first attempt.:)

and how did the whole cake turn out to be...

One HAPPY cake! :)

Of course, we received feedback about the stuff that we made. Good and bad. Definitely will learn to fine tune our baking and decorating!

So, tell me, what have you been doing over the weekend?
(not just staring at the ceiling I hope.. :P)

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